Pro-‘Gay’ Intolerance in Maine — Civic League Signs Defaced

maine_ccl_signs_defaced-1.jpgLeaving their mark: pro-homosexual activists in Maine spray-painted “666” in red on the sign of the Christian Civic League in 2005. Click on photos to enlage.

By Peter LaBarbera

Here’s a bit of history on “gay” activist intolerance — representative of what has gone on for decades across the country whenever citizens try to resist the homosexual activist agenda using the freedoms we possess as Americans. These are photos of a sign for the Christian Civic League of Maine in front of their headquarters that was defaced during the League’s successful 2005 drive to repeal a “gay rights” law using Maine’s “People’s Veto.” Under the Veto, citizens can repeal legislation passed by the Maine legislature through a statewide ballot vote. Multiply this harassment by a thousand and you will understand what proponents of Proposition 8 were up against in California.

This may seem like a minor act of vandalism (note the number “666,” symbolic of Satan, spray-painted in red), and it is, but applying our “Gay-Christian” Substitution Test puts it in proper perspective. Can you imagine the yelling and screaming (and government hate crimes charges?) that would have ensued had Christian activists defaced a sign on the private property of Equality Maine (the state’s leading homosexual group), or the Maine Civil Liberties Union? Exactly.

There is another People’s Veto vote coming up in Maine in November to overturn a homosexual “marriage” bill that was signed into law in May by Gov. Baldacci (D) — who rationalized that he had to sign it, against his convictions, “to uphold the Constitution” (nice try, guv). Homosexual activists will lose the marriage referendum — of that we are quite confident, due mainly to the groundbreaking work that Mike Heath (executive director of the League), Catholic pro-family stalwart Paul Madore, and Paul Volle of the Christian Coalition of Maine did in fighting against homosexual special rights in Maine over the last two decades.

maine_ccl_signs_defaced-2.jpgThese valiant culture warriors never received the credit they were due from the larger, national pro-family movement because, well, Christian pro-family groups were so petrified of being labeled “anti-gay” that they rarely gave enthusiastic support to efforts to resist “gay rights” laws the way they should have. That defensiveness, or perhaps we should say cowardice, now translates into a pro-family movement that still defends traditional marriage (sometimes in name only), but is woefully under-funded and inadequate when it comes to stopping the rest of the pro-homosexual agenda. (Americans For Truth supports a full repeal of all “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” laws, which beganĀ  undermining religious freedoms long before the onset of “same-sex marriage.”)

Heath (Board Chairman of AFTAH) is participating in but not leading the current drive to overturn Maine’s “gay marriage” law. He rejects the politically correct “spin” of fellow marriage defenders who argue that this battle (against homosexual “marriage”) is not about homosexuality itself. Sure it is, which is why we can expect more intolerance and thuggery in the weeks and months leading up to the November vote.

Many homosexual activists, imbued with their own propaganda equating a sexual sin movement with “civil rights,” have adopted an arrogant, ends-justifies-the-means attitude in the service of their misguided cause. Like AFTAH, Mike Heath and friends are compared to bigots, anti-Semites and Nazis because … well, doggonit, that’s how judgmental “queer” activists and their liberal allies see it! (Don’t expect logical reasoning from the pro-“gay” side on this — the modern liberal takes it almost as a matter of faith. Besides, it’s much easier to simply claim the mantle of civil rights and keep repeating it with the media’s help, even though this fiction has been roundly rejected by the vast majority of African Americans.)

mike_heath_ccl_capital_resized_5.jpgI will be visiting Maine next month to speak at the Christian Civic League, and plan to discuss how the current push for oxymoronic “gay marriage” is precisely an outgrowth of the homosexualist agenda — which will continue to threaten religious and moral freedoms even after Mainers pass the People’s Veto and sweep “same-sex marriage” off the law books in November. As usual, AFTAH will keep you abreast of the ongoing, anti-democratic tactics of homosexual activists in Maine, California and across the nation.



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