Breaking News: Doubletree Hotel in D.C. Plays Host to Homosexual ‘Pig Sex’ Orgy during Inaugural Weekend

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009

Hotel official says he is not aware of orgy planned for conference rooms

WARNING: Graphic descriptions of vile behaviors

mal_maneuvers_homosexual_sm.jpgWARNING: THESE REPULSIVE BEHAVIORS SHOULD NOT OCCUR IN PRIVATE, MUCH LESS IN CONFERENCE ROOMS AT A HOTEL USED BY THE PUBLIC:  At left are images from an e-mail put out by a homosexual sadomasochistic group — showing what it plans to have available at the Doubletree Hotel Washington (1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW, just blocks from the White House) this weekend for a “pig sex” orgy scheduled to begin late Saturday night. At top are “slings” to assist sodomitic acts; in the middle are “rim chairs” to facilitate a “gay” perversion known as “rimming” (oral-anal sodomy: one man lies on the floor with his face pointing up into the other man’s rear); at bottom are large wood crosses for flogging and other sadistic punishments. A Doubletree Washington staffer said he was unaware that the conference rooms rented to the homosexual group were to be used for sexual orgies. TAKE ACTION: call the Doubletree Hotel at 202-232-7000  or 800-492-5195 and urge them to cancel this twisted event, which poses a danger to public health. Leave a comment at Doubletree’s corporate feedback page. Also call Hilton Hotels — which owns Doubletree — at 310-278-4321 and urge Hilton to get out of the perversion business altogether by no longer booking homosexual “leather” events at all their hotels. Here’s Hilton’s online corporate PR page with e-mail links. At least one Hilton hotel, the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago, has a long history of enabling and profiting off of the hyper-promiscuous “leather” movement by hosting the annual sadomasochistic “International Mr. Leather” conference.


AFTAH Exclusive, by Peter LaBarbera

The swank Doubletree Hotel Washington in the nation’s capital, just blocks from the White House, is playing host to a sadomasochistic, homosexual “pig sex” orgy this weekend — days before Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day. But the hotel’s sales director says Doubletree knew nothing about the perversions planned for the event and that the sodomitic activities advertised by the organizers could not be held in the hotel’s conference rooms because it is a “public space.”

A source has provided Americans For Truth with a copy of a private e-mail intended only for “sex pigs” — sent out by a group called “Fort Troff” (as in pig troff). The e-mail touts the ultra-promiscuous “pig sex” event at Doubletree called “MAL Maneuvers” — for the purpose of pulling together “hard-core pig players” who want to “[F–K] [sodomize] our brains out.”

The “pig” orgy is being held in concert with the annual “Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend” (MAL) in D.C. — a three-day sadomasochistic celebration attended mostly by homosexual “leathermen.”

TAKE ACTION:  Normally, the locations of sadistic sex orgies are kept from the public, as such events have been canceled in the past when pro-family advocates discover they are occurring and expose the hosting hotel. We at Americans For Truth hope that happens in this case, and urge readers to call the Doubletree Hotel Washington in D.C., (1515 Rhode Island Ave. NW) to urge them to cancel this event that seemingly redefines wickedness. Call the Doubletree Washington Hotel at 202-232-7000 or 800-492-5195 and urge them to turn away this uber-perverse “pig sex” event beginning Saturday night; leave a comment at Doubletree’s corporate feedback page. And call Hilton Hotels in Los Angeles (which owns Doubletree) at 310-278-4321 and ask them to get out of the perversion business entirely by refusing to host similar SM gatherings. Here’s Hilton’s online corporate PR page with lots of e-mail links.

The Fort Troff “MAL Maneuvers” e-mail obtained by AFTAH reads in part:

We’ve now got a KILLER line up of DEMOS, including super skilled rope bondage, sounds play, and flogging. LIVE Music and Sound is gonna be provided by THE BLACK PARTY DJ Rich King. So you can suck, fist, rim, and [f–k] TO THE BEAT. 15 Slings, Piss Tubs, Rimming Stations, a Bondage Cross, and a Flogging Station.

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LISTEN ONLINE: Hyatt Regency Chicago Hosts ‘International Mr. Leather’ Perversion

Friday, May 30th, 2008

WARNING: Interview contains highly graphic content describing twisted behaviors; NOT for children iml-waterboys-covered-up-2007-06.JPG

Sadistic homosexual men attending an “International Mr. Leather” convention took over the Hyatt Regency Hotel (Patrick Donnelly, Gen. Man.: 312-565-1234) in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend. Click HERE to listen to the CWA online interview with Peter LaBarbera of AFTAH. LaBarbera reports that the most vile pornography videos imaginable, including bestiality porn, were on sale in abundance in a large conference room at the Hyatt Regency. Above is a (blocked out) photo from last year’s IML (held at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago) of the “Water Boys,” a group that advocates orgies involving men urinating on and in one another. At this year’s IML, the “Water Boys” advertised the “Biggest Piss Party on the Planet” in Palm Springs, CA July 11-13. Hard-core sodomitic pornographic videos depicting this and other depraved acts showed on screens throughout the Hyatt Regency ballroom hosting the IML venders’ market.

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