WorldNetDaily Features Americans For Truth in Assailing Media Bias on Lesbian Gang Story

Today’s WorldNetDaily features extended comments from Americans For Truth’s Peter LaBarbera in a story on the lesbian school gang phenomenon — which strangely has yet to become a national media story:

Payback for exposé on ‘dyke’ gang rapes
Homosexual activists attack revelations of lesbian assaults

By Bob Unruh
© 2007, posted July 9, 2007

Two news stories about hundreds of lesbian gangs across the nation attacking and raping young girls in schools and other public locations have prompted a backlash against the reporters by members of the homosexual community.

The broadcasts by Memphis television station WPTY and Fox News host Bill O’Reilly quoted law enforcement authorities, victims, and even some gang members to document the growing number of attacks on young girls by lesbian gang members.

“The Eyewitness News Everywhere” report in Memphis documented incidents of gangs known as GTOs, or “Gays” Taking Over, attacking schoolgirls. Two prison inmates affiliated with the gang told the station they had begun meeting to offer each other support, but a younger generation of members had taken their group over for violence and rape.

Rod Wheeler, who has experience as a police detective, told O’Reilly of a “national underground network” of lesbians and some men “recruiting kids as young as 10 years old in a lot of the schools in the communities all across the country.”

Some of the children, Wheeler said, “have actually reported that they were actually forced into, you know, performing sex acts and doing sex acts with some of these people.”

On the Memphis report, Deputy Beverly Cobb of the Shelby County Gang Unit said lesbian gang members “will sodomize [with sex toys] and will force [young schoolgirls] to do all sexual acts. They are forcing themselves on our young girls in all our schools.”

The report included a long list of Memphis-area schools where such incidents were documented….

“There is a serious professional ethic at stake: Are we going to be bullied by powerful special interest groups into distorting the news and covering up key information,” [LaBarbera] asked.

“Here’s a lesbian gang story obviously affecting inner city schools. If there were any justice in the media this would be huge. There would be investigations kicking in,” he said.

“This is really Orwellian. We’ve got gayspeak words,” LaBarbera said.

“Here you have girls being raped by other girls, and somehow GLAAD manages to turn the homosexual lobby into the victims,” he said.

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