Why Is Dr. Laura Schlessinger Promoting Homosexuality and PFLAG?

Dr. Laura needs to “do the right thing” and support PFOX instead

[A blog article] supposes that I ever quoted Leviticus that homosexuality is an abomination.  That never happened.  I repeat: that never happened.  I never said that.  I don’t believe that….

“In fact, I was one of the earliest radio hosts to support organizations such as PFLAG (you know, Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and other efforts to encourage openness and acceptance of gays in their own families, much less society.”  — Dr. Laura Schlessinger, “Setting My Record Straight about Gays,” June 22, 2010, Schlessinger’s blog

The famous radio host, "Dr. Laura" Schlessinger, now praises the radical homosexual group PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). In 2000, homosexual militants targeted Schlessinger with a cyber-boycott because she said (correctly) that homosexuality is a "biological error."

TAKE ACTION: Write Dr. Laura Schlessinger through her blog and urge her to stop promoting the homosexual activist group PFLAG. Respectfully ask her to instead support PFOX, a pro-family support group for parents and friends of ex-gays (and gays). Also urge her to refrain from sanctioning homosexual relationships, which are always wrong, and to instead use her powerful voice to support the ex-gay movement. Another way to contact Schlessinger is through her website, DrLaura.com, but you have to join first to e-mail her this way. Or you can write: webmaster@drlaura.com.
The call-in line for Dr. Laura’s radio show is 1-800-DR-LAURA (800-375-2872). (Calls must come between 11:30 and 3:00 PM Pacific Time Monday-Friday.)


By Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org

I’m sad to report that Dr. Laura Schlessinger — the “Dr. Laura” of radio moralist fame — has chosen to sell out the truth about homosexuality because she either: 1) stopped believing it; or 2) couldn’t take the pressure or the potential loss of income and prestige resulting from hostile “gay” activism.

Note that I did not say that Schlessinger has sold out on opposing “gay marriage.” She hasn’t, and still publicly defends traditional marriage. But she has reversed course on homosexuality, which is by far the more politically incorrect battle these days. Let’s face it, “protecting marriage” in our “gay”-saturated culture is a much easier task than opposing the extremist homosexual agenda — which Dr. Laura knows better than anyone because she herself was savaged by ‘GLBT’ cultural bullies ten years ago for describing homosexuality as unnatural.

(I want to stress that Schlessinger’s retreat on homosexuality does not negate her immense contributions to the culture in teaching people to take responsibility for their own lives, and in helping to build healthy marriages and families. For example, I know just from conversations with friends and family that her book, The Proper Care & Feeding of Husbands, has blessed many women and, by extension, their husbands and marriages.)

‘Gay’ Cyberwar Target

A decade ago, Schlessinger was the target of a “gay” activist cyber-campaign after she referred on her show to homosexuality — not “gay people,” as was widely misreported — as a “biological error.” Of course, Dr. Laura was right: as we’ve noted, Nature itself clearly discriminates against homosexuality; just look at the skyrockeing sexual diseases including HIV among “men who have sex with men.” Or observe the simple biological fact that any child can understand: that two men or two women alone cannot produce a child without borrowing from heterosexuality, as it were.

Indeed, homosexual “equality” can never be more than a mere political slogan.

Because Schlessinger reasonably asserted on radio that homosexual practice is deviant, she and her new TV show were targeted by a vicious homosexual boycott campaign that ultimately led to the TV show being canceled. To get an idea of the massive cyber-boycott unleashed against her, visit the the archive of the website “StopDrLaura.com,” created by homosexual militant and blogger John Aravosis. Going down the list of the StopDrLaura actions and “victories” on their home page is a valuable lesson in the dedication and fanaticism (and cruelty) of homosexual activists. One item even approvingly cites a column by feminist lawyer Gloria Allred speculating on whether the demonized Dr. Laura could have been sued for “discrimination” under California’s “sexual orientation” law for making her remarks critical of homosexuality (see 9/27 item “Could Dr. Laura Be Sued?”).

Homosexaul activists mocked Dr. Laura and took her comments about homosexuality being a "biological error" out of context to demonize the talk show host. Their boycott of Dr. Laura's advertisers led to her TV show being cancelled -- a campaign that surely has had a chilling effect on other radio talk show hosts. This photo -- note the message, "Are you a BIOLOGICAL ERROR?" -- is taken from the "StopDrLaura.com" archive website.

The cyber-boycott worked to perfection, but Schlessinger made it worse by proceeding to take out not one but two full-page ads in the Hollywood newspaper Variety to apologize (as a then-Orthodox Jew) to the “gay community.” If life were fair, it should have been the intolerant “queer” activists like Aravosis apologizing to Dr. Laura, but unfortunately, politics and cultural warfare often reward bullies.  The Variety ads were a pathetic capitulation — especially coming from a tough-talker like Dr. Laura who did nothing wrong. It was sort of like the abused schoolboy paying and praising his tormenters for not stealing his lunch on Friday after they did so every other day of the week.

Chilling effect from rewarding bullies

The StopDrLaura web campaign was the first of its kind targeting a radio talk show host and its success certainly had a chilling effect on other talk shows. As we have often bemoaned, these days even most “conservative” talkers carefullly avoid taking on the homosexual activist movement, and some, like self-described “Happy Conservative Warrior” Mike Gallagher, have thrown up the white flag of surrender on the homosexuality debate. (Curously, Gallagher complains when “conservatives” sell out on issues that he cares about.)

I can almost hear Dr. Laura telling one of her callers: “You never reward bullies.” But that’s exactly what she has done, and she continues the appeasement with her sporadic attempts to disprove a false claim arrising from the cyber-boycott: that she  “hates gays and lesbians.” (Memo to Dr. Laura: why even bother to answer this straw-man smear? When you chastise your callers who are practicing adultery or fornication, does that mean you “hate” adulterers and fornicators?)

Promoting PFLAG, promoting homosexuality

As part of her perverse penance, Schlessinger — who once was a convert to Orthodox Judaism but left that religion in 2003 — now champions the radical homosexual organization PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). PFLAG supports “gay marriage” and promotes the anti-biblical notion that homosexual practice is not sinful; in fact, it expends a lot of resources undermining Scriptural truth about homosexuality and marriage.

PFOX President Greg Quinlan, a former homosexual and one-time “gay” activist, recently outlined some of PFLAG’s anti-Christian activities in his speech to PepsiCo’s shareholders meeting highlighting PepsiCo’s financial support of PFLAG:

PepsiCo, Inc. is the leading corporate sponsor of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, known as PFLAG. PFLAG’s latest publication, a religious guidebook, instructs its members to protest against religious conferences which feature ex-gay speakers like me. PFLAG’s religious guidebook even directs members on how to create picket signs for these protests. It also urges members to hold press conferences and issue press releases against ex-gay religious events “to remind people that there is more than one faith message.”

My church welcomes the ex-gay community. Why does Pepsi fund groups like PFLAG that disrupt Christian events which support former homosexuals like me? Why does PepsiCo fund an organization like PFLAG which issues religious publications urging readers to undermine other religions with which PFLAG disagrees? Why does Pepsi fund hate? Why?

We must ask: why is Dr. Laura giving free publicity to a group that encourages hostility against Bible-believing Christians and wars against God’s wonderful, created order for sex and marriage? In leaving Orthodox Judaism, why did Schlessinger also throw out biblical truths, such as the Old Testament’s prohibition of homosexual acts as an abomination (detestible)? Is Dr. Laura smarter than God?

I have not listened to Schlessinger’s show in a while (she’s not on a major network in Chicago), but I’m concerned with what her 2008 blog post below says about her apparent countenancing of homosexual relationships:

“When I helped a young male caller with his ‘boyfriend’ problems — which are no different in their content from ‘girlfriend’ problems: common sense, fears, communication, I got a spate of letters….”

So it doesn’t matter if a man has a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Really, Dr. Laura? A moralist who purports to defend absolute Bible morality cannot treat homosexual relationships as if they are OK because they are deeply immoral. Instead, she should tell such a homosexual: “You need to get out of that relationship and seek help in abandoning homosexual practice, which is wrong. There are plenty of places to get help, whatever your religious persuasion is, or even if you are not religious.” [See these ex-gay or change-oriented websites: NARTH; First Stone Min.; Exodus International; Regeneration Min.; Charlene Cothran’s Evidence Ministries; Linda Jernigan’s RescuingHomosexuals.net; and JONAH.]


PFLAG relentlessly attacks pro-family groups, especially the one that Dr. Laura should be promoting: PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays). PFOX correctly believes that you can love your child without approving of his or her homosexual, bisexual, or “transgender” lifestyle. My friend, PFOX President Regina Griggs, has a homosexual son and she loves him as any mother would her son — I know, because I’ve had many conversations with Regina. She understands — as Dr. Laura surely would agree — that loving your child does not mean accepting everything he or she does. Regina loves her son but will never accept his homosexuality as part of “who he is.” She prays he will join the tens of thousands of “ex-gays” who have left this dead-end lifestyle behind. (Listen to my interview with ex-lesbian Linda Jernigan HERE.)

It’s called “tough love, “and Dr. Laura of all people should understand this concept — which makes it all the more galling that she now promotes the homosexualist group PFLAG with its artificial brand of homosexuality-affirming “love.” 

Now that I think of it, I challenge you, Dr. Laura, to invite Regina Griggs to your home and learn a few things about true love, and then give her an on-air interview to compensate for your radio promotion of PFLAG.

PFLAG promotes gender confusion in kids

I wonder if Dr. Laura has an any clue how extreme PFLAG is. In addition to propagandizing for homosexuality, PFLAG recklessly promotes “transgender” identities in children; see their booklet “Our Trans Children” HERE. (“A trans child can be treated with puberty blockers to suppress development of the secondary sexual characteristics of the birth sex.” — p. 5.) Here’s more from PFLAG’s “Our Trans Children” booklet:  

“If your child has come out to you [as transgender] before or at the beginning of puberty, you may consider puberty blockers. …They are completely reversible, so if the blockers are withdrawn, puberty begins. This allows your child to mature with their affirmed gender identity or revert back to their birth sex if they desire.If your child is ready for irreversible treatment (usually at 16 years or older) the absence of those unwanted secondary sex characteristics will make their full transition much easier and less expensive. “  

How sad that a woman like Dr. Laura who claims to defend biblical morality, and who has done so much good in urging men and women to stop feeling sorry for themselves and to face their problems head-on, now boasts that she recommends a homosexual organization like PFLAG, which urges parents to “block” their child’s puberty as a way to help the child “transition” into a deviant, unnatural identity.

Who knows how many desperate parents with gender-confused children PFLAG has led astray!  

Dr. Laura needs to “do the right thing” (to quote her mantra) and stop pretending that homosexuality is OK and shilling for misguided ‘GLBT’ groups like PFLAG. It will take courage — of the sort she constantly encourages in her callers — but she should switch from supporting PFLAG to supporting PFOX and other groups that affirm God’s natural created design for men and women.

Dr. Laura needs to take personal responsibility for defecting away from truth on the homosexual issue. Pandering to an organized sin movement — however aggressive and skilled it is at intimidating and bullying good people — is not befitting a moralist like Schlessinger who counsels others to obey God and take the tough road toward living right.

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