Letter to Elisabeth Hasselbeck on ‘Gay Marriage’

Note: we apologize for botching Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s name not once, but twice (first and last); it is fixed below. We also note that Hasselbeck’s views on same-sex “marriage” have been evolving for some time, as this 2007 YouTube video with a homosexual activist shows:

The following letter was sent to Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who recently announced her support for homosexual “marriage” — sent through ABC’s The View’s online contact page (web links added to original):

Elisabeth Hasselbeck of ABC's 'The View'

Elisabeth, you really abandoned your conservative and Christian principles by coming out for homosexual “marriage.” Homosexual practice is unnatural, often unhealthy, and a changeable sin opposed by God and the Bible. Deep down you must know that two men or two women were never meant to be involved sexually, much less get “married.” Please reconsider your position on this issue. If you are a Christian, you should believe the Bible and not twist your views to accommodate popular culture, or your liberal co-hosts. (Also, stand up boldly for the life of the unborn as a matter of human rights — rather than equivocating on this core issue!)

I know you take a lot of grief on the show for NOT being a liberal (on most issues) — and I respect you for that. But caving on “same-sex marriage” only hurts your credibility as The View’s repesentative, as it were, for millions upon millions of conservative and pro-family Americans who resent the liberal media’s and Hollywood’s secular Left bias. Elisabeth, there are many EX-gay men and FORMER lesbians who have overcome homosexuality in their lives (most by becoming born-again Christians). You should be championing them instead of counterfeit “gay marriage”! God bless you,

Peter LaBarbera
Americans For Truth About Homosexuality
www.aftah.org; americansfortruth@gmail.com

See our story: http://americansfortruth.com/news/the-views-elizabeth-hasselback-joins-pro-gay-marriage-sellouts.html

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