MassResistance Writer Asks In Wake of CPAC Ban – Is the Conservative Movement Dead?

Folks, this essay by my friend and author Amy Contrada lays out some of the troubled recent history of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) and homosexuality. Last week, CPAC’s executive director, Dan Schneider, suddenly disinvited our friends at MassResistance as an Exhibitor sponsor at the conservative conference (which began yesterday) after first allowing MR to exhibit. You see, as Amy documents, CPAC–the group that welcomed self-styled “Dangerous Faggot” Milo Yiannopoulos as a speaker last year, is concerned that MassResistance president Brian Camenker lacks “common decency”! (This is not a joke.) And needless to say, the same CPAC again this year welcomed the homosexual-transgender activists at Log Cabin Republicans as Exhibitors. [Watch the short AFTAH video on Log Cabin-Chicago’s perverted 2009 “gay pride” float HERE.]

When MR was booted, AFTAH applied for an Exhibitor’s table, but we never heard back from CPAC and our $2,000 payment was not processed. Then I learned that CPAC denied journalist’s credentials to Cliff Kincaid, a good friend of AFTAH and a rare conservative leader who still fights the radical LGBTQueer agenda. It seems that the CPAC model for building a “conservative” movement is to alienate real conservatives, especially socialcons, while pandering to social “progressives” at the expense of biblical truth and fidelity to the GOP Platform. What folly. More coming on this CPAC-sellout story.  — Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH; Twitter:” @PeterLaBarbera

[WARNING: Crude language.]


Pro Family Group Asks: Is the Conservative Movement Dead?

By Amy Contrada

Our conservative pro-family group MassResistance was approved in January as an exhibitor at CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference. We were abruptly disinvited last week. We are trying to understand the reason.

CPAC’s parent organization, the American Conservative Union, claims it “defines conservatism.” They hold a huge annual conference in DC, beginning February 21 this year.

Why would a group or speaker be banned? CPAC Executive Director Dan Schneider said he rescinded our participation due to our uncivil discourse. He was “uncomfortable” with our tone. CPAC has been telling our supporters who call that we “lack common decency.” Several of our supporters were even told that our group encourages violence against gays! That is libelous. We’ve never done anything of the sort.

How has CPAC responded to the actual uncivil discourse of its invitees in the past? Let’s look at two examples: the Log Cabin Republicans and Milo Yiannopoulos. We will then describe our own shocking treatment at the hands of the “conservative establishment.”

Log Cabin Republicans

The LGBT activist Log Cabin Republicans (LCR) have a table at CPAC 2018 for the third year in a row. Here’s how they reacted to the 2016 Republican Party Platform in full-page ad in USA Today:

LOSERS! MORONS! SAD! No, these aren’t tweets from Donald Trump. This is what common-sense conservatives are saying about the most anti-LGBT platform the Republican Party has ever had. GOP Platform Committee: Out of touch, out of line, and out of step with 61% of young Republicans who favor same-sex marriage.

Is an ad portraying fellow Republicans as “losers” and “morons” civil discourse? LCR admitted their ad was “provocative.” Their president explained he was “mad as hell” as he ranted against the platform’s “nonsense” on same-sex marriage, transgender bathroom access, and approval of counseling for those questioning their sexual orientation.

At a gay pride event in Chicago [see AFTAH video], the LCR float included signs reading:

A strong military shoots big loads
BIG DICKS – small government
CUT TAXES – UNCUT 8 inches

Yet the American Conservative Union (ACU) and CPAC have had no problem with LCR’s insulting and degrading language. This is despite LCR’s violation of one of the four mandatory criteria for being a CPAC sponsor, namely that “The applicant organization must not exist primarily for a liberal purpose.” And what is LCR’s main purpose? Promoting the radical homosexual and transgender agenda – clearly a liberal purpose, and their core identity.

Milo Yiannopoulos aka ‘Dangerous Faggot’

In 2017, vulgar “gay” provocateur libertine Milo Yiannopoulos (who calls himself the “Dangerous Faggot”) was invited to be the keynote speaker at CPAC. Milo’s “tone” was no secret. ACU’s invitation went out to him despite his performance a year before in Cleveland during the 2016 Republican Convention where he flamed out in his rank language.

Milo joked that he lives “on his knees… I don’t think God would mind, I was calling His name the whole time.” … “I might be a dick-sucking faggot, but I f*cking hate the Left… The Left in this country is a cancer that you need to eradicate…” He said that he’s “a fan of Daddy,” meaning he is a submissive partner to Trump (in gay/BDSM lingo).

Milo gave another disturbing performance at the “Gays for Trump” party during the 2016 convention. The photos behind the podium featured apparently underage male youth stripped to the waist, pants precariously paused at the hip. (Didn’t that give CPAC a heavy hint of what Milo and the “gay” Republicans are interested in?) He ended his spiel with this joke:

The Daily Beast says that “whites only” on your Grindr profile is racist. Well, my Grindr profile says “blacks only.” Is that racist? Obviously, I wouldn’t write “blacks only” because I don’t want to offend potential mates, so I’ll just write, “Don’t contact me if you’re under seven inches and know who your daddy is.”

Only when a video surfaced in which Milo condoned pederasty did ACU Chairman Matt Schlapp rescind his invitation, just before CPAC 2017 was set to start. But didn’t CPAC already know about Milo’s “Gays for Trump” convention party just a year earlier, with the boy photos and off-color jokes? Is CPAC’s vetting process that bad, or did they not have a problem with Milo’s speaking style and after-hour interests?

A New Scandal for CPAC in 2018

Moving on to CPAC’s latest scandal: Banning our 25-year-old pro-family group MassResistance as an exhibitor at its 2018 event – after first approving us. The reason given? We supposedly fail to treat other groups with “common decency.” (See detail in the MassResistance report here.)

I have worked directly with Brian Camenker at MassResistance since 2003 and have known him since 1992. He is a hero of the pro-family, parents’ rights movement.

MassResistance has provided early warning to the country – though few wanted to hear the alarm – on the vile “sex ed” infiltrating schools (including anal sex and “fisting” lessons), the arrival of LGBT promotional clubs in our schools, and the ongoing violation of parents’ rights to opt their children out of objectionable sexuality lessons. We fought the good fight to halt “gay marriage” in Massachusetts, leading an effort to oust the judges who acted unconstitutionally. (Perhaps SCOTUS learned from the Massachusetts example how easily they could get away with legislating from the bench.) In 2017 MassResistance published The Health Hazards of Homosexuality, called a “tour de force” by the President of the American College of Pediatricians. That may be yet another reason CPAC has banned us.

So, what did this Orthodox Jewish gentleman leading MassResistance say that so offended the snowflakes running CPAC? He opined that in the culture war we find ourselves in, we need to use strong tactics against those undermining our society, including using “insulting” and “degrading” language when warranted.

We need to challenge “political correctness” and admit we cannot dialogue with sexual-radical opponents. Whether it’s school officials enforcing transgender madness in the schools; or librarians bringing in scary cross-dressers to read to preschoolers; or doctors “transitioning” little children; or LGBT activists infiltrating our school curricula – these people need to be exposed as the evil-doers they are. They should be called child abusers.

The conservative movement has been losing the culture war because it has been too soft on such people, believing that “winsomeness” will win the day.

Context Is Everything

MassResistance asks that readers view Camenker’s entire presentation at the 2015 pro-family conference – CPAC’s stated reason for his being expelled. They will see how outrageous CPAC’s reaction is. The “tone” they so despise is the Orthodox Jewish reading of the Bible. (Might there be a tinge of religious discrimination in CPAC’s decision?)

In the video, Camenker examines the 2012 Massachusetts law that forced radical transgender ideology on every school in the state (and has since served as a template for the rest of the country). The state Department of Elementary & Secondary Education then issued guidelines (with the force of law) in 2013. This transgender doctrinal statement asserts:

  • There is such a thing as “transgender children.”
  • The concept of sex as “assigned at birth” is the philosophical basis for respecting their current “gender identity.”
  • The child’s claim to be trans is determinative and no medical or parental documentation is required.
  • Trans children have free choice in their bathroom and locker room use.
  • It’s permissible to keep parents in the dark if the school deems it necessary.
  • School records should be changed to follow student’s chosen new name and “gender.”
  • The school should reduce distinctions of “boys” and “girls” as much as possible.
  • School officials are encouraged to counsel children to full-transition medical treatments.

Why is it horrible if public officials pushing this child abuse and societal harm are insulted or degraded by parents attempting to stop them?

But CPAC says MassResistance’s tone lacks “common decency” and makes them “uncomfortable” – and therefore MassResistance must be banned! But the tone of the Log Cabin Republicans and Milo? They’ve been invited!

Is the conservative movement dead? At least one of the legs of the “three-legged stool” seems to be collapsing.

Amy Contrada is the author of Mitt Romney’s Deception (2011) and various MassResistance reports. She has degrees from Tufts, Brown, plus a Diploma in Violin Making. See for some of her openly attributed writing.

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