Anti-Christian Bigotry on Display at ‘Truth Wins Out’ Protest against Exodus in Atlanta

Signs assail Biblical change away from homosexuality is “hateful”; imply Jesus Christ was homosexual

By Peter LaBarbera

It says all you need to know about the mischieviously-named homosexual activist group “Truth Wins Out” — headed by “gay” gadfly Wayne Besen — that it would feature anti-Christian photos like these prominently on its website. The photos are part of a story about a TWO protest outside the recent Exodus International “Love Won Out” conference in Atlanta, for people who have left or seek to leave homosexuality behind in their life. TWO attempts to discredit the idea that hcaltlhy change away from homosexuality is possible (by championing failed “ex-gays” and ignoring success stories).

In the TWO promotional photo at right proclaiming a “failed” Exodus conference (click to enlarge), the man’s sign reads, “The Bible is not a tool of hatred and injustice” — implying that efforts to help men and women overcome unwanted homosexual desires are hateful. This is now the standard propaganda line for almost all homosexual activist organizations. Of course, the truth is that most loving thing that a holy God and caring Christians can do for a person struggling with homosexuality (or any besetting sin) is to help him or her overcome that sin in their life. [More photos after jump.]

Below is a larger shot of the same TWO photo as it appears on the group’s website. Click to enlarge it to full size. Note the men dressed in drag as “nuns” in the background — from the homosexual activist group “Sister of Perpetual Indulgence,” which blends Catholic-mocking attire with homosexual radicalism and perversion. One “sister” carries a sign quoting the Bible verse Matthew 5:11, which is about suffering for the cause of righteousness (following Jesus). That verse could be used appropriately by former homosexuals enduring the cruel brand of ridicule and hatred wielded by TWO and fellow homosexual activists. But here it is flipped upside-down to scold Bible-believing Christians who testify to Christ’s power to help people overcome sinful temptations.

This is a photo of the "Truth Wins Out" protest as it appears on the TWO website. Click to enlarge to view the homosexual activist, nun-mocking "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence" men in drag in the background, one holding a sign quoting Matthew 5:11 -- a blatant misuse of Scripture.

Jesus was not homosexual

Below is another photo from the “Truth Wins Out” protest, advancing the discredited “gay theology” claim that Jesus was “gay” and had an erotic, homosexual relationship with a beloved disciple (the Apostle John). There is no more crass cliche in the homosexual activist playbook than the preposterous notion that affection between people of the same sex — i.e., great friends — constitutes evidence of homosexuality. Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Prof. Robert Gagnon debunks the ridiculous claim about Jesus’ beloved disciple HERE:

In addition to mocking Christians, distorting the Word of God, and calling Biblical faith “hate,” Truth Wins Out routinely seeks to discredit faithful Christians such as those at the Exodus conference, simply by repeating ad nauseam that their belief in transformation is outmoded. Here TWO’s Besen highlights portions of Exodus material highlighting Christian “change” — in an attempt to discredit Exodus (see Editor’s Note at bottom):

Besen and fellow homosexual activists despise the truth that many men and women have overcome homosexuality in their own lives, through faith in God. TWO and other “gay” groups like GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) do all they can to discredit this reality to the media. Having no interest in contented, successful former homosexuals like (family man) Stephen Black of First Stone Ministries, Besen & Co. instead “Focus on the Failures,” i.e., people who for whatever reason could not make the transition away from homosexuality. The Lord asks us to pray for our enemies, so I’m asking you to pray for Wayne Besen and his sidekick, Evan Hurst. They are very deluded and angry men, but ultimately, their beef is with the Creator.

Editor’s Note: By highlighting Truth Wins Out’s run-of-the-mill homosexualist hatred of Exodus, we do not mean to endorse all of Exodus’ teachings. In fact, this writer — though appreciative of Exodus’ and its president Alan Chambers’ great contributions to Christian overcomers and the pro-family movement — has become alarmed at Exodus’ straying from Scriptural Truth. Regrettably — partly out of a desire to “dialogue” with misguided “gay Christian” advocates — Chambers has become mired in semantic contortions surrounding homosexual “orientation” (an ambiguous modern-day concept not found in the Bible). And as you plainly can see from these photos and the TWO post, these equivocations and compromises have only emboldened the likes of Besen to step up their attacks against Exodus and the idea of healthy change.

I recommend this critical analysis by former homosexual DL Foster, creator of the Gay Christian Movement Watch blog, analyzing Chamber’s recent statements before a group of purported “gay Christians.” Chambers’ comments were seized upon by TWO and other homosexual activists as evidence that homosexuals really cannot change.


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