‘Call in Gay’ Day – Isn’t this Movement Obnoxious?

AFTAH in the news: what’s next? ‘Call in Porn-Users Day’?


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By Peter LaBarbera

Isn’t the “gay” activist movement obnoxious? Now they’re staying home from work and “calling in gay” to protest Prop 8. But wasn’t it just a short time ago when the homosexual lobby was moaning that all across America people could be fired “just because they’re gay”? Now they’re taunting their employers using their gayness. Gee, it looks like their jobs are pretty safe!

I wonder: if a few homosexuals were to get fired for pulling this “Call in Gay” stunt, would they sue for being “discriminated” against? (That was a rhetorical question.)

Yes, the homosexual activists wear us all out with the non-stop militancy. (I think they wear out some of the non-militant homosexuals, too.) Enough already. I don’t think self-styled “queers” will stop agitating until every day of the year is devoted to some sort of belly-aching that aims to normalize that which is aberrant and sinful. Of course, like the pro-abortion-on-demand crowd, their ability to agitate has zero bearing on right vs. wrong.

Shame on us Christians?

Once again we return to the irritating “shame-reversal” that characterizes Brave New Secular America, where the sinners (or we’ll call them the Sin Advocates) — you know, the ones who in saner times would feel remorse before a holy God — do the “preaching” — while those of us who defend Biblical tradition, normalcy, etc., are supposed to feel guilty (and many do!). Here’s the truth: if marriage is a wonderful institution created by God, and homosexual practice is always sinful (see www.robgagnon.net), what does that make homosexual “marriage”? Right: a very confused and rebellious attempt to legitimate wrongdoing using state power.

This agenda is not about human rights but human wrongs — and the desperate need of people to rationalize their immoral lifestyle choices. Thank God that there are many men and women who have overcome homosexuality.

I will never feel guilty about agreeing with my Creator on homosexuality or any other sin — can you imagine “Call in Porn-Users Day”? — and opposing preposterous, revolutionary social agendas like “same-sex marriage” and “gay adoption.” (See our piece on perverted “gay parenting” advocate Dan “Three Way” Savage HERE.) The incremental, and sometimes rapid, advance in our nation of these evil causes only reflects America’s decline into ungodliness and decadence.


From American Family Association’s “OneNewsNow” (you can listen to the segment HERE):

Will calling in ‘gay’ lead to other confessions of sin?

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 12/10/2008

Call in gayHomosexuals today are being asked to “call in gay” at their place of employment and take the day off.

The idea surfaced after Californians said no to homosexual marriage last month by passing Proposition 8. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality says the idea behind calling in “gay” is absurd because homosexual conduct is a sin.

“My question is that, if you’re calling in your sin, for these guys it’s homosexuality. Is there going to be a calling in, I’m a pornographer…I watch pornography day,” he wonders. “Is there going to be a calling in adultery day? I mean, where does it stop?”

The idea behind the boycott is to demonstrate the contributions of homosexuals in the workplace. LaBarbera disagrees with that, too. “This is all about intimidating Americans, intimidating businesses, intimidating the culture to force the culture to approve of homosexual activism,” he concludes.

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