VIDEO: LaBarbera Notes Fake Masculinity of Homosexuality – PFAW’s Right Wing Watch Reacts

WARNING: contains photo with male rear nudity; graphic acts described


Manhood Crisis: The leftist “Right Wing Watch”–a project of People For the American Way–did not like AFTAH president Peter LaBarbera’s criticism of “leather” male homosexuality as “faux masculity.” LaBarbera’s comments were focused on pseudo-macho “leathermen,” but all of male homosexuality revolves around a crisis of manhood. See RWW’s short video below and also the longer interview with David Ortiz from which it was excerpted.

By Peter LaBarbera

Folks, one of many “elephants in the room” of politically incorrect topics that most people dare not discuss in debating homosexuality is that–for self-described “gay” men–homosexuality is a masculinity crisis. The bottom line, confirmed tragically by nature and the design of our bodies, is that men were never intended by their Creator to have “sex” with other men–and certainly not with adolescent boys, a common practice of male homosexuality throughout history. The converse is also true: lesbianism is a femininity crisis, although there are some key differences between male and female homosexualities.

When we as common-sense, God-respecting conservatives bring out basic points like this, it enrages our “progressive” foes. How dare we publicly violate the tenets of their core, deviant orthodoxy–that LGBT practice and ideology are not to be questioned, at least by outsiders. Thus it was to be expected that Right Wing Watch–a mischievous arm of People For the American Way (PFAW), the leftist outfit founded by Norman Lear–would not like my recent interview with YouTube host David Ortiz.


Is this real “masculinity”? Contestants at the annual “International Mr. Leather” contest in Chicago Labor Day weekend 2014 line up with rear ends bared for the judges. The sadomasochistic male “leather” movement features pseudo-“macho” homosexuals who engage in rough sex, including, for some, heinous perversions such as “fisting” and “pig sex” orgies. Certainly, despite their play-acting at toughness, this is the ultimate perversion of true, godly masculinity.  Men were never intended by their Creator to have “sex” with other men. In fact, the Bible says such sins are “detestable” in God’s sight. Photo: IML website.

Below is the short excerpt of my June 2 Skype interview with Ortiz, a portion of which was posted by Right Wing Watch, followed by the actual interview divided into three parts. Ortiz started the discussion by declaring, “You cannot be a masculine nation and support homosexuality, in my opinion.” From there I brought up the pitiable homosexual “leathermen,” with their “overkill” attempt at being “macho men”–even as they engage in the most degrading (and unmanly) sexual perversions known to the human race–not the least of which is male-to-male anal sodomy.

I brought up with David Ortiz the uber-debauched “International Mr. Leather” (IML) spectacle held every Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, and hosted by a major hotel–this year the Marriott Hotel on Magnificent Mile. Once again, purveyors of leather-sex hawked their deviant wares and twisted pornography at IML, as the nights were filled with homosexual orgies so vile that it is difficult for the Average Joe to imagine such evil. (Then the poor hotel staff have to disinfect the rooms afterward.)

What is fascinating about left-wing “tolerance/diversity” ideology is that it invariably leads to the acceptance and lack of questioning of even the most extreme–and obviously dysfunctional–subcultures of whatever “protected category” is in question, in this case, the LGBTQ movement. As AFTAH has shown and will continue to show, there is nothing more bizarre, and wrong, than the homosexual BDSM (bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, sadism & masochism) world, which is now drawing plenty of “kinky” heterosexuals as well.

Homosexual “leathermen” urinate on and in each other as a “sex” act (they call it “watersports”). They live in twisted “master-slave” relationships. They insert their hand and forearm into the rectum and lower intestines of their “partner”–for sexual pleasure: a Chicago male homosexual “fisting” club–MAFIA, the Mid America Fists in Action–had a booth at IML [not joking here]. Check out this medical article on a surgical procedure to repair a perforation in a homosexual man’s sigmoid colon resulting from an anal “fisting” episode. The array of perversions–now including mock bestiality through animal role-playing–is too long to cover here.

Animal role-playing is among the perversions celebrated at International Mr. Leather and the "kink" movement that enjoys acceptance under the LGBT umbrella. This is the cover of a Chicago "gay" publication. Click to enlarge.

Animal role-playing is among the perversions celebrated at International Mr. Leather and the “kink” movement that enjoys acceptance under the LGBT umbrella. This is the cover of a Chicago “gay” publication. Click to enlarge.

And yet, though this “leather community” is fully accepted within the larger “LGBT” umbrella–there is even a black-and-blue “Leather Pride” flag–such depravities go largely uncriticized courtesy of the New Tolerance. They are not part of the larger debate, which focuses incessantly on “marriage equality” and “rights.” The latest “gay” cop out is to claim that all these BDSM deviancies are now also practiced by straights–true, technically, but who could deny that they originated among homosexuals, who are all too happy to see their perversions spread in the culture? And there is nothing in the “straight” world approaching the sheer, prodigious evil of IML, or the annual San Francisco “Folsom Street Fair,” both of which have their roots in “gay liberation.”

A free discussion of homosexuality, unshackled by political correctness, would analyze the many manifestations of the “gay” male’s manhood crisis–from the historic linkage between transvestism and homosexuality; to the body-building narcissism; to the many “daddy-boy” relationships fulfilling the homosexual man’s search for a father figure; to the comical yet tragic “macho” play-acting of the “leather” crowd.

The liberal media won’t touch these, but we at AFTAH will continue to explore and expose these decidedly “queer” behaviors, all the while offering the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who want to get off this dead-end road to perdition. — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH


The following is the “Right Wing Watch” excerpt of the Ortiz-LaBarbera interview. View it and read the RWW’s analysis at their website HERE:


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The following YouTube is Part One of David Ortiz’s June 2 interview with Peter LaBarbera:


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