San Francisco ‘Gaystapo’ Tries to Shout Down Pro-Family Press Conference

Homosexual militants defend public sex, nudity on city streets; say children (with parents) should be allowed to attend X-rated Folsom Street Fair

By Peter LaBarbera


Anthony Gonzalez of the St. Joseph’s Men’s Society speaks at pro-family press conference at the San Francisco City Hall — denouncing the uber-perverse Folsom Street Fair, which will occur Sunday in the “gay” Mecca. Earlier, homosexual militants led by veteran “AIDS activist” Michael Petrelis sought to disrupt our press event. Petrelis and other “queer” advocates defended public sex on city streets and even said parents should be allowed to bring their young children to Folsom — despite the rampant public nudity and street orgies at the annual sadism-celebrating fair.

SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., Sept. 26 — Well, folks, this is what it boils down to in the nation’s “queer” Mecca: the same homosexual activists who have no problem tolerating public nudity, sex acts and sadomasochistic whippings on their city streets could not tolerate a simple pro-family press conference on the steps of City Hall.

Yes, the “Gaystapo” tried to shout down our press event this morning — prancing in front of our speakers, chanting that we were “bigots” and shouting over us throughout. Right off the bat, veteran homosexual “AIDS activist” Michael Petrelis jumped in front of me and our big banner that read, “Stop Public Nudity & Street Orgies” — demanding an answer as to whether I oppose “gays being hanged in Iran.” When I said yes, I oppose that, Petrelis was not appeased, and continued to jump in front of me and generally be obnoxiously disruptive (a “gay” militant specialty, it seems).

Maybe the SFPD is not used to people taking on homosexual activism, but the same police who allowed us to set up near the City Hall made no effort to separate the censorious “queer” militants from us and prevent them from disrupting our press conference. This is the fair way to approach controversies and in most cities, I think, this is how police would have handled the situation. The idea is to allow each side to express its views, thereby honoring the First Amendment (and real tolerance). In other words, as I told Petrelis, you’re free to hold your own media event — but you are intolerant if you insist on shouting down ours. This is a civics lesson that many on the Left just can’t seem to learn.

Curiously, even members of the “media” joined in the catcalling — including a rotund fellow shooting pictures for a publication called the San Francisco Sentinel. A few non-“gay” media showed up, including a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle (which, with the New York Times, has a booth at the Folsom Street Fair). We’ll see what kind of stories they run if any.

Interestingly, after Petrelis got the answer to his question, I asked him one of my own: does he support allowing public nudity and orgies on San Francisco city streets? Not hesitating a second, he shouted that yes, he does. (We’ll have his exact remarks for you later.) In fact, none of the angry homo-fascists who were busy disrupting our free speech opportunity agreed with us (or would say so anyway) that public nudity and public sex is wrong and that California’s decency laws should be enforced.

Wow, call me naive, but I was expecting that at least one reasonable guy from the “other side” of this Culture War would agree with us that, yes, strutting around buck naked and engaging in fellatio on public streets is not a fundamental “right” — even in San Francisco! By the way, California Assemblyman Mark Leno (D) posed for a photo in front of our anti-public-nudity sign; I shouted out a question to him, asking if he thought public nudity and sex on city streets is acceptable, but he did not answer. (No suprise there: Leno wrote an even more enthusiastic welcoming letter to Folsom than Mayor Gavin Newsom.)

What about the children?
Worse than our loud opponents’ support for public sex was that not one of them — in a post-press conference discussion – would child_watches_bathhouse_booth_folsom.jpgagree with me that children should be banned completely from the raunchy Folsom Fair, even if their parents want to bring them there (as happened last year; see young boy in black jacket in the photo above). One woman, presumably a lesbian activist, would not accept my solution that police could simply bar entry to the Folsom Fair of any minor at the entry areas to Folsom.

The homosexual crowd was agitated to the point of distraction at our three small “Vote YES on Prop 8” signs in support of California’s proposed constitutional amendment defining marriage as what it is: between one man and one woman. I don’t get it: were they thinking we would not voice support for the campaign to preserve historic marriage in California, or was it just that we expressed our pro-marriage sentiments at an event not designed specifically to defend Prop 8? As I explained to one strident opponent, yes, we still believe that there is a Homosexual Agenda, and yes, we believe that both the radical Folsom Street Fair and the revolutionary “gay” redefinition of marriage are part of that agenda.

Anyway, homo-fascism is alive and well in San Francisco, and “tolerance gone wild” is the norm, at least for the decidedly intolerant homosexual militants who gathered in front of our press conference to yell at us about our supposed intolerance. We’ll soon have more photos and another firsthand report from Linda Harvey, and next week a story on the dreadful Folsom event.

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