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Philadelphia ‘Gay Pride’ Parade and Festival Attended by Many Children Feature Lewd Acts, Porn Booth, Sadomasochists

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

WARNING: Offensive Images Inappropriate for Children

By Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH Exclusive

Out-and-proud gender confusion on display for the kiddos. Drag queen marches in “Philly Pride” parade. Click on all photos to view enlarged.

The following are some photos taken at Philadelphia’s homosexual (“Gay”) Pride Parade and “PrideDay” festival Sunday, June 10, 2012, by this reporter for Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH). The Philly parade and the festival at Penn’s Landing that followed it were small compared to much larger homosexual “pride” parades and festivals in cities like Chicago and San Francisco — but both events were attended by many young children. I witnessed dozens of children from the very young to teenagers marching in the parade and there were also many observing it from the side streets.

Perhaps even some of AFTAH’s homosexual critics would admit that the scenes depicted below are not appropriate for children. Yet more than ever, in major cities across the country, children are a common sight at “gay pride” parades and festivals — as “proud” homosexual parents bring their children to these libidinous celebrations of sexual sin and gender confusion. [Permission is granted to use any photo provided that credit is given to “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality; www.americansfortruth.org.” Direct questions to: americansfortruth@gmail.com.]

We have blocked the eyes of all the young children shown in our photos; click on photos to view in enlarged format:

Sadomasochist man in a gown of sorts marches along 7th Street in Philadelphia carrying “Leather Pride” black-and-blue flag. The man to his left is carrying a “Bear Pride” flag. “Bear” is slang for heavier, hairy homosexual men.

Would you even consider taking YOUR children to a parade where behavior like this occurs — and worse, letting them march in it? These go-go boys were grinding against each other on the top of a float:

Go-go boys grind to the music on a float in the Philly homosexual “Pride” parade. Young children both participated in the same parade and watched it from the side streets.

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Homosexual Marine Kisses ‘Gay’ Male Lover at Family Homecoming Celebration

Monday, March 5th, 2012

We’ve slightly blocked this indecent photo of a homosexual Marine, Sgt. Brandon Morgan, kissing his male lover (Dalan Wells) during a homecoming celebration at a Marine base in Hawaii. [See an NPR puff-piece on the twisted kiss HERE.] Morgan looks forward to the day when such homosexual greetings “become the norm” (although he regrets the leg wrap). LGBT activists and pro-homosexuality liberals consider this “progressive,” but truly it represents the moral decline of America, which — as someone smart (not de Tocqueville) once said — will cease to be good if it ceases to be great. (And please don’t pretend that this is no worse than some inappropriate heterosexual “Public Display of Affection.”)

Homosexual conduct is the opposite of good. It is unnatural and a sin against God, who lovingly established boundaries for mankind. Now, military moms and dads and relatives who bring their children to homecomings will be forced to explain this disgusting homosexual misbehavior to their kids. (Note the young child at the right in this photo.) How tragic it is that due to media bias and political correctness, President Obama’s homosexualization of the American military has hardly been an issue in this year’s presidential primary. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org

Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan kisses and wraps his legs around his homosexual lover, Dalan Wells, reportedly at homecoming for families at a Marine base in Hawaii. Note the young boy standing nearby, circled here in yellow. We have blocked the same-sex kiss for the sake of decency. Morgan says he looks forward to the day when homosexual greetings on bases don't make news and "become the norm." We hope he is wrong, for only a decaying society pretends that homosexual relationships are morally equivalent to normal, male-female couples.

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