AFTAH – Hated for Telling the Truth (Part One)

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By Peter LaBarbera


Peter LaBarbera

If you want a good indication of the hatred and vilification to which Americans For Truth and this writer are subjected on a daily basis for exposing the truth about the homosexual and transsexual activist lobbies, do a Google search on my name: Peter LaBarbera (often misspelled: Peter LaBarbara).

Then try another Google search on the smear term that hateful homosexual militants like Wayne Besen and Joe Jervis have adopted in their quest to discredit me and AFTAH: Porno Pete.

Do you see why I can easily relate to Sarah Palin? AFTAH has been on the receiving end of irrational hate from snide leftists and mean-spirited homosexual activists well before anybody in the continental U.S. had even heard of Palin! If I had a quarter for every piece of pro-“gay” hate-mail we’ve received, I could fund our operations for a year.

Just the other day I noticed on Besen’s “Truth [gag] Wins Out” website that Wayne had posted another item blasting me as “Porno Pete.” It was a video that another bunch of hateful activists had created to attack me — sort of a Christmas present from the Gay Grinches to yours truly. I was touched.

“Porno Pete” is Besen’s proud creation, intended to mock me for exposing vile “gay” events like San Francisco’s annual depraved and nudity-filled “Folsom Street Fair” — and Chicago’s “Queer Prom” (sponsored by a gay bathhouse). We expose these events as often as possible because most Americans have no clue how radical the “gay” movement really is — and the threat it poses to kids [check out this gay youth flier] — and the liberal media will never tell them.

Besen plays the part of a responsible advocate for his cause on TV when he appears periodically on the Bill O’Reilly Show, but in real life he is a very bitter fellow who feels no compunction against using slimy, kill-the-messenger attacks like “Porno Pete” as a substitute for a real argument. (Wayne says I have an unnatural interest in gay perversions, to which I respond: I’ve got more than a few problems, but thankfully one of them isn’t lusting after men.)

Anyway, it’s all par for the course when it comes to exposing and opposing the Homosexual Lobby. To be hated by the likes of Besen for exposing the Truth is part of the job.

And determined “gay” activists wouldn’t bother hurling so much venom at AFTAH if we weren’t effective at what we do.

Most people don’t want their good name ruined on the web like mine has been, and so they pull back from opposing homosexual activism — even when they know in their gut that the “GLBT” movement represents one of the gravest threats to our America’s First Amendment liberties — and our Judeo-Christian moral heritage — that this nation has ever seen.

We understand why most people shy away from criticizing “queer” activists, but that makes AFTAH’s role even more crucial. We cut through the political correctness and the media’s pathetic pandering to the GLBT Lobby. And we will never quit. How can we when we look out at dozens of “gay,” lesbian, bisexual and “transgender” groups with collective budgets in the tens of millions every year? How can we give up when we behold the professional homosexual activist CEO’s with their annual salaries exceeding $200,ooo and even $300,000?

All to promote immorality in America and tear down Christians and anyone who agrees with God on this vexing issue.

AFTAH’s budget is miniscule compared to the “gay” giants like Human Rights Campaign (which — did you know? — has been busy promoting pro-homosexuality “Bible studies” that twist Scripture to advance the idea that the Bible does not condemn homosexual behavior). We could do so much more if we had even one-tenth the resources of HRC.

But despite all their money and power, homosexual activists lack something much more valuable: the truth. That’s why they lie so much — remember the “10 Percent” myth about the supposed number of “gays” in society? — and why they resort to hate-filled and bigoted attacks against AFTAH and other pro-family groups.

I can’t begin to document the full scope of homosexual activist hate and attacks directed our way, but here’s a few lowlights:

  • One homosexual activist posted page after page of my personal financial records from my home purchase on his website;
  • One “gay” militant sent AFTAH what appeared to be semen in an envelope;
  • Pro-homosexual activists sought to shut down an AFTAH ad (full-page in USA Today) by inundating our 800# with harassment calls. So many calls came in that our phone-line supplier begged us to shut down the lines. How’s that for “tolerance”?
  • Another “queer” activist wrote a post our address online accompanied by a sinister message: “Snipers, take note!” (he later apologized after being approached by local police);
  • An evil fellow created a website using my name and accusing me of wanting to kill homosexuals (we are also regularly compared to racists despite my strong condemnation of racism);
  • Another wicked activist, Joe Jervis, scribbled a piece on his blog: “Peter LaBarbera Wants To Have Sweaty Mansex With Every Single One Of You” (notice a trend here…?). Joe, I hereby nominate you for our “Gay Grinch of the Year” 2009 award — you deserve it!;
  • The AFTAH-bashing website Box Turtle Bulletin created the “LaBarbera Award” to mock me — for the “most outrageous, offensive, malevolent, crazy or excessive statement or claim.” Perhaps I should nominate the website’s own editor, Tim Kincaid (another Gay Grinch 2009 candidate), for preposterously stating that my good friend Laurie Higgins (a former high school writing instructor and a very kind person) “believes it is a Christian kid’s duty to bully his gay classmates”. Kincaid made the outrageous, offensive, malevolent, crazy and excessive claim because Higgins advises students to forthrightly oppose the homosexual activist “Day of Silence” in schools and because she criticized one compromised Christian’s namby-pamby alternative to it;
  • Homosexual activists have engaged in various illegal acts of harassment against AFTAH involving the mail, phones, etc. — which I will not describe here so as not to encourage harassers;
  • One confused activist created an entire Facebook page devoted to smearing this writer, ingeniously titled, “Peter LaBarbera is a liar and spreader of hate.”

After a while, all the “gay” hatred, lies, and vicious attacks start to run together and you become numb to them. I’ve forgotten more than I can remember. What makes it so surreal is that homosexual activists spew their malice in the name of … “tolerance.”

They are blinded by a desperate need to defend a lifestyle that is indefensible. And their desperation translates into an escalating war against Christian America and a driving need to destroy religious freedom in the USA. The GLBT lobby works to undermine all religious and moral teachings against homosexuality because they know that true religion is the last bulwark stopping state-sponsored homosexuality in America.

The sad story of America and Homosexuality is that aggressive propaganda –that remains largely unanswered — works. Homosexual militants have learned — like so many spoiled children — that they can intimidate Americans into submission by yelling and screaming and falsely equating their sincere moral critics with being “haters, homophobes and bigots.”

But we are not intimidated at Americans For Truth. We don’t put up with the “gay” militants’ lies, and we are fearless when it comes to exposing the extremism that follows organized homosexuality like a dog follows squirrels. (After all, this is a perversion movement.)

But we need your help. We need to grow AFTAH into an organization that does indeed have one-tenth of Human Rights Campaign’s resources (that would put us well over $1 million annually), so that we — working beside like-minded family groups — can stop the “gay” juggernaut before it rolls over freedom of conscience in this blessed nation. Please help Americans For Truth by Dec. 31st with your tax-deductible donation.

Let me leave you with this wonderful note, which I received yesterday from Mike, a former homosexual and one of those guys that Wayne Besen claims doesn’t exist:

From: Mike <—————->
Date: Tue, 29 Dec 2009 13:07:27 -0600
Subject: [AFT Web Site] Thanks for all your Great work.

As a born again Christian and an ex-gay man (5+ years) I was really happy to finally find such a great on-line media site that runs parallel to my beliefs. So much of the usual media endorse a lifestyle that often masks deep depression and despair. Growing up in an extremely liberal home where homosexuality was praised as a “good thing” I know firsthand how susceptible children can be to this misguided message. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for putting in all the hard work you do to preach God’s word and get the Truth out there.

God bless you, and thank you for standing with us! Tomorrow I’ll share another message about AFTAH’s unique role in the fight against the well-funded and powerful homosexual-bisexual-transsexual movement.


TAKE ACTION by Dec. 31st: Please support Americans For Truth with a tax-deductible gift before the year’s end: All donations received online by midnight Dec. 31st — or postmarked no later than Dec. 31st for regular mail gifts — can be deducted on your 2009 tax return. Send gifts to: Americans For Truth, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522. You can become a regular monthly AFTAH “Truth Team” giver by going HERE. Thank you for helping AFTAH fight for the Truth as hard as homosexual activists fight for their “gay” lies!

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