Maine Gay-‘Marriage’ Activist Bruce LaVallee-Davidson Convicted of Manslaughter for Shooting Death at S&M Sex Party

Sadomasochist testified for “gay marriage” just four days after sadistic sex- and drug-laden killing of Fred Homer Wilson


Bruce LaVallee-Davidson

Once again we are confronted with the unparalleled deviance of a Sexual Perversion Movement that masquerades as a “civil rights” cause. As we’ve said many times, truth really is stranger than fiction when it comes to the “gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender/sadomasochist” (GLBTS?) lobby.

Just four days after attending a sadomasochistic party where he shot a fellow homosexual, Fred Homer Wilson, who “got a thrill out of using a loaded gun as a sex toy,” Bruce LaVallee-Davidson testified for “gay marriage” with his homosexual lover Buck at a public hearing.

Had such a bizarre situation emanated from the “religious right,” Maine’s liberal media would have had a field day with it and used it to discredit pro-family ideas. Here’s a description of the sex-party shooting from WorldNetDaily:

The defense in the case said there were three men participating in the sex party, and they were consenting adults and were aware of the risks. The defense also said no one was at fault, because Wilson was an ultimate thrill seeker and wanted the gun to be loaded to maximize the sexual experience.

We aren’t surprised that homosexual activist groups are silent about the LaVallee-Davidson scandal. After all, powerful “gay” groups like the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force — which was heavily involved in Maine’s recent plebiscite on same-sex “marriage”promote sadomasochism as part of their overarching “sexual freedom” agenda.  Kudos to the Maine Christian Civic League for their good work in bringing this to the public. — Peter LaBarbera, [Christian Civic League press release follows jump]

The Christian Civic League of Maine has issued the following press release in response to the manslaughter conviction of (Malcolm) Bruce LaVallee-Davidson for the killing of South Portland resident Fred Homer Wilson (emphasis added):

In January last year, the homosexual rights lobby used State Senator Dennis Damon (Democrat – Hancock County) to introduce a bill to legalize same-sex “marriage.”  Not only did the bill legalize same-sex “marriage,” it made all terms pertaining to the family, words such as ‘husband and wife’, ‘father and mother,’ gender neutral.  It was a travesty to introduce such a bill at a time of deep economic crisis, a fact acknowledged by Democrat Governor John Baldacci, the most liberal governor in Maine history.

The bill was shepherded through the Maine Legislature by State Senator Larry Bliss (Democrat – Cumberland County), a homosexual activist from California, now head of the Judiciary Committee.  During the campaign to repeal the law, the ‘No on 1’ side offered a sanitized view of same-sex “marriage,” marketing their product with commercials which showed “married” homosexual couples and their children, all smiling, healthy, and content in a typical Maine setting.

It took an act of brazen hypocrisy for the truth to be revealed.  The public discovered that one of the proponents of same-sex “marriage” testified in person in favor of gay “marriage” shortly after killing a man during a night of drug and alcohol-fueled debauchery. During the public hearing on same-sex “marriage” at the Augusta Civic Center, Bruce LaVallee-Davidson stood alongside his homosexual partner ‘Buck’ and claimed he was “already married in the eyes of God.”

Some independent observers, including those who support same-sex” marriage,” have claimed LaVallee-Davidson’s remarks taint the entire same-sex “marriage” movement, and that the leadership of that movement must move quickly to disown his call for gay “marriage.”  We at the Christian Civic League of Maine agree.

We wish to give the leaders of the same-sex “marriage” movement a fair chance to explain why they have not already publicly repudiated the remarks of Bruce LaVallee-Davidson.  Let them step forward and state forthrightly why they have been reluctant to call LaVallee-Davidson’s  actions by their right name — perversion.

The Christian Civic League of Maine calls on EqualityMaine, Senator Larry Bliss, Senator Dennis Damon, Senate President Libby Mitchell, the Maine Civil Liberties Union, and Jesse Connolly, to take this opportunity of the news of the manslaughter conviction of LaVallee-Davidson to clear the air.  Let them explain how LaVallee-Davidson could state he was “married in the eyes of God” after a night of  tenfold depravity — tenfold because his actions that night involved two guns, five drugs, and three men — one of whom is dead.

Let the leaders of the same-sex “marriage” movement in Maine use the opportunity of the news of the manslaughter conviction of LaVallee-Davidson to explain why sadomasochistic bondage-and-discipline homosexual organizations march in their parades, namely the Harbor Masters of Maine and Blackstones bar, under the name of Pride.  Let them also explain the extent and prevalence of illegal drugs and AIDS infection in their homosexual community, as all three men involved used illegal drugs and were AIDS-infected at the time of the killing.

Absent such explanations, the public will be left with the impression that the call for ‘gay marriage’ by these groups and individuals is nothing more than a sinister ruse.  Convicted violent felon LaVallee-Davidson’s own claim to marriage, like the claim to marriage made by many other homosexuals, is built on a foundation of appalling homosexual perversion and sodomistic deviancy.

Worse, the failure to speak out publicly against such perversion by these groups and individuals will be seen as a tacit admission that such behavior and practices are not an aberration in their community, but rather, a normal and accepted part of everyday homosexual life.

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