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Speaker Pelosi Refuses to Denounce Hateful, Anti-Christian Folsom Street Fair Ad

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

nancy_pelosi.jpg The raunchy, nudity-filled Folsom Street Fair occurs every year in San Francisco, which is in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) Eighth Congressional District.

The following news release was issued September 28 by Concerned Women for America. the statement by the Speaker’s press secretary was given to the Bay Area Reporter, a homosexual newspaper:

Pelosi Refuses to Denounce Hateful, Anti-Christian Ad

Washington, D.C. — Concerned Women for America (CWA) broke the story on Tuesday about an anti-Christian promotional advertisement put together by organizers of San Francisco’s partially taxpayer-funded and hedonistic Folsom Street Fair–sponsored by Miller Brewing, Co.– which will take place this Sunday. More than 400,000 people are expected to attend. The ad replaces Christ and his Disciples with homosexual sadomasochists in a twisted portrayal of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper.

“As if the ad itself isn’t offensive enough,” said Matt Barber, CWA’s Policy Director for Cultural Issues, “we have photographic evidence that the San Francisco government suspends indecency and child abuse laws for a day, allowing fair goers to parade the streets of San Francisco fully nude, engaging in illegal public sex while taxpayer-funded police stand by and do nothing. Children are allowed to – and do – attend this event and are exposed to this activity, which is illegal child abuse. We’re a nation of laws, and we’re calling on Mayor Gavin Newsom to enforce the law and for San Francisco police to arrest lawbreakers on Sunday.”

“Furthermore,” continued Barber [who is a Board Member of Americans For Truth], “on Tuesday we requested that California’s elected officials, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, publicly condemn this anti-Christian, anti-Catholic ad. Instead, Nancy Pelosi responded to our request with a condescending and dismissive quip.”

Media are reporting that Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s press secretary, responded to CWA’s request by saying, “As a Catholic, the speaker is confident that Christianity has not been harmed.”

Pelosi, who is a major supporter of the “gay” lifestyle, will be receiving an award from the radical homosexual group, Human Rights Campaign, on October 6th.

(Click Here to View “Gay” Last Supper Advertisement)

‘San Francisco Values’ on Display as Open Sex Acts and Nudity Are Common at ‘Folsom Street Fair’

Monday, October 1st, 2007

bottom4jesus.jpg “Novitiate” Sister of Perpetual Indulgence “Sister Bambi Dextrous” wears a “Bottom for Jesus” shirt at the perverse ’Folsom Street Fair’ in San Francisco Sunday. Referring to the dominant and submissive positions in homosexual sodomy, he said he usually “tops,” but that he “bottoms for Him” (Jesus). As they do every year, the Christianity-mocking “Sisters” welcomed Folsom Street Fair attendees at the various entrances to the Folsom Street Fair and were a major financial beneficiary of it.


By Peter LaBarbera and Allyson Smith

SAN FRANCISCO — Hundreds of men yesterday bared their genitals and some engaged in open sex acts and orgies on city streets, as police stood by and did nothing, at the “Folsom Street Fair,” an annual celebration of sadomasochism. 

These two reporters for Americans For Truth videotaped and photographed open sex acts on city streets — including orgies involving men fondling and sometimes fellating one another, as crowds looked on and took photos at this celebration of “kink” that reportedly drews over 200,000 visitors. The relatively small number of police present took a “hands off” approach toward the sadistic “fair” – and did not stop the public sex and nudity.

One police officers agreed with us that public indecency laws “apparently” were not being enforced at the Fair – saying that it is expected every year that this is what will be seen at Folsom.

The Folsom event has received more attention than usual this year after Concerned Women for America exposed Folsom’s promotional artwork — a sadistic mockery of Da Vinci’s Last Supper painting, with fetishists and “leathermen” replacing Jesus and his 12 disciples, and sex toys sitting atop the table. After protests from the Catholic League, Miller Brewing asked that its logo not be used on the “Last Supper” promotional poster, but it continued to sponsor the event.

The following were witnessed and filmed by these Americans For Truth observers at the Folsom Street Fair yesterday — with no arrests or police action taken despite their occurrence on crowded public city streets:

  • (Mostly older) men walking down the street completely naked, and posing for photos;
  • Men masturbating themselves in public, sometimes with a crowd gathering to watch;
  • Male group orgies in which men masturbated other men, or stimulated them orally (fellatio) on the streets as hundreds of people either watched or passed by;
  • Men and women whipping and beating each other with floggers, causing red welts;
  • “Master-slave” couples, both heterosexual and homosexual; 
  • Women walking with their breasts exposed;
  • Fetishists such as “pony-play” (people dressed as horses) and “puppy play” (people dressed as dogs);
  • People posing for pictures with public exhibitionists

A full photo report will follow.


San Diego Talker Rick Roberts Discusses Folsom Depravities with Matt Barber

Saturday, September 29th, 2007

Click HERE to listen to San Diego talk show host Rick Robert’s (KFMB-AM) Sept. 26 interview with Concerned Women for America’s Matt Barber about the upcoming Folsom Street Fair, which will take place in all its grossness tomorrow.

Catholic League Calls for Boycott of ‘Arrogant’ Miller Beer for Funding Folsom Street Fair and Anti-Catholic ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

miller_logo_leather.jpg Miller Brewing Company has been catering to the perverted sadistic sex movement for years; here they’ve created a ”leather” version of their “Miller Lite” logo for use at largely homosexual “S&M” events.

Americans For Truth alerted the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and its director, Bill Donohue, to the Folsom Street Fair’s annual funding of the anti-Christian and Catholic-mocking ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,’ and the now the Catholic League has launched a boycott of Folsom sponsor Miller Brewing Company.

The following statement was issued Wednesday by Donohue and the Catholic League emphasis added):

September 27, 2007

National Boycott of Miller Begins; over 200 Religious Groups Contacted  

Catholic League president Bill Donohue announced a national boycott of Miller Beer on this morning’s “Fox and Friends.” He explains why today:

Never have we experienced greater corporate arrogance than in this dispute with the Miller Brewing Company. Miller is sponsoring an incredibly outrageous and palpably anti-Christian event in San Francisco: the Folsom Street Fair (see its website at and be prepared to see the shocking photos of what goes on). Be sure to access our website at to see the pictures not only of the fair, but of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an anti-Catholic group that is holding a mock Last Supper dinner tonight in San Francisco. The Sisters is one of the organizations that is receiving funding from this Miller-sponsored event.

“This all started when we learned that Miller was sponsoring an event that featured an obscene ad thrashing the Last Supper. After being pressured, Miller offered a lame statement of regret and said it was pulling its logo from the ad. Not only has it not done so—it is still posted on the website of the street fair—Miller refuses to withdraw its sponsorship. To top it off, when we informed them that some of the money being raised at this festival was being funneled to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, they were unimpressed.

“Accordingly, Miller leaves us with no options: we are calling on more than 200 Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu organizations to join with us in a nationwide boycott of Miller beer. We feel confident that once our religious allies kick in, and once the public sees the photos of an event Miller is proudly supporting, the Milwaukee brewery will come to its senses and pull its sponsorship altogether. If it doesn’t, the only winners will be Anheuser Busch and Coors.”

Contact: Miller spokesman Julian Green at

Catholic League Takes on Miller Brewing Company over Sponsorship of Folsom and its Bigoted ‘Sisters’

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Americans For Truth alerted the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights and its director, Bill Donohue, to the Folsom Street Fair’s annual funding of the anti-Christian and Catholic-mocking ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence,’ and the now the Catholic League has launched a boycott of Folsom sponsor Miller Brewing Company.

The following statement was issued Wednesday by Donohue and the Catholic League emphasis added):

It Really Is “Miller Time”: Collision Course between Miller and Christians

September 26, 2007

Yesterday [Tuesday], we contacted the Miller Brewing Company protesting an obscene ad for an event it is sponsoring in San Francisco on September 30; the ad for the Folsom Street Fair depicts a sadomasochistic scene where sex toys are placed on the table of the Last Supper, flanked by half-naked homosexuals. Miller now says, “We understand some individuals may find the imagery offensive and we have asked the organizers to remove our logo from the poster effective immediately.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responded this way:

“Miller’s response (some might find mocking the Last Supper offensive?), while limp, would normally have been enough to get us off their back. But we have subsequently learned that some of the monies being raised at this event are being funneled to a notoriously anti-Catholic and misogynist group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (click here). After this development was brought to the attention of Miller, spokesman Julian Green responded that Miller was standing by the event. That’s fine with us. We just hope he knows that it really is ‘Miller Time.’

“Tomorrow night, the group that Miller is funding via the festival will hold ‘The Last Supper With the Sisters,’ an event that will ridicule this sacred moment in history. Indeed, on its website it describes this sick stunt as the best way ‘to prepare your mortal flesh for the kinkiest weekend on Earth.’ (Its emphasis.)  On Friday, the Sisters will bring in porn stars to entertain the leather crowd. The big day is on Sunday, or what the Sisters call ‘the biggest and baddest fetish fair fundraiser in the world!’ Pictures from last year’s event (click here) show naked men and women, simulated sex, a huge phallic glass sculpture, etc.

“Apparently, Miller has decided to side with a small band of depraved and bigoted gays against Catholics (25 percent of the population) and Protestants (60 percent of the nation). This is an ethical and marketing fiasco of colossal proportions. I will announce within the next day exactly what our game plan will be. The collision course that Miller wants with Christians is now on.”

Miller-Sponsored ‘Folsom Street Fair’ Funds Anti-Catholic ‘Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence’

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007


The Catholic-nun- and Christianity-mocking Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence — whose adherents sport names like “Sister Porn Again” and “Sister Roz Erection”– works closely with and benefits from the sadism-celebrating ”Folsom Street Fair” in San Francisco. Folsom organizers list “The Sisters” as among the ”major beneficiaries” of the event, which has drawn national attention due to its promotional poster spoofing Christ’s Last Supper.

By Peter LaBarbera 

The sadism-celebrating Folsom Street Fair, to be held in San Francisco this weekend, lists the Catholic-mocking “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” as a “Major Beneficiary” of the event.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence [Warning: very offensive content] is a band of homosexual drag queens who dress up as gaudy “nuns,” with each adopting a perverted or mocking names such as: Sister Porn Again; Sister Chastity Boner; Sister Sister Edith Myflesh; Sister Roz Erection; Sister Constance Craving of the Holey Desire; and Sister Risqué of the Sissytine Chapel.

“The Sisters” is a 501(c)3 tax-deductible non-profit charity recognized by the IRS (this designation has been contested by the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights). On its website is this logo twisting the words of Jesus Christ: “Go forth and sin some more!”

Despite such open anti-religious mockery, in San Francisco “the Sisters” is viewed — at least in liberal and “gay” circles – as a legitimate “charity” group, raising funds for various causes in the city, mostly AIDS-related. Here is the Folsom Street Fair program’s entry under “Major Beneficiaries” for “the Sisters”:

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc., is a leading-edge Order of queer nuns. Since Easter weekend in 1979, they have been accused of “ruining it for everyone” with their injection of gaiety into serious affairs like human rights, political activism and religious intolerance. The Sisters’ mission is to “ruin” all detrimental conditions like complacency, guilt, and the inability to laugh at one’s self.

According to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence website, the group has a long and close working relationship with the perverse Folsom Street Fair:

1992…The Sisters start one of the sexiest alliances by working at the Folsom Street Fair and Up Your Alley Fair helping the organizers by acting as door divas for one California’s largest events and probably the worlds largest fetish event. Folsom Street Fair attracts thousands of participants and raises thousands for charity in the process.

While celebrating Folsom, “the Sisters” takes a belligerent approach toward Bible-believers and pro-family groups. Last year, the group led an angry counter-protest against “Battlecry!,” a peaceful Christian teen ministry, when the latter came to San Francisco to hold a Gospel rally. See this neat YouTube video produced by a Battlecry attendee.

Folsom Funds ‘The Sisters’

A welcoming letter in the Folsom Street Fair program for this year’s event discusses this year’s beneficiaries, including “The Sisters,” as well as the fair’s sponsors — which includes Miller Brewing Company, which has now requested that its “Miller Lite” logo be removed from the promotional poster, but which has not backed off its sponsorship  — and several sex- and perversion-related businesses: 

In 2006, thanks to the record-breaking support from fair-goers and our sponsors, Folsom Street Events donated $301,512 back to local charities, far exceeding our community grants goal. This year, we hope to surpass that mark – but we’ll need your help to do it. 100% of our gate donations go to charity along with the profits from our beverage sales, exhibitor booths, and generous sponsors. Our 2007 benefiting nonprofits include AIDS Emergency Fund, Berkeley Free Clinic, Black Rock Arts Foundation, Dolores Street Community Services, Frameline, GLBT Historical Society, Healing Waters, Lyon-Martin Health Services, Pets Are Wonderful Support, Positive Resource Center, San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, STOP AIDS Project, Tenderloin Health, Transgender Law Center, and Triangle Martial Arts Association. Please donate generously!


Generous support from our sponsors makes Folsom Street Fair possible. Presenting Sponsors include Miller Lite and MGD, NakedSword, and TitanMen. Premier Sponsors include RECON, Hot House Entertainment, Elbow Grease, Mr. S Leather and Maximus Vodka. Charter Sponsors include Steamworks [a homosexual bathhouse in next-door Berkeley],, Blow Buddies [a San Francisco homosexual sex club], DungeonBeds, Leatherpost, Powerhouse, and Joie de Vivre Hospitality. Media Sponsors include GLOS, LIVE 105, San Francisco Bay Guardian, and IN LA Magazine. Grants for the Arts and San Francisco Department of the Environment both support us as well.

Peter Jones: Are We Goin’ to San Francisco?

Saturday, August 18th, 2007

By Dr. Peter Jones

Published by CWIPP, Christian Witness to a Pagan Planet

In 1974, when I left the States to teach in “godless” France, the cultural revolution was a Left coast/San Fran’ phenom’, and America was still “Christian.” When I returned in 1991, I was in for culture shock, but still never imagined what lay ahead.

One man warned us. In 1978, Pastor Charles Mcllhenny recorded his experiences after his church fired a homosexual organist (When the Wicked Seize a City). Church property was repeatedly vandalized and his family almost killed by a firebomb. “Law enforcement” never found the culprits. Mcllhenny used San Francisco as a striking example of what America might become. Are we “goin’ to San Francisco?” as the 60s hit song asked?

Read the rest of this article »

Protest Most Holy Redeemer Marching in Shameful San Fran ‘Gay Pride’ Parade

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

By Allyson Smith 

Dear Friends,

The notorious pro-homosexual parish of Most Holy Redeemer did it again this year: It marched in the San Francisco “gay shame” parade. And thus far no public statement has been issued by San Francisco archbishop George Neideraurer or the archdiocese condemning MHR’s participation and promising to put a stop to their abominable participation.

Watch the following video clips, from the QDomine website, of Most Holy Redeemer marching in the debauched spectacle, and then contact the offices below to voice your outrage. Demand immediate, public disciplinary action and a commitment by Archbishop Neideraurer to put a stop to MHR’s homosexual-affirming antics.  — Allyson

Write to Archbishop Niederauer at

Please cc the following people on your email to the Archbishop:

Auxiliary Bishop Ignatius Wang at
The Archbishop’s secretary at
The editor of Catholic San Francisco at
Communications Director at the Archdiocese of San Francisco at

Or write to:

The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco
One Peter Yorke Way
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 614-5500

His Excellency The Most Reverend Pietro Sambi
The Apostolic Nuncio to the United States
The Apostolic Nunciature
3339 Massachusetts Ave., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008-3687
phone: 202-333-7121
fax:     202-337-4036

Cardinal William J. Levada
The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
[Secretary: Most Rev. Archbishop Angelo Amato, S.D.B.]
Piazza del S. Uffizio 11
00l93 Rome, Italy

Allyson Smith is a writer for Americans For Truth, based in San Diego.

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