Assault on Liberty: the Impact of Hate Crimes Laws

By Peter LaBarbera 

I haven’t seen any of it yet, but I’ve heard from others that this Coral Ridge panel on the dangers of “Hate Crimes” laws is superb. It features Bob Knight of the Culture & Media Institute; Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel (Matt is also a Board Member of Americans For Truth); Tristan Emmanuel (an honorary American to be sure for his energetic fights for truth in that Thought Police State to the north otherwise known as Canada); and Coral Ridge Ministries’ Jerry Newcombe, another great American.

I strongly urge you to do like I’m going to do and order the Coral Ridge DVD and book set based on this panel (for a $30 recommended donation to Coral Ridge Ministries). As with so many other critical issues, “hate crimes” laws and their implications for American freedoms are hardly being discussed in this presidential campaign season. That’s too bad, but you need to get informed and then educate your network of friends about these dangerous laws. 

Coral Ridge states:

Sometimes the “cure” is worse than the condition. That’s the case with “hate crimes” laws. In the 1980s, they were called the solution to America’s “rising tide of bigotry and bloodshed.”

That tide never came in, but hate crimes laws did. Now they’re on the books in 45 states and at the federal level, posing a clear and present danger to free speech, religious liberty and equal justice. Find out how and why “hate crimes” laws silence Christians, tear the social fabric, burden law enforcement, and lead to same-sex “marriage.”

Get the facts. Get the truths. Discover why hate crimes laws threaten you, your family and Christians everywhere.

Click HERE to order this excellent resource from Coral Ridge Ministries.

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