LISTEN ONLINE: Hyatt Regency Chicago Hosts ‘International Mr. Leather’ Perversion

WARNING: Interview contains highly graphic content describing twisted behaviors; NOT for children iml-waterboys-covered-up-2007-06.JPG

Sadistic homosexual men attending an “International Mr. Leather” convention took over the Hyatt Regency Hotel (Patrick Donnelly, Gen. Man.: 312-565-1234) in Chicago over the Memorial Day weekend. Click HERE to listen to the CWA online interview with Peter LaBarbera of AFTAH. LaBarbera reports that the most vile pornography videos imaginable, including bestiality porn, were on sale in abundance in a large conference room at the Hyatt Regency. Above is a (blocked out) photo from last year’s IML (held at the Palmer House Hilton in Chicago) of the “Water Boys,” a group that advocates orgies involving men urinating on and in one another. At this year’s IML, the “Water Boys” advertised the “Biggest Piss Party on the Planet” in Palm Springs, CA July 11-13. Hard-core sodomitic pornographic videos depicting this and other depraved acts showed on screens throughout the Hyatt Regency ballroom hosting the IML venders’ market.

CWA’s Matt Barber asks in the online interview: assuming that the men engaging in the above type of “pig sex” (as they call it) indulged in their twisted perversions in their hotel guest rooms, how does the Grand Hyatt staff clean up and disinfect the rooms afterwards? Would YOU want to stay in the same room where men engaged in satanic, depraved sodomitic orgies involving feces and urine? Call the Hyatt at 312-565-1234 to tell management that you, too, will never stay at this hotel; and also call the Palmer House Hilton (312-726-7500), host of last year’s IML (see 2007 photo-story HERE). Both hotels should pay a price for profiting off of sadistic and unhealthy perversions.

Concerned Women for America writes:

The Hyatt Regency Chicago just hosted three days of homosexual perversion featuring the open display of obscenity and debauchery in both their ballrooms and guest suites. Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues spoke with Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, who documented activities on site. Both say that potential guests need to voice their disapproval of Hyatt hosting and profiting from such an event. They also want to know what Hyatt does to protect the rights and health of their workers during such events as well as sanitizing afterwards. Listen | Download

The number for the Hyatt Regency Chicago (Patrick Donnelly, Gen. Man.) is 312-565-1234.

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN ONLINE. CWA’s Barber asked two questions on the program:

  1. “Why is the Hyatt Regency facilitating this kind of immorality and debauchery?”; and
  2. “What are they doing to disinfect these rooms to ensure the safety of future guests … and hotel workers … who have to clean up this stuff?”

Stay tuned on Americans For Truth’s website for more posts and photos of this evil homosexual event.

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