Transgendered Twirlers, ‘Porno Pete’ — and Why AFTAH Does Not Allow Comments on this Website

wayne_besen.jpgProfessional Homosexual Agitator Wayne Besen of the comically named “Truth Wins Out” specializes in smearing Christian groups like AFTAH and ex-homosexual leaders like Greg Quinlan.

By Peter LaBarbera

We received an e-mail about yesterday’s piece on the first-ever homosexual band in the Inaugural Parade from Alonzo, a homosexual advocate who — although passionate about his beliefs — always remains civil.

By the way, and for the record, AFTAH does not allow comments to be posted on our website precisely because of the sheer viciousness, vulgarity and ad hominem, hate-filled attacks that characterize so many messages against us from pro-homosexual activists. Responding to the lies and smears would take all of our time. Uncivil homosexual activists would love that.

Porno Pete?

As veteran AFTAH readers know, one of the favorite, ongoing “queer” lies against me is that I am a secret homosexual or, worse, a covert aficionado of (unspeakably evil and revolting) homosexual S&M and pornography. Hence the nasty slam against me concocted by homosexual spinmeister Wayne Besen: “Porno Pete.” (I suppose if you use the logic of ‘Wayne’s World,’ someone who exposes abortionists secretly yearns to slaughter innocents in the womb — and Wayne himself, who monitors and exposes allegedly fraudulent “ex-gays” through his comically named Truth Wins Out — is a closeted fundamentalist Christian who TiVos every episode of “The 700 Club” while pretending to fight for Queer Liberation.)

Yep, aside from the murderous Islamic jihadists, it seems nobody hates (or lies) like the Left, and nobody on the Left hates like the homosexual militants. If you doubt me on this, take a detour into Loony Liberal Land for a few minutes and read the comments responding to one of Besen’s attacks on me and Americans For Truth. In another piece, mean-spirited even by Besen-esque standards, the Professional Homosexual Agitator (PHA) goes after ex-homosexual Greg Quinlan for getting divorced — exploiting Quinlan’s family tragedy without knowing the facts of the situation, his personal hatred for Greg oozing from sentence after sentence.

Another of my favorite Homosexual Hate Sites — and a quick-and-easy resource for finding examples of nastiness and anti-Christian bigotry — is lesbian blogger Pam Spaulding’s Pam’s House Blend. Yet as out there as Spaulding is, and she’s out there, Pam’s blogging buddies’ comments make her seem almost respectable by comparison: see this piece about AFTAH Board Member Matt Barber and me counter-protesting a Chicago “gay marriage” rally — rife with personal insults and the same, old “they must be gay” attacks. (Funny, it seems that accusing someone of being “gay” is the biggest insult that radical homosexuals can hurl at their opponents.) Can you imagine trying to deal with daily submissions from such bitter extremists? We can’t, and we won’t.

Below, Alonzo responds to my post yesterday post on the homosexual band marching in Barack Obama’s Inaugural Parade, followed by my answer:

From: [Alonzo]
Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 12:43 PM
Subject: Transgender Twirlers
[Cites sentence from AFTAH article, “Transgender Twirlers: Homosexual Band to March at Obama’s Inaugural Parade”:] “Question: what deserving, hard-working high school band from Anytown, USA was bumped out by the homosexual marchers in the intense competition to march in the Inaugural Parade?”

Are you implying that because the band is GLBT [gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered] they aren’t hard working?

It must really burn you that we have a President that sees value in ALL AMERICANS not just the straight Christian ones.


Peter LaBarbera responds:

I’m sure the GLBT band works very hard, Alonzo. The point is, does their presence bump out a high school band? Keep in mind that you believe homosexuality is moral (or innocuous, not sure which) and I believe its practice is immoral, so obviously my side views it as a shame that a band centered around immoral conduct (and advocacy) would bump out an innocent, “nonpolitical” [high school] band.

Does that help? Have a Merry Christmas, Alonzo!

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