LISTEN: Part One – AFTAH Interview with Col. Dick Black

Ret. Col. Dick Black said that new rules for the military under President Obama have politicized and made more difficult the reporting of illegal homosexual misconduct.

This is Part One of our interview with decorated war hero and former Virginia state legislator Col. Dick Black. It aired on WYLL-Chicago Sept. 25, 2010. Col. Black is a decorated Marine (including a Purple Heart Medal, three Legions of Merit, the Army Staff General Badge and Naval Aviators’ Wings of Gold) who flew 269 combat helicopter missions in Vietnam. Later, he was commissioned as a Major in the JAG Corps and was responsible for criminal prosecutions. Col. Black has a unique understanding of the importance of maintaining the ban on homosexuality in the Armed Forces. He discusses the “pro-homosexual” elites in the military working to bring homosexuals into the ranks, and notes that ending the homosexual ban will result ultimately in more HIV-positive soldiers throughout the military — who end up being non-deployable. [Click HERE for interview.] 

Col. Black and AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera also discuss the Democrats’ penchant for undermining the military and U.S. foreign policy — including the Democrat-led congressional cut-off of funding to American ally South Vietnam in the 1970s, which led to the triumph of the Communists in that country and the subsequent mass exodus of South Vietnamese “boat people” fleeing oppression. The U.S. aid cut-off also led to the ascendancy of Communist “Khmer Rouge” rebels in Cambodia led by the genocidal Pol Pot, who murdered millions of his own countrymen as part of his bizarre quest to achieve agrarian Marxism.

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