AFTAH Adopts ‘LGBTQueer’ Designation to Replace ‘LGBT’ – Applauds Homosexual Task Force for Adding ‘Q’ to its Name

LGBTQueer_GraphicUPDATE: most major homosexual organizations, such as the Human Rights Campaign, have now followed the Task Force in adding “Queer” to their group’s name or mission. — Peter LaBarbera, Oct. 2017

A Special Announcement from AFTAH President Peter LaBarbera:

Warning: Some descriptions of unnatural homosexual acts and an offensive photo



  • National Gay & Lesbian Task Forces becomes “National LGBTQ Task Force”
  • The “Q” stands for “Queer”
  • “Queer” is an appropriate catch-all term for the myriad of LGBTQ sexual and gender perversions, including extreme transgenderism (even for young children), polyamory and sexual sadism
  • What used to be called the”gay agenda” is getting ‘queerer’ every day. Confident of victory, homosexual groups like the National LGBTQ Task Force and Human Rights Campaign are aggressively pushing ever more radical agendas in the false name of “equality”–e.g., laws banning pro-heterosexual change therapy and taxpayer funding for grotesque transsexual “sex change” operations
  • AFTAH will use “LGBTQueer” to designate homosexual-bisexual-transgender-“queer” activist agendas


By Peter LaBarbera; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera

Recently, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF)–the nation’s oldest homosexual activist organization–announced a name change to accommodate the never-ending permutations of out-and-proud “gayness” and gender confusion (our term for transgenderism). Their new name is “National LGBTQ Task Force” with the “Q” standing for “Queer”–a slang term once and sometimes still used against homosexuals that has been “reclaimed” by “gay” and “transgender” activists to defiantly describe their revolutionary movement.

“The new more inclusive name adds bisexual, transgender and queer to lesbian and gay in the form of LGBTQ,” the Task Force said in an October 8 press release. [Watch an accompanying Task Force video HERE.]

We at Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) rarely have anything good to say about the Task Force–a far-left organization that maligns defenders of Judeo-Christian morality as “haters” and celebrates all kinds of sex and gender perversions, including “polyamory” (multiple-partner sexual relationships) and sadomasochism. (Every year, the Task Force gives out a “Leather Leadership” award to honor its favorite sexual sadist.) However, in this instance we applaud the Task Force for taking a step toward semantic accuracy.

Above is the new logo of the grassroots leftist "gay" organization formerly known as the "National Gay and Lesbian Task Force." The "Q" stands for "Queer."

QUEER INDEED: Above is the new logo of the grassroots leftist “gay” organization formerly known as the “National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.” The “Q” stands for “Queer.” In addition to promoting homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism, the Task Force promotes a “Sexual Freedom” agenda that includes “polyamory” (multiple-partner sexual unions) and sadomasochism.

Henceforth, Americans For Truth will use the descriptor “LGBTQueer” instead of merely “LGBT” or even “LGBTQ” for the homosexual-bisexual-transgender-queer movement. For example, whereas in the past we would have described Human Rights Campaign–whose founder and (former) Board Member Terry Bean was arrested recently for allegedly sodomizing a 15-year-old boy–as an “LGBT lobby group,” we will now describe HRC as an LGBTQueer lobby organization. (For the record: a 65-year-old man sodomizing a 15-year-old boy is well beyond “queer.”)

By writing out “Queer” in the acronym, we mean to accentuate how that word is the best catch-all term to identify a movement that increasingly embraces any and all types of sex- and gender nonconformity (e.g., “genderqueer” as a self-identity; look it up HERE). At the same time, we avoid the sterile acronyms–however long they become–that serve to hide the radicalism and desensitize us to the extreme nature of the expanding LGBTQueer agenda.

Think about it: how often do we think of homosexual activist groups championing “Bisexuality”–the “B” in LGBT–when we hear that politically correct acronym? Most people don’t consider the wisdom of promoting “bisexual” identities as normative to schoolchildren, yet that is certainly a part of the “LG-Bisexual-T” education agenda.

On the other hand, even though the most accurate thing we could do is to write out “Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender-Queer,” that is far too cumbersome for daily use. Even the modern Greek-Latin construct “homosexual” is unwieldy, especially when used as a noun, compared to the popular and oversimplistic term “gay.” And while most LGBTQueer activists despise the word “homosexual” as anachronistic and “homophobic” (another manipulative LGBTQueer invention), we at AFTAH have used it because at least the H-word reminds us that we’re talking about sexual misbehavior, not some innocuous “gay” identity.

The late Anthony Falzarano, a former homosexual, used to say: "We're here. We're EX-queer. Get used to it!" Somehow the LGBTQueer movement has room for all kinds of sexual/gender "diversity," yet it campaigns against EX-"gay" change.

NO DIVERSITY FOR EX-‘QUEERS’:  The late Anthony Falzarano, a former homosexual, turned around a defiant homosexual activist protest chant, by saying: “We’re here. We’re EX-queer. Get used to it!” Even as the “gay”/bi/trans movement makes room for all kinds of sexual/gender identities and fetishes under the rubric of  “diversity,” it campaigns viciously against EX-“gays”–even lobbying lawmakers to ban pro-heterosexual change therapy. The new Gay Task Force slogan is “Be you,” but LGBTQueer activists routinely dehumanize former homosexuals rather than accept and affirm their life and identity choices. See the testimony of another successful EX-“gay,” Christopher Doyle, HERE.

Homosexualism and gender rebellion are not about “civil rights” but rather the practice of engaging in, justifying and celebrating immoral and perverse behaviors–which we on the side of Nature and Nature’s God rightly understand are not the basis for inherent, healthy identities. Sinful and confused behavior patterns are changeable–as testified by the many happy and successful ex-“gays” like Christopher Doyle, who give the lie to the LGBTQueer myth that “being gay” is “who you are.”

As the late ex-homosexual activist and my friend Anthony Falzarano used to say, taking liberties with a “Queer Nation” chant:

“We’re here. We’re EX-queer. Get used to it!”

Thus “LGBTQueer” seems to strike the appropriate balance of being easy to use–while highlighting the reality that the aberrant “L,” “G,” “B” and  Transgender “T”–and whatever other letters of the alphabet are appropriated by Big Gay Inc to designate some new sexual/gender fad or fetish. They all fall under the rubric of “Queer” behavior, especially by historical Western, Judeo-Christian moral standards. AFTAH will encourage other organizations, leaders and blogs to join us in using and popularizing “LGBTQueer.”

Task Force’s agenda: queer, indeed

As you can see from past AFTAH stories HERE, HERE, and HERE, the National LGBTQ Task Force’s radical and multifaceted agenda is very queer–according to the Merriam-Webster definition of the word:


This was the first time I had actually looked up the word “Queer” in a dictionary, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well it matches the homosexual-bisexual-transgender-sadism-masochism-polyamory-qenderqueer-drag queen-drag king-etc. agenda. Let’s examine a couple of the adjective definitions (1.a. “worthless, counterfeit”):

"GENDERQUEERS" --Neither male nor female: As this "genderqueer" graphic shows, adherents of this LGBTQueer ideology identify reject what they call the "gender binary." With so many sex- and gender identities being promoted in post-Christian America, it makes sense to use the "Queer" label as a catch-all term. Click to enlarge.

“GENDERQUEERS” –Neither male nor female? As this “genderqueer” graphic shows, adherents of this particular form of LGBTQueer rebellion reject what they call the “gender binary.” With so many aberrant sex- and gender identities being promoted in post-Christian America, it makes sense to use the “Queer” label as a catch-all term. Click to enlarge.

Worthless. Whereas God-ordained sex between a man and a woman is productive in its designed purpose–to bring the sexes together as one to create new human life–LGBTQueer sexuality is disordered and unproductive. The anus was never intended to be used as a sex organ–hence the disproportionate link between rectal sodomy and disease. Similarly, women were never intended (nor obviously designed) to have “sex” with one another.

As it turns out, “queer” sexual behavior does produce something: lots of sexually transmitted diseases. Writes homosexual Jack Hart, author of Gay Sex: A Manual for Men Who Love Men:

“Many sexual transmitted diseases (STDs) occur more often among gay men than in the general population. Several factors contribute to this difference: Gay men have the opportunity to engage in sex with more people than do most heterosexual men, and some practices common among gays–especially rimming [when a man licks the anus of another man] and anal intercourse–are highly efficient ways of transmitting disease….”

Counterfeit.  Various jerry-rigged attempts to achieve or enhance homosexual orgasms–e.g., the notorious perversion of “fisting” or lesbians using strap-on fake penises (dildos) to penetrate their partners vaginally or anally–in addition to being vile, also further reveal the counterfeit nature of homosexualism and disordered “gay” sexuality. The same goes for the “counterfeit womanhood” (men in dresses) and “counterfeit manhood” (woman trying to be dudes) espoused by the “Transgender” movement.

Many homosexuals know that the way they are living is wrong–despite all the “gay pride” propaganda. I have a friend who was close to a once-homosexual man who turned from his sin and accepted Jesus Christ before dying prematurely in 2005–in what should have been the prime of his life (his early 40s). He told my friend, observing about his former lifestyle: “Even in their queer lovemaking, homosexuals imitate heterosexuals.” So true. Thankfully, and with praise to God, this man abandoned the lie of “gay” before meeting his Maker.

PRETEND MANHOOD: A young woman poses with her healthy breasts surgically removed, so she can appear to be like the man she wants to be. This stunning photo was taken by Mass Resistance at a transgender pride parade. Click to enlarge.

PRETEND MANHOOD: A young woman poses with her healthy breasts surgically removed, so she can appear to be like the man she wants to be. This shocking photo was taken by Mass Resistance at a transgender pride parade.

As we say regarding judicially-imposed abortion-on-demand, just because something is legalized does not make it right, or in this case, any less depraved. The practical-life corollary is: Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. Twenty-something “transmen”–women who want to be “men”–can go to a morally-corrupt doctor and pay him to have their healthy breasts removed, but this is a very bad idea [see shocking photo at right]. And if the pro-LGBTQueer Left has its way, you and me and all taxpayers will be paying for such insanities through Obama-care and state-run medical insurance schemes!

Isn’t it telling that while homosexual activists and groups routinely blame social conservatives every time a self-professed “gay” young person commits suicide (a terrible tragedy, of course), they never take responsibility for men dying prematurely after practicing high-risk homosexual sex–which is promoted within the homosexual subculture?

Counterfeit. Pretend “Marriages”: Not Equal

And it deserves mentioning that the most popular LGBTQueer slogan for counterfeit, homosexual “marriage”–“Marriage Equality”–is utterly absurd, as sterile-by-definition homosexual “marriages” are anything but morally and practically “equal” to the real deal between a man and a woman. Everybody knows this instinctively, but these days fewer and fewer people–and especially opinion-leaders–say it: “Same-sex marriage” is simply not equal to the real deal. Not even close.

Writes Robert Reilly, author of Making Gay OK: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything [a must-read book that I highly recommend reading and studying; available HERE]:

   “It has been clear…since at least Aristotle that the interest of the state in marriage is in its essential role for the propagation of society. Homosexual “marriages” play no such part, as they are neither unitive nor procreative; so what would be the interest of the state in recognizing them? Why is homosexual marriage morally or politically worthy of institutional protection? The price for providing it is an evacuation of the unitive and procreative meaning of marriage, and its replacement with ‘pretend’ marriage. So as not to hurt the feelings of homosexuals, let them pretend they are married. In fact, let’s pretend with them. Even more, let’s make everyone pretend together by forcing the federal government to extend full marital benefits to them. Then the illusion will be complete, and no one will be hurt, right?

   “Not quite. This is a betrayal of the nuptial meaning of the body and a denial of reality. Sodomy is an act opposed to the good of marriage. How then can it be its foundation. Something cannot be its opposite….”

By the way, here is the Merriam-Webster “usage discussion” on the modern homosexual activist reclamation of the word “queer”:

“Over the past two decades, an important change has occurred in the use of queer in sense 2d. The older, strongly pejorative use has certainly not vanished, but a use by some gay people and some academics as a neutral or even positive term has established itself. This development is most noticeable in the adjective but is reflected in the corresponding noun as well. The newer use is sometimes taken to be offensive, especially by older gay men who fostered the acceptance of gay in these uses and still have a strong preference for it.”

Language Matters

This is a woman, pretending she is a man, using a fake penis. This was shot a recent deviant street fair in San Francisco. The LGBTQueer activist movement is more committed than ever to promoting gender confusion, even to young children in schools.

GENDER REBELLION: This is a woman, pretending she is a man, using a fake, strap-on penis. This photo was shot by AFTAH in July at a deviant street fair in San Francisco. The LGBTQueer activist movement is more committed than ever to promoting gender confusion in the name of “equality,” even to young children in schools. Click to enlarge.

Words matter. Liberals understand that whoever controls the language, and the images in our modern digital-video era, controls the debate. Homosexual activists like Chad Griffin of Human Rights Campaign are so confident of victory that they now are letting their hair down, as it were, by increasing their advocacy of the most radical aspects of the LGBTQueer agenda. For example, in a recent speech, Griffin apologized to the “transgender community” on behalf of HRC for not doing more on transgender issues.

In the speech, Griffin promised to increase HRC’s advocacy for pro-transgender “gender identity” nondiscrimination laws (called “bathroom bills” by their opponents). He mocked pro-family citizens who oppose such legislation on the grounds that it provides legal cover for biologically-born males to enter women’s restrooms:

“The haters have got bathroom fever, and they’ve got it bad,” Griffin said.

Griffin is blinded by his own LGBTQueer ideology, and he is wrong: opposing biological men entering female-only public restroom and locker rooms is not motivated by “hate” but by decency, common sense, and the desire and duty to defend a woman’s right to privacy. It is a very “queer” thing for a gender-confused man–possessing both a penis and fake, hormonally-grown breasts–to invade private female spaces just because he is in “transition” or wants “to live as a woman.” It’s not all about him–we will not indulge transgender pronoun activismor the desires of left-wing activists to be validated in their chosen lifestyles.

And it is not “transphobia”–the crazy, LGBTQueer cousin of the “gay” activist smear-term “homophobia”–to oppose this or any aspect of the bizarre “transgender” agenda. Opposing the idea of biologically-born males who now identify as “women” being allowed to go back and change their birth certificate to female is not the outworking of some irrational fear. By the way, here is a state-by-state list of birth-certificate-change laws compiled by the homosexual-transgender legal group Lambda Legal; it shows that institutionalized transgender “re-writing of history” is now legal in almost every state, with most, but not all, requiring proof of a “surgical procedure.”

‘Queer’ is accurate

The National LGBTQ Task Force, the group that changed its name, has long advocated boldly for radical transgenderism and other odious agendas like proud sadomasochism–i.e., the mostly “gay” male “leather” subculture that glorifies consensual sexual violence, brutality, degradation and even voluntary sexual “slavery” (very queer: see this AFTAH story and this one reflecting San Francisco values). Yet the liberal media rarely expose their radicalism. Now that LGBTQueer leaders of all stripes are embracing their support for such extreme ideas as taxpayer-funded transsexual “sex-reassignment surgeries,” it is time to accept the homosexual-bisexual-transgender activists’ own apt description for their movement: Queer.


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