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Will Elena Kagan Be a Social ‘Leftist-for-Life’ on Supreme Court?

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010
The judicial confirmation process has become a spectacle almost as comical as one of Al Franken’s (D-MN) jokes. Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan was not grilled on whether she believes Americans have a First Amendment right to oppose homosexuality — i.e., whether their religious and moral liberties are overridden by “sexual orientation” laws.

“Kagan did not deny that her application of Harvard’s [‘sexual orientation’ nondiscrimination] policy would have excluded the Catholic Church.” —, reporting on Kagan’s confirmation hearing

By Peter LaBarbera

Solicitor General Elena Kagan has been confirmed by the Senate Judiciary Committee by a 13-6 vote — after hypocritically dodging and weaving her way through the farce that now masquerades as the judicial confirmation process. Sen. Lindsey Graham (SC) was the lone Republican to vote for her — despite the fact that South Carolina is conservative while Kagan is the ideological cousin of our elitist, far-left president. (Click HERE for the MassResistance report on Kagan’s pro-homosexual record at Harvard.)

Kagan’s future now rests with the Democrat-dominated Senate — where most pundits (betting on listless GOP opposition) expect her to win confirmation; the vote is expected to come in early August.

Americans now face the prospect of a radically pro-abortion and pro-homosexuality social Leftist-for-Life sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court, potentially  for 30 or more years. In just 105 days, on Election Day (Nov. 2), U.S. citizens will be able to cripple Barack Obama’s power — a day anticipated by millions of citizens outraged over his arrogant and reckless presidency. In two more years, Obama could be voted out of office a la Jimmy Carter.

Not so with Kagan. Unless Republicans summon up the guts to actually block her via filibuster (don’t bet on it), she likely will soon become Justice Kagan until she retires at an old age. There, if her past is any indication, one day she will vote to create a new “fundamental right” of “same-sex marriage” out of an “evolving” Constitution —  all the while protecting that old make-believe “constitutional right,” sacrosanct to liberals, of abortion-on-demand. (See this Omaha World-Herald story on Kagan’s manipulation of  expert testimony in the Clinton administration to fight legislative attempts to ban the gruesome practice of partial-birth abortion.)

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British Embassies Fly ‘Gay’ Rainbow Flag in Latvia, Poland

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

(Some) traditional nations targeted
Will America go the way of the Brits? Let’s hope not. Further confirming its status as a nation in decline, the British government is now brazenly pushing its decadent, secular version of sodomy- and abortion-based “human rights” on countries that possess a more traditional, religious view of sexual morality (e.g., Latvia and Poland below). Something tells us, however, that there will be no “rainbow flags” flying from U.K. Embassies in Muslim-dominated countries. Much easier to target small, Christian-oriented nations that are vulnerable to politically-correct European Union (EU) bullying. — Peter LaBarbera

P.S. We can’t let the homosexual activists steal the rainbow just like they stole the word “gay” and are trying to steal “equality” by applying it to counterfeit same-sex “marriage.”


The British homosexual website PinkNews reports:

Flying the Rainbow flag is a decision for individual British embassies

By Tony Grew, PinkNews, June 10, 2008

The sight of the international symbol of the gay community flying from British embassy buildings in Riga and Warsaw in past weeks has been widely praised as a symbol of the UK’s commitment to gay rights.

The Rainbow flag has been displayed twice, both times in EU nations that have banned gay events.

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Latvian MPs Challenge “Gross Interference” of EU Gay and Lesbian Group into Nation’s “Internal Affairs”

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

Conservative MPs protest attempts to silence critics of homosexual acts

latvia.gifFolks, we highly recommend, which is one of the world’s best pro-family news sites. You can sign up for their daily e-mail newsletter HERE. The article below (read it in full on LifesiteNews HERE) reveals how the European Union is pressuring independent nations into accepting its radical homosexualist agenda:

By Michael Baggot

RIGA, Latvia, June 3, 2008 ( – Following efforts from a European Parliament group to silence public disapproval of homosexual behavior, six conservative MPs from the Latvia First Party boldly challenged the “gross interference of a homosexual group of European Parliament members into Latvia’s internal affairs” in a recently released statement.

“Church representatives and other supporters of traditional family values stand against the forcing of the mistaken idea that homosexuality is normal upon society, against the legal equalisation of homosexual rights and the natural family model, and against the challenging demonstration of homosexuals and immoral and hooligan behaviours,” stated the six MPs.

The MPs’ remarks came in response to the European Parliament’s Intergroup on Gay and Lesbian Rights condemnation of an open letter from Archbishop of Riga Cardinal Janis Pujats and other Catholic priests opposing the legality of the May 31st pro-homosexuality Equality March.

The European group chided the Catholic clergy for “inflicting their prejudices on others.”

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