WATCH: Video of Walkout at Sinclair Community College Proves Professor Kate Geiselman Lied in Salon Hit-Piece

Tweet by Sinclair Community College professor Kate Geiselman, who made up a quotation by speaker Peter LaBarbera to make him look like an angry "homophobe."

LYING PROF DOUBLES DOWN: April 17 tweet by Sinclair Community College professor Kate Geiselman, who made up a preposterous “effing” quotation by guest speaker Peter LaBarbera to humiliate him and make him look like an angry “homophobe.” LaBarbera said “effing” only to relay to the audience that one of its members had angrily used the real F-word to attack his speech. Pro-family attorney Charles LiMandri has written Geiselman and Salon Magazine to demand an apology and retraction. 

In this post:

  1. 2-minute video of Sinclair Community College professor-led “walkout” [begins at :16 point of video];
  2. Part One and Part Two of YouTube videos of Peter LaBarbera’s talk at SCC, sponsored by the Traditional Values Club;
  3. Copy of April 24 web post by SCC professor Rebecca Morean on, backing up the “effing” lie told by fellow SCC prof Kate Geiselman in her Salon hit-piece against LaBarbera;
  4. Go HERE to read AFTAH attorney Charles LiMandri’s letter to Geiselman and demanding a public retraction and apology.


Dear AFTAH Readers,

Refuting a leftist lie is hard work, but it must be done.

Below is the video of the Sinclair Community College walkout on my speech at the Dayton, Ohio college April 9, 2014–provided by the Traditional Values Club, which sponsored the talk. As you can see, the professor-led walkout began right after I started speaking–and ironically, after I had commended the audience for demonstrating true tolerance by listening to a dissenting viewpoint!

Note that I did not come even close to uttering the quotation absurdly attributed to me by SCC writing professor Kate Geiselman in the liberal online magazine Salon. Geiselman accused me (the “antigay bigot” in the headline) of responding recklessly to the walkout: “You’re leaving? Are you ‘effing’ [substituting for the F-word] kidding?”

Below is a transcription of my remarks at the podium as the professor-led walkout begins–painstakingly produced by pro-family writer Gina Miller [see Miller’s excellent piece on the controversy on HERE]:

“I suppose this is a walk-out. Well, this is, this is what I say, not, not even people willing to hear from the other side. I think this is, this is regretful. [heckler interjects F-word] ‘Your message is ‘effing’ garbage,’ that guy just said. Yeah, yeah this is a shame, but, well, those of you who remained are exhibiting true tolerance… I mean this is—this is the Left in action; I’m sorry. You know, tolerance for me but not for you. Don’t even want to hear a viewpoint. That’s their right, and I just think it’s immature…”

[See my attorney Chuck LiMandri’s letter demanding a retraction and apology from Geiselman HERE.]

Constructing a bogus narrative

Honestly, I think the admittedly hard-of-hearing Geiselman heard me say “effing”–I was merely relaying a barb from a man in the audience who hurled the real F-bomb to denounce my talk–and then used that to concoct a bogus narrative casting me as the angry “homophobe.” Later, Professor Rebecca Morean, who can be seen leading the walkout in the video below, repeated the Geiselman’s lie [see graphic at bottom of this article]. Morean has boasted about her role in the walkout.

What these politicized professors–who greatly dishonor their noble profession–fail to appreciate is that real tolerance and diversity were on display at their college that day, between conservatives like me and the few liberals (including some students) who did not take part in Morean’s cowardly exercise in leftist groupthink. We went back and forth on the homosexual issue, and perhaps emerged with the same views with which we came–but also with greater understanding of the other side’s position. In other words, we had a civil, lively, yet respectful discussion at an institution of higher learning. Imagine that. –Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH

Read the Traditional Values Club’s description of their YouTube video of the professor-led “walkout” below. The walkout begins at :16 point of video; notice Prof. Morean standing up and signaling the mass exodus:


The following description accompanies the YouTube video of the walkout posted by the Traditional Values Club at Sinclair Community College:

Published on Apr 10, 2014
Walkout of students at Sinclair Community College in Dayton filmed on April 9 2014 during a talk on the dangers of homosexual behavior by Peter LaBarbera from Notice the walkout is pre-planned and involved students from several classes with their teacher. Some of the students were promised extra credit by their “teachers”. The Traditional Values Club at Sinclair gave the gay activists a full half hour to express their views at this event which we sponsored while we sat quietly and listened, but then they rudely walked out on our speaker at the very beginning of his talk declaring it to be hate filled before they had even heard any of it.

One of the teachers has claimed a great victory saying “how effective this was and how empowered the students felt.” She says it “was a truly great day for all” since “no one engaged, which is what made this so successful. The moment you engage you’ve lost.” Now putting aside the victory perhaps we should also ask ourselves what these teachers have taught their students. What were they empowered to do? At what were they so successful? Insulting someone? Not listening to an opposing idea? And what do we make of the concern that they will lose the moment they engage? It would seem to suggest a lack of confidence in the validity of your position and your ability to make your case. But shouldn’t students be taught to reason, debate and justify their views?

Now watch the full talk in two parts to see what Peter had to say [see below or go HERE for Part One and HERE for Part Two]. A DVD of the talk was watched by Canadian authorities to determine if it was hate speech and Peter LaBarbera should be granted entrance to Canada. He was able to enter Canada!


Part One of Peter LaBarbera’s presentation at Sinclair Community College April 8, 2014 (video shot by the Traditional Values Club at SCC):



Part Two of Peter LaBarbera’s presentation at SCC:




Below is an online comment on Salon made April 24 by SCC professor Rebecca Morean backing up the Salon magazine piece by fellow SCC professor Kate Geiselman–who made up a provably false quote surrounding the word “effing” (see above) in her article. [See pro-family attorney Chuck LiMandri’s letter to Geiselman and Salon demanding a public retraction HERE]:




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