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Moody Pastor Erwin Lutzer Rejects Call by Marxist Homosexual Group Pressures him to Pull Out of AFTAH Banquet

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

AFTAH honoree Scott Lively responds to Gay Liberation Network lie that he supports violence against Ugandan homosexuals

“It is the central (but patently false) narrative of the left that all criticism of homosexuality leads inevitably to violence and murder.” – Scott Lively, recipient of AFTAH’s 2011 “American Truth Teller” Award; from his essay, “Murdering Uganda”

“Blessed are you when people insult you and persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of Me.”Jesus Christ, in Matthew 5:11 (NASB)


Come out and support Scott, Dr. Lutzer and AFTAH! Please join us this Saturday, Oct. 15th at the AFTAH banquet with Dr. Lutzer (doors open at 6:00 PM at Christian Liberty Academy, 502 W. Euclid Ave., Arlington Heights, IL; tickets $10; $20 at the door). Dr. Lutzer will address the escalating persecution against Christians under pro-homosexuality laws. (Dr. Lively also will give a brief speech as we present him with the 2011 AFTAH “American Truth Teller” award.)

Friday speech by Lively: There is a second opportunity to hear Scott Lively, who will give a speech Friday, Oct. 14 at 7:00 PM at Grace Gospel Fellowship church in Bensenville, IL, (located on Route 83 just north of I-290)  The event is FREE but there will be a freewill offering taken for Americans For Truth – to help us combat homosexual extremism as typified by GLN.  This event will include time for Q & A with Scott.  Thank you for standing with us!


By Peter LaBarbera

Dear AFTAH Readers,

A Chicago Marxist group, Gay Liberation Network, is pressuring Moody Church Pastor Dr. Erwin Lutzer to pull out as keynote speaker at the Americans For Truth banquet this Saturday because AFTAH is honoring Scott Lively, who GLN falsely claims has a “history as a vicious gay basher.” At the October 15 event, AFTAH will present Lively with its 2011 “American Truth Teller” award for his years of defending truth on the homosexual issue.Scott Lively has been the target of a malicious homosexual campaign of lies claiming he supports violence against homosexuals.”]

Scott Lively has been the target of a malicious homosexual campaign of lies claiming he supports violence against homosexuals.

Lively sent me (and Dr. Lutzer) the following two letters in response to GLN leader Bob Schwartz’s outlandish claims. A verbatim copy of the contents of the GLN letter, sent to Lutzer by certified mail September 27, 2011, follows Scott’s letters below.

In his letter to Lutzer, GLN’s Bob Schwartz writes:

“Are you aware of Lively’s history as a vicious gay basher?…In addition, as you may know, LaBarbera’s organization [AFTAH] and Lively’s Abiding Truth Ministries are both described as ‘hate groups’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Are these the kinds of organizations with which you wish to associate the Moody Church? …[W]e take you at your word when you say you oppose violence against gays. We therefore assume that you would not want to be associated with those, like Lively and LaBarbera, who either support violence outright, or honor those who do.”

This is a monstrous lie. From the beginning of my involvement in the homosexuality debate, I – like Scott – have repeatedly and consistently condemned all violence and genuine hatred directed at homosexuals. So when Schwartz and the GLN urged Pastor Lutzer not to “[associate] with those, like Lively and LaBarbera, who either support violence outright, or honor those who do”they slandered me as well as Scott.

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LISTEN: Part One – AFTAH Interview with Col. Dick Black

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

Ret. Col. Dick Black said that new rules for the military under President Obama have politicized and made more difficult the reporting of illegal homosexual misconduct.

This is Part One of our interview with decorated war hero and former Virginia state legislator Col. Dick Black. It aired on WYLL-Chicago Sept. 25, 2010. Col. Black is a decorated Marine (including a Purple Heart Medal, three Legions of Merit, the Army Staff General Badge and Naval Aviators’ Wings of Gold) who flew 269 combat helicopter missions in Vietnam. Later, he was commissioned as a Major in the JAG Corps and was responsible for criminal prosecutions. Col. Black has a unique understanding of the importance of maintaining the ban on homosexuality in the Armed Forces. He discusses the “pro-homosexual” elites in the military working to bring homosexuals into the ranks, and notes that ending the homosexual ban will result ultimately in more HIV-positive soldiers throughout the military — who end up being non-deployable. [Click HERE for interview.] 

Col. Black and AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera also discuss the Democrats’ penchant for undermining the military and U.S. foreign policy — including the Democrat-led congressional cut-off of funding to American ally South Vietnam in the 1970s, which led to the triumph of the Communists in that country and the subsequent mass exodus of South Vietnamese “boat people” fleeing oppression. The U.S. aid cut-off also led to the ascendancy of Communist “Khmer Rouge” rebels in Cambodia led by the genocidal Pol Pot, who murdered millions of his own countrymen as part of his bizarre quest to achieve agrarian Marxism.

HOW TO LISTEN: This is an mp3 file.  Left click once on the link below to play.  (Please be patient, depending upon the speed of your internet connection it may take a moment or two to load.) OR right click the link then “save target as” to download the whole show. 

9-25-10, Col. Dick Black, All

Will Our Military Stay Moral? Judge Orders Lesbian Reinstated to Air Force

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Dear Readers,

We hate to rely on a story by AP (Always Politically Correct), but our friends at AFA’s OneNewsNow did so and we will as well. I have not yet read the details of this latest homosexuals-in-the-military case. But I do know this: as with the rest of society, when everyday officers and servicemembers imbibe the “new” American morality (which is at its core merely a rejection of God and true, biblically-based morality) and defend open homosexuality in the ranks, it undermines the preservation of a noble military.

That is just another way of saying that a degraded military reflects a degraded society.

When the practice of homosexuality — once widely regarded as sinful and abhorrent, deviant, and a sign of bad character — becomes a trivial matter, it is not surprising that efforts to disconnect it from punishment will gain in popularity. These efforts will be abetted by corrupt, liberal judges who yearn to make law — not interpret it — because … well, because they think they’re smarter than the rest of us, and even smarter than lawmakers. Hence the successful “gay” campaign to decriminalize anti-sodomy laws. (Cunning homosexual activists took it up a notch by making their favored perversion the basis for a new brand of “civil rights” — one that apparently even supersedes the rights of moral citizens to act based on their disagreement with this disordered lifestyle.)

America does not need a post-moral military, but it may be what we deserve. The irony is that if President Obama and his determined “queer” allies succeed in turning our Armed Forces into a driving force for immorality, it will only hasten the deterioration of our culture to the point, ultimately, where weapons and soldiers cannot save us from oblivion. If America rejects God, her prospects are dim. — Peter LaBarbera,

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‘Log Cabin Republicans’ Are Plaintiffs in Federal Judge’s Ruling Striking Down Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell as Unconstitutional

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Why are Republican leaders like Sen. John Cornyn courting this radical group?

The homosexual activist group Log Cabin Republicans is listed as Plaintiff on the 86-page decision by District Court Judge Virginia Phillips striking down the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" rule against self-avowed homosexuals in the military as "unconstitutional." Several prominent Republican lawmakers led by Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) are slated to speech at a Log Cabin event in Washington, D.C., Sept. 22nd.

Like we always say: homosexual activists first, Republicans second. What do you do when your Democratic Commander-in-Chief is ramming the pro–homosexual agenda down the military’s and the nation’s throat? Make the Republicans more pro-perversion — yeah, that’s the ticket!

Perhaps the GOP could get a leg up on the Democrats by pushing immediately for the admission of open transsexuals (in addition to homosexuals) into the Armed Forces — with military-covered “gender reassignment surgery” (aka sex-change operations) for gender-confused transgender soldiers as a recruitment incentive. Sen. Cornyn, I’m being facetious…. Read the activist judge’s ruling HERE. — Peter LaBarbera,



Federal Judge Deems Military ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Rule ‘Unconstitutional’

By Kathleen Gilbert, LifeSiteNews

RIVERSIDE, California, September 10, 2010 ( – A federal judge in California Thursday night ruled that the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy banning homosexuals from disclosing their sexual orientation while serving in the U.S. military is unconstitutional.

The ruling, which the judge vowed to follow up with a permanent injunction against the policy in two weeks, arrived less than three months before the results of a Pentagon study evaluating the possible detrimental effects of repealing the policy is due to be presented to Congress.

In an 86-page opinion, Judge Virginia A. Phillips claimed that the defendants, listed as the United States and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, have failed to prove that DADT “was necessary to significantly further the Government’s important interests in military readiness and unit cohesion.” The Log Cabin Republicans, a national homosexualist Republican group, was plaintiff in the case.

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Asylum for Brazilian Homosexual Perverts U.S. policy

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Will the United States become a magnet for foreign homosexuals?

Pro-family Christian Julio Severo fled his home country of Brazil to avoid state prosecution and harassment on "homophobia" charges. Would Severo be granted U.S. asylum like Brazilian homosexual Augusto Pereira de Souza?

By Peter LaBarbera

Homosexual websites are celebrating that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has granted asylum to 27-year-old Brazilian homosexual Augusto Pereira de Souza, who claims he would face torment and violent attacks if forced to return to his country.

I wonder what would happen if Julio Severo (right), the outspoken Brazilian Christian advocate who fled his country due to escalating oppression against critics of homosexuality, were to apply for applied for U.S. asylum. An article in the “Queerty” blog claims that Brazil is “one of the world’s most violently anti-gay countries … with 180 reported LGBT murders in 2008 alone.” I do not know the accuracy of this information. But here is the problem: already Queerty and other pro-homosexuality activists are citing the case of Souza (whose asylum claim was secured by three students at Columbia Law School’s Sexuality and Gender Law Clinic,” Queerty reports) as good news for Ugandan homosexuals who might want to make similar claims.

Is the United States of America under President Obama going to become the magnet for foreign homosexuals and “queer” activists the world over? AFTAH has condemned draconian punishments against homosexuals (such as “solutions” prescribed by radical Islamists). However, America and the West have no right to impose their decadent, perversion-celebrating values on the rest of the world, and other countries certainly have the right to criminalize homosexual behavior just as it was criminalized in the United States prior to the Supreme Court’s activist Lawrence v. Texas decision. (Anti-sodomy laws remain on the books in many states and laws that do not solely ban homosexual sodomy have NOT been struck down; here is a Wikipedia article which — despite that website’s strong pro-homosexual bias — describes the sodomy law situation in all 50 states.)

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