Grove City Prof Warren Throckmorton Affirms Homosexuality as ‘Normal, Natural and Healthy’

warren_throckmorton.jpgBelow is an excerpt from Grove City College associate professor Warren Throckmorton’s (left) July 2007 radio interview with well-known homosexual activist Mike Signorile, on Signorile’s show on the Sirius satellite radio network:

WARREN THROCKMORTON: The aim of Sexual Identity Therapy is a satisfied life – a client who believes that they have come to an integration of their conflicts, and we’re, by the way, only talking about people who are in conflict.

MIKE SIGNORILE: So you think it is normal, natural and healthy for people who come out and accept that being homosexual — accept being gay — and completely have no issues with their religious faith — you believe — would you describe the words as [strong emphasis by Signorile] “normal, natural and healthy” – that that is fine?

THROCKMORTON: Yes. Yes, I have been very clear about that in my public statements, that the efforts to demonize people who accept their homosexuality and come out as gay have been futile. The research–[Signorile cuts him off] …

We will provide further excerpts from this interview, and possibly the entire interview transcript, as soon as they are available. Look for more reports on Throckmorton and other Christian Left activists who are challenging Biblical orthodoxy on the homosexual issue.

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