Scott Lively’s Fact Sheet on Uganda and Homosexuality


Click on the above graphic to go to a printable PDF of Scott Lively’s “Fact Sheet on Uganda.”

Click on the link below or the graphic at right for a PDF “Fact Sheet on Uganda and Homosexuality,” by pro-family advocate Scott Lively — who has been sued by the Ugandan homosexual group SMUG (Sexual Minorities Uganda) — working with the far-left American group Center for Constitutional Rights — for “Crimes Against Humanity” for his Christian advocacy in that African nation. We’ve also reprinted the Fact Sheet below (after the jump).

Scott Lively – Uganda Fact Sheet–PDF link 


Scott Lively

Few people in the world have been lied about and demonized by homosexual activists as much as Lively. This Fact Sheet is merely the beginning of what must become a comprehensive effort to set the record straight. Clearly, the nefarious goal the CCR and its leftist/LGBT comrades in its legal harassment of Lively is to intimidate pro-family advocates everywhere from speaking out against the aggressive homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda. In the Left’s playbook, the ends justify the means — but even for the Hard Left, charging a decent, Christian man like Scott Lively with “Crimes Against Humanity” — for his public advocacy — is beyond outrageous. In fact, it is evil and profoundly un-American. And yet, Clinton-nominated federal District Judge Michael Ponsor has allowed the SMUG lawsuit to proceed. We will be following this case closely. Please pray for Scott Lively. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH


Scott Lively: Fact Sheet on Uganda and Homosexuality

“Any American who has ever watched their favored candidate for office being unfairly smeared in a television commercial knows the destructive power of lies and misrepresentation in film. Both the Democrat and Republican parties are masters at twisting and spinning facts to destroy their opponents. But nobody is better at malicious propaganda than the political left on the issue of homosexuality, and they have never worked quite so hard at it as in their attempt to slander the people of Uganda. If the vast sums of money spent by western liberals to smear this emerging nation for opposing homosexual sin had instead been spent on feeding starving Africans, or fighting the many terrible diseases of that continent, they would have saved tens of thousands of human lives instead of producing tens of thousands of feet of worthless film. Real life in Uganda is far, far different from what is portrayed in these disgusting anti-Christian ‘documentaries.’” – Statement of Pastor Scott Lively, a victim of dishonest selective editing in numerous anti-Uganda propaganda films. He has compiled the following facts in defense of the good people of Uganda:

1. The Anti-Homosexuality Bill (AHB) which triggered the leftist propaganda attack on Uganda, was proposed but never actually voted on and is thus NOT a law in Uganda. It was proposed to combat “gay” sex tourism targeting desperately poor Ugandan boys and teenagers, a persistent problem across Africa. The unfortunate capital punishment provision (which neither I nor any other American missionary ever supported) was in a section of the bill targeting pedophilia, sexual abuse of the disabled, and the intentional spreading of AIDS, not simple homosexuality. Unreported in the media is that African criminal law is typically extremely harsh in the letter but very lenient in the application, so western fear-mongering about the bill was seriously overblown.

2. Suggestions that American missionaries “exported” disapproval of homosexuality to Uganda are untrue. Uganda is, in fact, the only country in the world with a national holiday that celebrates the rejection of homosexual sodomy. It is Martyr’s Day, June 3rd, the anniversary of the barbaric 1886 murder of Charles Lwanga and 21 other young men and boys who refused to submit to sodomy by the pederast King Mwanga, whose will was law in Uganda. When they repeated their refusal to engage in homosexual acts with the King, even after being torturously bound and marched 37 miles, they were roasted alive on a bonfire. These 22 Christian martyrs are the only Ugandans ever executed for violating any Ugandan law on homosexuality.

3. Topping the short list of examples of “persecution” of homosexuals in Uganda (mostly uncorroborated, relatively minor incidents, self-reported by the “victims”) is the 2011 brutal murder of “gay” activist David Kato, which the left portrays as a “homophobic hate crime” inspired by the AHB. In fact, Kato was murdered by a male prostitute named Sydney Nsubuga, whom Kato had bailed out of jail to be his live-in lover and houseboy. When Kato failed to pay him as promised, Nsubuga bashed his head in with a hammer. He is now serving 30 years in a Ugandan prison, convicted by the same judiciary that (rightly) held the (Ugandan) Rolling Stone newspaper criminally liable for publishing the incendiary anti-homosexual articles so prominently featured in the anti-Uganda documentaries.

Uganda is an emerging Christian country with many challenges: a deep cultural holdover of paganism and witchcraft associated with many modern social problems including ritual tortures and murders, a rapidly expanding and intensely fundamentalist Moslem population (which overlaps the Christian culture as seen in the extreme un-Christian rhetoric of some “Christian” preachers and others shown in the films), and, of course poverty and disease. But this nation, called “The Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill, went in recent years from having the highest to the lowest levels of AIDS in all of Africa through promotion of Christian sexual morality, and last year its president humbly and publicly repented for his own sins and the sins of the nation per 2 Chronicles 7:14 — a model for the world. Uganda does not deserve this relentless campaign of slander merely for trying to protect itself from the problems of homosexuality that have done so much damage in so many other countries, including the United States.

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