Indiana Pro-Family Leader Warns About Left’s ‘Vile Hostility Toward Christianity’

Obsessed with Mike Pence and Corrupting Kids: in HBO host John Oliver’s world, it’s a really good thing to teach toddlers that rabbits are “gay” and that only meanies (like Vice President Pence) are against homosexuality-based “marriage.” Photo is from his recent HBO rant against the VP.

Folks, this email article is by Micah Clark, the very able president of American Family Association of Indiana — the state where Vice President Mike Pence served as governor before being chosen as Donald Trump’s running mate. Clark cites an important piece by Matt Walsh of The Blaze, “The Left’s Insane Hatred of Mike Pence Is Nothing But Anti-Christian Bigotry,” regarding the escalating pro-LGBTQ campaign demonizing the VP. I discussed the same phenomenon on VCY America radio HERE and with Christian talker Janet Mefferd HERE. — Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth; Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera


A Warning For Such a Time As This

By Micah Clark, AFA of Indiana, March 23, 2018

Dear Friends,

I rarely send two emails in a week, particularly when the legislature is not in session.  However, in the past couple of years, I have become increasingly concerned about a growing hostility toward religion, (and Christianity in particular) in our state and nation.  Some of our biggest and most rancorous battles at AFA-IN now involve the defense of our religious freedoms.

I am sure that you remember the vitriol and hatred against people of faith on display during the RFRA [Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act] battle.  You may also recall that two years ago, Indiana State Senator Travis Holdman nearly succeeded in passing two bills that not only would have opened up bathrooms and locker rooms to sexually confused men, placing women and children at risk, they would also, “decide who enjoys [religious] liberty and who will be denied liberty” according to a Liberty Council legal review of SB 100 and SB 344.

I want to pass along two articles that came out this week pointing out the bigotry against Christianity that has escalated with the election of Indiana’s own Mike Pence.  The first article can be read here from The Indianapolis Star editorial cartoonist and columnist Gary Varvel.  He observes:

“In this age of tolerance, there is one group that the preachers of tolerance will not tolerate – Christians.”

The second article is one I want post word-for-word because it so aptly conveys the specific vile hostility toward Christianity, and points to a weakness in the theology of some today.

These two articles are at the core of why your civic involvement and your support of AFA of Indiana are so very important!

The Left’s Insane Hatred Of Mike Pence Is Nothing But Anti-Christian Bigotry
by Matt Walsh, The Blaze
Alleged comedian John Oliver launched a delusional attack on Mike Pence’s daughter’s children’s book this week. Something about the story of a bunny giving a tour of the White House incensed him so much that he felt the need to create his own book featuring a gay version of the bunny from Charlotte Pence’s book. His fans then proceeded to spam her Amazon page with insults and negative reviews. Why? Well, I’m not sure they could even explain why. They are driven by a blind, irrational hatred of Mike Pence. A hatred somehow even more pronounced than their hatred of Donald Trump.
A few more examples:
  • Joy Behar called Mike Pence “mentally ill” because he prays to Jesus.
  • A gay figure skater spent the entire Olympics ranting about Pence, even though Pence never said or did anything to him.
  • The actors in a Broadway play came out on stage after a performance and lectured Pence, who was simply sitting in the audience and had not been disruptive at all.
  • Gay rights militants harassed Mike Pence while he attended a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Georgia.
  • Jimmy Kimmel bragged that Hollywood makes gay movies in order to “upset Mike Pence.”
  • Over 80,000 people have donated to Planned Parenthood in Pence’s name.
  • Thousands of people spent days heaping scorn on Pence when they found out that he won’t go on lunch dates with women other than his wife.
And so on.
Pence has responded gracefully to these attacks, or not responded to them at all. He certainly hasn’t done anything to goad these people or encourage this constant barrage of mockery. But the Left can’t help itself. They just hate Mike Pence. They hate him with the fire of ten thousand suns. Why? Well, because he’s Christian. That is really the only reason.
It’s true that they don’t hate every “Christian.” In fact, many of the people on the Left who despise Mike Pence probably would claim to be Christian themselves. But the Christianity they find acceptable is the kind that finds everything they do acceptable. They hate the Christianity that preaches sexual morality. They hate the Christianity that condemns the slaughter of innocent babies. They hate the Christianity that believes every Christian ought to have the right to live according to his faith. They hate Christianity, in other words. The version of Christianity they prefer is not a version of Christianity at all, but a slightly Christianized version of secular humanism.
This is the simple fact. If you loathe only the sorts of Christians who believe that the homosexual act is a grave sin and abortion is an abomination, you loathe the religion itself. A religion without those teachings is a religion without Holy Scripture, because that is where those teachings originate. And a religion without Holy Scripture is nothing but a set of vague and ever-changing platitudes, and it bears absolutely no relation to the faith that Christ commissioned his disciples to go forth and preach.
I don’t know much about Mike Pence. I can’t speak to the earnestness of his religious convictions or the consistency with which he carries them out. Nobody can, aside from Pence himself and God Almighty. But I do know that the things about Pence which have attracted so much scorn and ridicule — his views on homosexuality and abortion, primarily — are 100-percent pure Christianity. You cannot be a Christian and hold a different view on these topics. And you cannot hate every Christian who holds those views without hating every real Christian in the world.
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