AFTAH Interview: Pastor Calvin Lindstrom and Lynn Thomas Discuss Truth Academy

Pastor Calvin Lindstrom

In this interview, which aired Saturday, August 14, 2010, we talk with Pastor Calvin Lindstrom of the Church of Christian Liberty, affilated with the Christian Liberty Academy (CLA) in Arlington Heights, Illinois. CLA hosted the debut AFTAH Truth Academy. Also on the program is Lynn Thomas, creator of Cao’s Blog and a conservative activist in Illinois. The two discuss the successful Truth Academy and the angry protest against it led by the Marxist homosexual hate group Gay Liberation Network. (Thomas compares the protesters to spoiled children having a fit.)

In the interview, the guests and Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera discuss the attendees’ and speakers’ outreach to Eric Posey, one of the pro-homosexual “spies” who attended the Truth Academy. Far from hating and ejecting this young homosexual activist, several attendees spent hours talking with him out of evident care for his soul. Pastor Calvin also discussed the need for more pastors to get informed on and involved in the battle over homosexuality — as the GLBT movement is the leading spear in the Left’s war on American religious freedom. To order CDs of DVCs of the full Truth Academy, go to our Online Order Form.

By the way, CLA — which is one Christian institution that does not cower before the noisy and intolerant Left — will also be hosting the 2010 fundraising banquet for Americans For Truth, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 13th. Keynoting the AFTAH banquet will be former NFL football star Ken Hutcherson, who pastors Antioch Bible Church in Redmond, WA.   

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8-14-10, Lynn Thomas & Pastor Cal Lindstrom, All

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