Homo-Promiscuity: Queerty’s Perverse ‘Age 30 Goals’ for Homosexual Men – Including Having a Non-Sexual Guy Friend

Many friendships between homosexual men “were born of casual sex,” says “queer” website, which also recommends S&M and threesomes to young “gay” men

The #LGBTQueer website "Queerty" advises homosexual men to engage in sadomasochism or a sexual "threesome" by the time they reach 30.

A THREESOME BY 30? The LGBTQueer website “Queerty” advises homosexual men to engage in sadomasochism or a sexual “threesome” by the time they reach the age of 30. Click on graphic to enlarge.

WARNING: Offensive descriptions of perverse behaviors

By Peter LaBarbera

When it comes to promiscuity and perversion, homosexual men are in a league by themselves. Here are some examples of what I’m calling “homo-promiscuity” covered by AFTAH over the years: go [HERE: San Francisco “leather” street festival]; [HERE: Chicago “International Mr. Leather” deviant-sex convention]; and [HERE: “Monogamish” homosexual activist and adoptive parent Dan Savage’s three-ways].

Homo-promiscuity-graphic-colorThe phenomenon of male homo-promiscuity–which is routinely denied by LGBTQueer activists–makes sense, if you accept the presumption that men are more sexually aggressive than women–or at least civilized by women and genuine monogamy and marriage. As homosexual writer Jack Hart said, “Gay men have the opportunity to engage in sex with more people than do most heterosexual men.” Put two (or more) guys together in relationships that are deviant by definition and you are asking for trouble (and higher rates of sexual disease, to be sure).

Here is a recent post (11/15/14) in the edgy website “Queerty,” which is geared to homosexual men. The article is titled, “Thirty Thing Every Gay Man Must Do before Turning 30,”Number 30 reads:

30. Make friends with someone you haven’t slept with

Any guy guy who says he hasn’t hooked up with at least 50 percent of his male friends is either lying or exhibits amazing self-control. Many a [sic] lifelong friendships between gay men were born of casual sex. But by the time you’re 30, you should have at least one close gay friend who you have not touched below the waste.

Below is the actual Queerty graphic:


QUEER INDEED: Queerty web article advises homosexual men to have at least one non-sexual friendship with another guy by the age of 30. Translation for the non-“hip”: “hooked up with” means ‘had a sexual encounter with.’

One of the weird things about monitoring the self-styled “queer” (LGBTQueer) movement is that its participants talk cavalierly about behavior that the rest of us–dare I say normal, straight people–find shocking, disgusting and/or …well, queer. Here are some more of Queerty’s  “Before 30” recommendations to young “gay” men:

  • Recommendation #4.”Wear sunscreen, even on your butt”
  • #2. Bottom…At least once [Translation: “bottom” is used as a verb here, i.e., being the anal “receiver” in the act of sodomy…As I said…disgusting]
  • #10.Explore a sexual fetish: “Whether it’s some light S&M [sadomasochism], role playing, or having a threesome, trying something different in the bedroom is not only fun, but you may find an exciting new activity that you can now pursue for the next decade or five.”
  • #16. Stay at a clothing-optional resort:“Everyone should experience the thrill of walking around the grounds of a hotel completely naked at least once in their life. Consider spending your 30th birthday in your birthday suit by booking a suite at a luxurious, clothing-optional resort.”
  • #20. Date an older guy: “And by ‘older’ we mean at least a decade or two…intergenerational sex can be totally hot….”


Above is Queery's recommendation to stay at a nude resort. Click to enlarge.

GO NUDE: Above is Queerty’s recommendation for homosexual men to stay at a nude resort by age 30. Click to enlarge.



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