WATCH: Mother of Kiah Lawson, Young Homosexual Boyfriend of Terry Bean — Human Rights Campaign Founder and Accused Sex Predator – Says Bean Groomed Her Son

Mom says Bean gave her son with alcohol and Viagra to entice teen boy victim; neighbor says Bean frequently brought underage boys to his home; HRC, “gay” Victory Fund stay silent on sex abuse case

Alleged sex predators, 66-year-old Terry Bean (left) and his ex-"boyfriend," Kiah Lawson, in their mug shots following their Nov. 19 arrest by the Portland Police Bureau’s Sex Crimes Unit.

CHARGED WITH MAN-BOY SODOMY: Homosexual activist and Democrat Party power-broker Terry Bean, 66 (left)–who co-founded Human Rights Campaign and Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund–is shown in police mug shot beside Kiah Lawson, his 25-year-old ex-“boyfriend.” Bean and Lawson were arrested Nov. 19 by the Portland Police Bureau’s Sex Crimes Unit. The two men allegedly together sodomized a 15-year-old boy in a Eugene, Oregon hotel. HRC and GLVF are staying silent on the Bean sex crime scandal.


  • Kiah Lawson is the 25-year-old ex-“boyfriend” of HRC donor, 66-year-old Terry Bean; both are charged with sodomizing a 15-year-old boy in a Eugene, OR hotel last year. But Lawson’s mom says Bean used her son to “get young kids” for sex.  
  • Lawson’s mother told Portland KOIN-6 that Bean “groomed” her son, giving him alcohol and Viagra to entice the minor boy victim.
  • Bean’s neighbor in Portland says he saw Bean bringing home underage-looking boys–which he thought was “weird.”
  • The two major homosexual lobby groups that Bean co-founded–Human Rights Campaign and Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund–remain mostly silent on the sex-abuse case.
  • Watch the two KOIN-6 news videos below.


Folks, the first television news segment below was aired November 21, 2014 by Portland’s KOIN-6 news–the most aggressive station covering the sex predator scandal involving Democrat/Obama donor Terry Bean–a co-founder of two powerful “gay’transgender” organizations, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund [see original AFTAH article HERE]. In the first video news segment below, Tim Nouanemany, the mother of Kiah Lawson, the 25-year-old former “boyfriend” of the 66-year-old Bean, accuses Bean of “grooming” her son and using him to “get young kids” for sex. She says Bean gave Lawson alcohol and Viagra to entice the 15-year-old boy whom both Bean and Lawson are accused of sodomizing.

Pedo-file-graphicNow let’s be honest: I doubt that Lawson is a real victim in this case–and certainly Bean isn’t. (The latter’s lawyer claims Bean was taken in by an extortion ring and that he never had sex with the minor boy; see this Dec. 3 KOIN story where Bean pleads innocent.) Based on the testimony of Bean’s neighbor, who says he saw a revolving door of underage boys visiting Bean’s Portland house [see second video below], the man others are calling a  “human rights pioneer” and great “humanitarian” apparently used his money and power to procure young men to fulfill his lust for deviant, pederastic sex. Pederast is a word with Greek roots (paiderastes) meaning literally “lover of boys,” and though its definition varies–Merriam-Webster online has it as “a man who desires or engages in sexual activity with a boy”–its very existence testifies that this has been a long and consistent feature of male homosexuality. [See this story on “gay” icon Harry Harry, who backed NAMBLA; and this article on Larry Kramer; this revealing video by Walter Lee Hampton; more on this in AFTAH’s ongoing “Pedo-File” series.]

All the sordid facts of the case will come out in the trial, but even if it turns out that Bean–a real estate developer who helped acquire HRC’s shiny headquarters building in Washington, D.C.–actually was set up by his four-decades-younger “ex,” most observers would say he deserved it–sort of like the “john” who gets robbed by the prostitute.

The Headquarters that Terry Bean Helped Build: D.C. headquarters of the homosexual lobby group Human Rights Campaign, which 65-year-old  co-founder  HRC co-founder Terry Bean--arrested for allegedly sodomizing a 15-year-old boy--helped acquire.

The HRC Headquarters that Alleged ‘Gay’ Predator Terry Bean Helped Build: Swank D.C. headquarters of the homosexual lobby group Human Rights Campaign, which 65-year-old HRC co-founder and real estate developer Terry Bean–arrested last month for allegedly sodomizing a 15-year-old boy–helped acquire. HRC President Chad Griffin complained about so-called “police violence” in Ferguson, MO, but HRC has had little to say about the alleged sex crime of its benefactor.

Where are HRC’s and GLVF’s condemnations? Speaking of trials, isn’t it interesting that HRC joined the chorus of leftists condemning the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the cop who shot alleged burglar and assailant Michael Brown (in self-defense) in Ferguson, Missouri? HRC President Chad Griffin inveighed: “As advocates for equality, it’s our job to show solidarity with a growing national movement to break this cycle of police violence.”

How odd, then, that almost a month after the sex-crime arrest involving their major benefactor, neither HRC nor the homosexual Victory Fund have put out any meaningful statements on the Bean-Lawson scandal. No offers of sympathy for the minor boy. No pledges of “solidarity” with the youthful victim of pederasty. No sober reflections on the inherently exploitative nature of sexual “relationships” between rich old men and twenty-something guys.


So much for “equality.”

In the second video below, note the testimony of Bean’s Portland neighbor, Jeff Warila, who told KOIN-6:

“The ones that Terry likes are the young ones. They look like they’re under 18 for sure. And his friends come and they’re usually adults, but when Terry comes he has these boys with him. And I’m like [thinking], ‘That’s weird.'”

This comment makes me wonder: how many underage boys have been sodomized by Terry Bean, that great champion of “human rights” who gained (bought?) the type of access to powerful politicians including our president that most Americans could only dream of? AFTAH will continue to follow this disturbing story that says more about male homosexuality than HRC, the Victory Fund and most LGBTQueer activists are willing to admit. [See this video by homosexual Walter Lee Hampton describing how the pederastic penchant of “gay” men for adolescent boys is alive and well.] –Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera

The first KOIN-6 video below contains the interview with Tim Nouanemany, Kiah Lawson’s mother [view it with adjoining text at KOIN-6 website HERE]:

Below is the KOIN-TV interview containing the interview with Bean’s Portland neighbor, Jeff Warila, reporting that Bean would frequently bring underage boys to his home [go to the 1:27 mark on the 2-minute video; watch it on YouTube HERE]:


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