LaBarbera: San Francisco Bans Cigarettes while Promoting Public Health Hazard that Is Folsom Street Fair

Huge sadistic celebration another marker of America’s steep moral decline

cigarettes.jpgSan Francisco politicians voted to ban the sale of cigarettes in city drug stores — while they extol the Folsom Street Fair with its illegal public orgies, celebration of hyper-promiscuous homosexual “pig sex,” and promotion of disease-spreading gay sex clubs like “Blow Buddies” and Steamworks. Meanwhile, Folsom doubles as an AIDS fundraiser and the San Francisco Department of Public Health has two booths at the event — go figure. 

Below is the statement that I read at our press conference Friday, over the shouts of intolerant homosexual activists. Can you imagine if our national media reported on America’s moral decline with the urgency that it has covered the current economic crisis?–Peter LaBarbera

Statement by Peter LaBarbera, President, Americans For Truth, at press conference condemning San Francisco Folsom Street Fair, Sept. 26, 2008, San Francisco City Hall:

I want you to forget for a moment that the four people who stand before you are religious or that we represent conservative organizations diametrically opposed to the GLBT movement.  Discount that three of us come from outside the Bay area and put aside, if you can, the stereotypes that some of you have of the so-called “Religious Right.”

folsom_web_promo.jpgNow consider what we are here to expose and criticize.  Every year – in fact, twice a year now – San Francisco plays eager host to street fairs like the Folsom Street Fair this Sunday that feature the following (most of which I have personally witnessed as a critical observer):

•    Rampant public nudity including men walking the streets in nothing but their socks and sneakers;
•    Public street orgies in which men engage in heinous sex acts – as depicted on these enlarged photos [blow-ups of AFTAH web photos like those HERE and HERE] — as thousands of fairgoers walk by;
•    Public sadistic whippings, acts of “consensual” degradation including men urinating on one another – for pleasure — and “master-and-slave” partners or perverse arrangements in which one partner plays the role of an animal, led around on a dog-collar by his “master”;
•    Blatant anti-Christian bigotry – e.g., the “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” — transvestite mock “nuns” who work closely with Folsom; and religious-themed “sex toys” sold by vendors;
•    Public health hazards: Folsom promotes local gay sex clubs like “Blow Buddies” and Steamworks, a Berkeley bathhouse where men go for anonymous sexual encounters with other men (including condomless, “barebacking” anal sex) that spread diseases;
•    Police blame their inaction amidst all the illegal, debauched acts on politicians who tell them not to intervene or enforce the law. At the same time, the SFPD recruits at this sordid affair [the police have a booth at Folsom again this year] — an all-time low and embarrassment for men in blue everywhere whose mission is supposed to be “law enforcement.”

As our nation deals with a severe economic crisis – in the swirl of intense media glare – America faces an equally grave moral crisis that flies under the politically correct media’s radar. In the name of “tolerance and diversity,” we are casting aside all boundaries, some dating back to the beginning of recorded time. In that sense, redefining marriage outside its natural male-female state — and  Folsom’s shocking, police-protected public perversions — are mere markers of a nation in steep decline, a nation that is leaving God behind.

It is no coincidence that the man who took it upon himself four years ago to illegally and radically redefine marriage – Mayor Gavin Newsom – now enthusiastically welcomes the Folsom Street Fair with its unbelievable public depravities – an event that makes San Francisco a subject of ridicule and opprobrium the world over.

Why is it that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – who considers herself a faithful Catholic — refused to denounce the blatant anti-Christian bigotry of last year’s Folsom Street Fair with its artwork turning da Vinci’s “Last Supper” painting of Christ and his disciples into a sadomasochistic, fetish-celebrating farce?

And how is it that a city that ostensibly cares so much about protecting citizens’ health that it bans the sale of cigarettes in pharmacies, still allows the proliferation of sex clubs where men plop down ten bucks or so to engage in anonymous, reckless sexual encounters with complete strangers? We here today say, close down “Blow Buddies,” Steamworks and other disease-spreading gay sex clubs — and in the process help preserve the lives of homosexual men, not to mention the female spouses of men on the “down low.”

There is no excuse for any city – no matter how “tolerant” – to allow the public sex and nudity documented on these and countless other photos. The way back from anarchy is a return to enforcement of the rule of law. No special interest group – including homosexuals – deserves the “special right” to redefine nature and marriage itself and put its wants above the law.

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