WATCH: Classic South Park Video – ‘My Safe Space’ – on Liberal Political Correctness

Folks, this is by no means a blanket endorsement of Comedy Central’s South Park–which is pretty much an Equal Opportunity Offender and often vulgar. But here the creators nailed it on the growing phenomenon of liberal “safe spaces” designed to “protect” college students and other fragile “progressives” from ideas they don’t like. This 2-minute video has more than 2.2 million views on YouTube; my favorite line is at :53:

“people that support me
mixed in with,
more people that support me
and say nice things…”  

[bonus video after the jump…]

And here is a 2015 bonus video of Megyn Kelly interviewing Christina Hoff Sommers, a moderate feminist author and American Enterprise Institute Resident Scholar. Last year, Hoff Sommers was the target of “Safe Spacers” during visiting speaking appearances at two prestigious colleges, Georgetown University and Oberlin College.

Side note here: both Kelly and Sommers are themselves PC on aspects of homosexualism, so let’s hope that they don’t try to build “Safe Spaces” boxing out traditionalist moral perspectives in their respective spheres. I personally experienced Sommers’ outrage for actually articulating my conservative views on the homosexual agenda many years ago when speaking at an Accuracy in Media event in Washington, D.C.

As for Kelly, though she seems to be on a path of becoming a “gay” and “trans” cheerleader of sorts, to her credit she continues to invite Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on as a guest–despite the fanatical efforts of leftist media bullies pressure groups to keep him off the air waves as part of their spurious anti-“hate” crusade.

Remember this: nobody is more subject to left-wing “safe space” pressures than those opposing homosexualism. The antidote is to speak out boldly and aggressively for Truth–in the love of Christ–wherever and whenever possible. Three cheers for violating pro-LGBTQueer and LGBTQ-IAAM “Safe Spaces” across the world! — Peter LaBarbera; @PeterLaBarbera

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