LISTEN: Part 3 – AFTAH Interview with Gary Glenn

Democratic “hate speech”? What if someone made a vicious public comment like this against a homosexual activist?

In a podcast, Democrat Joe DiSano, a host on the Michigan political podcast "Two Guys Named Joe," said he hoped Republicans would go over to pro-family advocate Gary Glenn's headquarters and "beat the hell out of this guy" with a sock full of quarters.

Gary Glenn of American Farmily Association of Michigan

Part Three of our interview [click HERE to listen] with Gary Glenn of AFA of Michigan. We play some audio from a hateful podcast (Oct. 29, 2010) by “Two Guys Named Joe” — Michigan political consultants Democrat Joe DiSano and Republican Joe Munem. In a discussion railing against Glenn for exposing a homosexual Republican candidate’s pro-“gay” record (using radio ads quoting pro-homosexual sources), the Democrat, DiSano, gets so worked up that he says: “I would hope the Republicans would go over to Midland [Mich.] where he lives, take a whole bunch of quarters in a sock and beat the hell out of this guy.”  Glenn notes that had he said the same about, say, a homosexual activist, there would be a huge outcry. (Surely he’d be accused of committing a “hate crime.”) AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera and Glenn discuss the immense health risks associated with practicing homosexuality, and the absurd idea — fostered by the Southern Poverty Law Center (which has cynically labelled both AFTAH and AFA “hate groups”) — that educating the public about this is “hateful.” [See Part Two of Glenn interview HERE and Part One HERE.]

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2-12-11, Gary Glenn

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