VIDEO: Perez Hilton and In-Your-Face ‘Queer’ Activists: the Obnoxious Spoiled Brats of our Culture

Carrie Prejean sought to please God rather than politically-correct man; WARNING: GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS

By Peter LaBarbera

OK, where do we start with the Perez Hilton-Carrie Prejean Miss USA controversy? Earlier today I was a guest on the Bob Dutko Show on WMUZ in Detroit, and observed that Hilton epitomizes the spoiled-brat aspect of “queer” activism. It’s bad enough that this obnoxious and rude “gay celebrity blogger” calls Miss California a “dumb bitch,” and then stands behind his ugly remark after initially apologizing for it. I want to know why this nasty fellow is then treated so deferentially by the media — first by this MSNBC anchor Norah O’Donnell and then NBC’s Matt Lauer? Are the liberal media — like those irresponsible parents who let themselves be manipulated by their spoiled children — now so indulgent toward homosexuals that they can’t even call out an angry activist whose vicious and juvenile conduct is obvious to most everyone else? Would NBC have accorded similar respect to a right-wing blogger who blasted a homosexual contestant as a “dumb fag”? Of course not (but they would have made an example of him as a hateful bigot, which is precisely what Mr. Hilton is). Watch this YouTube of this morning’s NBC Today Show, followed by more commentary after the jump:

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… The reflexively pro-“gay” media have become the enablers of creeps like Perez Hilton because they allow themselves to be used and intimidated by them. (See Hilton’s penis-humor doctored photo of Carrie posted at bottom.) And when you give in to the bully, the bully steps up his abuse of others. In fact, Hilton with his absurd rationalizations for his misbehavior is himself the product of a media/Hollywood culture that rewards homosexual militants while demonizing sincere Christians. The good news is that the gay/liberal media overreach is starting to backfire: everyone can see that Hilton, and not Prejean, is the real hater here — just as most TV viewers who are not hardened liberal ideologues saw that MSNBC and CNN’s Anderson Cooper with their crude sex jokes about “Tea Party” rallies nationwide were the true extremists — while the ralliers themselves were mostly just good Americans with a beef against Big Government.

Check out his MSNBC clip (caption: “Miss California Stirs Controversy”! — in which O’Donnell is disturbingly solicitous of Hilton — how strange that she and the feminists aren’t coming to Prejean’s defense?:

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Beyond the intimidation factor, many morally-challenged media professionals agree with Perez Hilton’s basic premise (minus the rudeness–except for potty-mouth MSNBC): they, too, barely acknowledge the anti-homosexual-“marriage” position as legitimate, as they stoke the “gay” story line that “same-sex marriage is inevitable” (despite 30 states passing anti-gay-“marriage” amendments). Here again note Hilton’s mindset, also representative of the GLBT movement: he is angry, stunned and horrified at Prejean’s answer — not because she disagrees with him on “gay marriage” (or so he says) — but because Miss California took sides and hence was “divisive.” This despite the fact that Prejean went out of her way not to alienate those who feel differently about this issue. Surely, the crazed Hilton would not have found Prejean “divisive” had she made an impassioned plea FOR “gay marriage.”

You see, it’s all about holding the “right” position — that is, the “gay” position — and shutting up or overriding your beliefs, or risk being smeared as a hateful “homophobe” if you dare to disagree. This is the emboldened Queer Lobby’s and their Amen Corner’s M.O. — whether it’s forcing a New Mexico Christian photographer to shoot a lesbian “wedding” against her convictions; trying to get Prop 8 thrown out and declared “unconstitutional” because you lost at the ballot box; equating opposition to “gay marriage” with rank bigotry, or moral opposition to homosexual behavior with “bullying gays”; or pressuring the media into rejecting ads featuring successful ex-“gays” (as GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, has done).

God bless you, Carrie Prejean, for being, as you said, “Biblically Correct” and not “Politically Correct” when it came to sticking up for natural marriage — and for pleasing God rather than man in this defining moment of your young life. Yes, it’s sad that one state’s legislature has chosen to legalize homosexual marriage, but even if sizeable majorities of Americans turn against God and support these counterfeit, genderless “marriages,” that won’t make them right. Corrupt politicians can’t negate moral truth by a vote.

And as for you Perez, you need to ask this woman for forgiveness, but more importantly, you need to repent to a holy God for not only embracing sin in your own life, but shoving it down the throats of the rest of us with such callous arrogance.

One more request for Miss California: since you’re in the area, why don’t you pay a visit to Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren, or stop by the headquarters of they could use some of your courage and Biblical Correctness.

perez_hilton_doctored_photo_what-a-jerk.jpg DOCTORED PHOTO FROM PEREZ HILTON’S WEBSITE: How Low Can You Go? — On his website, homosexual activist and celebrity blogger Perez Hilton doctors a photo of Miss California, Carrie Prejean, answering a reporter’s question, by drawing a penis ejaculating into the mouth of Carrie Prejean over the microphone. How dare the media treat the hateful Hilton as a serious commentator!

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