LISTEN: AFTAH Interview with Ryan Sorba – Part One

LaBarbera describes bizarre incident with failed “gay gene” researcher Dean Hamer

Ryan Sorba addressing AFTAH Truth Academy in early August. Sorba is taking a lead in refuting the commonly held notion that people are "born gay." Click on photo to enlarge.

Americans For Truth President Peter LaBarbera interviews young conservative activist Ryan Sorba for this AFTAH Hour program that aired August 21, 2010 [Click HERE to play]. Sorba was an instructor at the AFTAH Truth Academy August 5-7. In this, Part One, interview, he discusses the “born gay hoax” (the title of his unpublished book about the myth of genetic homosexuality) — and how pro-homosexual researchers like Dean Hamer have tried to prove inborn homosexuality have never been able to replicate their research.

LaBarbera relates a bizarre incident about Hamer — who divorced his wife to become a practicing homosexual, and then released his media-celebrated “gay gene” study just in time to affect the Clinton-era “gays in the military” debate. As LaBarbera tells it, Hamer spoke at a Maryland PFLAG (Parents, Family and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) meeting, which LaBarbera attended (as a critic and reporter for The Lambda Report, the forerunner to Americans For Truth). After the speech, and with a few parents still present, LaBarbera went up to introduce himself to Hamer — who, learning who he was, immediately flew into a screaming rage in which he ridiculously accused LaBarbera of crusading to stalk and “kill” homosexuals.

Dean Hamer

The very weird spectacle revealed Hamer’s unprofessionalism and a fanatical commitment to radical “gay” politics that certainly called into question his objectivity as a researcher. (No major media, in reporting Hamer’s genetic study, had reported that he was homosexual, much less an unstable “gay” activist.) Ultimately, Hamer’s “genetic homosexuality” study — which received millions of dollars’ worth of free media publicity and greatly influenced the idea of inborn homosexuality in the public’s mind — could not be replicated. Hamer and his homosexual lover are now activist documentary filmmakers.

Sorba discusses how today’s young people are susceptible to the ubiquitous pro-homosexuality propaganda that now soaks the culture, and how ignorant they are about information that contradicts homosexual activist myths. He expands on natural moral law approaches that undergird biblical morality, and urges a return toward thinking and talking about homosexuality in terms of unnatural behavior rather than LGBT identity.

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