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Woman: Sex Researcher Kinsey ‘Paid my Father to Rape Me,’ WND Reports

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Table 32 recording child molestation "data" in Alfred Kinsey's "Sexual Behavior and the Human Male." Why didn't the U.S. media widely expose this horror when Kinsey's book was published in 1948?


Excerpted from today’s report in

Stunner! Kinsey paid my father to rape me

Subject of 1940s ‘research’ goes public with horrifi details of abuse by dad

By Brian Fitzpatrick
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

WASHINGTON – A victim of sexologist Alfred Kinsey’s “research” during the 1940s is coming forward with the stunning claim that her father was paid by Kinsey, universally regarded as the “father of the sexual revolution,” to rape her and then report to him on the attacks.

Nearly 70 years after being molested repeatedly by her own father, “Esther White” (a pseudonym) is speaking out in hope of prompting Congress to investigate the controversial research. White said she would be willing to testify in person on Capitol Hill if an investigation results in opening the Kinsey Institute files to public scrutiny.

“He was giving me orgasms and timing it with a stopwatch,” White told WND. “I didn’t like it, I went into convulsions, but he didn’t care. He said all little girls do this with their daddies, they just don’t talk about it.”

White was 7 when her father began abusing her.

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AFTAH Radio: Part Two of Interview with Robert Knight, Author of ‘Radical Rulers’

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Knight describes freedom-crushing effects of ENDA

Robert Knight

In Part Two of our interview with pro-family veteran Robert Knight, he discusses the reality of “sexual orientation” and the law — specifically, the potential of ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) to destroy freedom. Knight is a senior writer for Coral Ridge Ministries and the author of, among other works, “Radical Rulers: The White House Elites Who Are Pushing America Towards Socialism.”

Also in this interview (go HERE to listen to Part One), Knight discusses now-discredited sex researcher Alfred Kinsey, Obama’s effort to allow open homosexuals in the U.S. military, and Obama’s radical new appointee to the EEOC, lesbian Chai Feldblum.

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5-1-10, Robert Knight, All

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Kinsey Sex Interview Subjects Were ‘Sluts and Show-offs’

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Virgins had ‘nothing to report’ to perverted ‘sexologist’

alfred_kinsey_time_mag.gifAlfred Kinsey fooled a nation by seducing the media to promote his junk science as straight facts about Americans’ sex lives. Kinsey’s interview subjects were disproportionately involved in criminality, promiscuity and sexual deviance (he even took revolting “data” from a pedophile). Kinsey himself was a secret sexual masochist since his youth–who inserted foreign objects up his penis.

Linda Love writes AFTAH regarding our May 30 piece on Alfred Kinsey and sadomasochism (“Bestiality Porn for Sale: Depraved IML Practices Recall Alfred Kinsey’s Masochistic Perversions’s Deviant Heirs”):

FYI, My mother, Vivian Bowen, was a student of Alfred Kinsey at Indiana University during World War II. She told me many years ago that she believed Kinsey’s research was flawed. She said her fellow students would jokingly ask her if she had agreed to be interviewed about her sex life since she was one of the best looking women on campus. Of course, she didn’t. She was a virgin until she married and had nothing to report. She said it was only the sluts and show offs (what we would call exhibitionists) who came in for interviews!

Linda Love
“Tame the Media Tiger Instead of Becoming Its Lunch!” (c)2000-2008

Bestiality Porn for Sale: Depraved IML Practices Recall Alfred Kinsey’s Masochistic Perversions

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Bestiality,”scat,” barebacking porn videos part of IML scene

“They invent ways of doing evil.” (Book of Romans 1:30)

See article below


By Peter LaBarbera

The above is a photo of videos sold at one of the many pornographic booths at the International Mr. Leather 2008 convention, held in the Hyatt Regency Chicago Hotel (Patrick Donnelly, Gen. Man.: 312-565-1234) over the Memorial Day weekend. Click HERE to listen to an online CWA interview with this writer. (I walked through the IML “vendors market,” open to the public, in a lower-level conference room at the Hyatt, where I shot this photo. )

Note that we’ve covered up the pornographic images. The bestiality titles (e.g., “Goat Fever,” “Amateur Animal 1,” speak for themselves. “Scat,” according to one online (and sexually explicit) “Robert Scott’s Gay Slang Dictionary,” refers to “A gay male who gets sexual gratification from acts involving faeces.” That is, excrement, which to us at Americans For Truth is proof that Satan is alive and well in this world.

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