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warren_obama_mccain1.jpgDemonizing Christians in the name of “Tolerance” — The current “gay” activist campaign to demonize “Purpose Driven” pastor and author Rick Warren exposes the homosexual lobby’s totalitarian, anti-Christian impulse: this is is one sin movement that cannot be appeased and which is willing to destroy or silence ANYONE who gets in its way — be it Anita Bryant, Dr. Laura Schlessinger or now Rick Warren. America needs a fearless voice like Americans For Truth that UNAPOLOGETICALLY exposes the lies and bigoted, hardball tactics of the Homosexual Lobby. Help us make the most of a new matching gift by making your online gift of $100 (or whatever you can give) before midnight tomorrow: www.americansfortruth.com/donate/. Sign up to be an AFTAH Monthly Truth Team giver at www.americansfortruth.com/membership.php. Click on photo to enlarge.


YEAR-END MATCHING GIFT: A generous Illinois supporter has just offered to match a limited number of $100 gifts to Americans For Truth through year’s end. Would you consider making a tax-deductible gift to Americans For Truth of $100 — or  $25, $50, $250 or even $500 or $1,000 — to help sustain AFTAH’s unique mission of standing boldly against the aggressive Homosexual Lobby’s lies?  Our goal is $5,000 in online gifts by year’s end. Go to our user-friendly giving page — www.americansfortruth.com/donate/ — to make your tax-free donation using PayPal or your MasterCard or Visa.  Or mail a gift here (postmarked by 12/31 if you want it to count for 2008; Jan. 1 and after will go toward 2009):  AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567.

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“Scripture gives us no good reason why gays and lesbians should not be … married—and a number of excellent reasons why they should.” Lisa Miller, Newsweek Religion Editor

HA HA …  CA Supreme Court rules the ban against same sex marriage is unconstitutional. — E-mail sent by “Matt Autio” to AFTAH May 15, 2008. Six months later, the high court ruling was overturned when California voters passed Proposition 8 re-establishing marriage as between a man and a woman. Now homosexual lawyers are appealing to the California Supreme Court to once again overturn the will of the people by invalidating the historic Prop 8 vote.

Dear Friend of Americans For Truth,

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas holiday as we ready ourselves for another New Year.  I’m writing to ask you to consider making a tax-free, year-end gift to Americans For Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) –– a leading group specializing in exposing and opposing the rich and powerful homosexual activist movement.  All gifts to AFTAH are tax-deductible for 2008 if postmarked by Dec. 31st or for 2009 if postmarked Jan. 1st or later.

Americans For Truth is known and respected by leading family advocates worldwide for our fearless truth-telling on the homosexual issue.  Long before the homosexual activist threat to our religious liberties became a hot issue in pro-family circles, AFTAH was warning Americans about the dangerous implications of reinventing “civil rights” based on destructive –– and changeable –– homosexual behavior.  We have been blessed as our website (www.americansfortruth.com) received over 600,000 page hits in November alone and over 6 million page hits in 2008. We now have faithful, daily readers all over the world — such as Leo from Italy — who rely on us for information on the homosexual agenda that they cannot get from the liberal, pro-“gay” media!

Because of our work, we are despised and hated by homosexual militants – although as Christians we do not hate them back!  (Check out this ongoing, nasty attack on me by just one of thousands of homosexual websites dedicated to justifying immoral behavior; this particular activist was infuriated that we had the audacity to link the tragic death of a 26-year-old homosexual man from AIDS to his embrace of the unhealthy homosexual lifestyle.)

Every day, AFTAH receives awful and often vulgar or blasphemous letters from homosexual zealots [see this “Kill. Christians” AFTAH article for a few examples.]  Many — including the vicious “queer” activist Wayne Besen — accuse me of being a closeted homosexual pervert (I’ve got many problems; that’s not one of them), and some say I will go to hell for opposing what in reality is a sin.

All this is very strange behavior for a movement espousing “tolerance.”  Nevertheless, despite all the liberal lies and hatred directed our way, Americans For Truth will never back down in defending marriage and your freedom to live by your Biblical or moral convictions.  I would sooner go to jail than deny God by celebrating what the Bible clearly calls sin (Romans 1). Hopefully it won’t come to that.

With Barack Obama coming to power, we defenders of moral truth will face many challenges.  Few Americans understand the depth of Obama’s commitment to the homosexual agenda.  He even called for repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (signed into law by Bill Clinton) and pledged to use the bully pulpit to promote homosexual adoptions.  I pray that Obama will NOT keep his promises to the ‘Gay’ Lobby but if he does, we will be ready to mobilize Americans in defense of marriage and freedom of conscience.

We must answer the media’s deceptions –– Newsweek even ran a cover-story making the absurd claim that the Bible supports homosexual “marriage”! –– as many brainwashed young people are buying into this agenda.  May God bless you as together we stand boldly for truth, speaking in the love and grace of Christ, who IS the Truth (John 14:6).

Thank you to all who through your generosity make AFTAH’s work possible. God bless. 


Peter LaBarbera
President, Americans For Truth


P.S.  Everywhere you turn, Christians like Pastor Rick Warren are being demonized for defending marriage and God’s truth that homosexuality is wrong yet changeable behavior — as proven by the many ex-“gay” and former lesbians leading happy lives.  We are trying to match a generous $10,000 grant to AFTAH: could you help us with a year-end gift of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or whatever you can give to support our vital work as a lonely voice for sanity on this issue?  To give online, go to www.americansfortruth.com/donate/.  Become a monthly Truth Team donor at: http://americansfortruth.com/membership.php.  All donations to AFTAH, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, are tax-deductible.  Thank you and God bless you!


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