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Florida Marriage Amendment Passes by 62 Percent Despite Being Outspent 3 to 1

Thursday, November 13th, 2008

The following report was sent by John Stemberger, chairman of Florida’s “” marriage protection amendment that passed by over 62 percent in the state. Congratulations to everyone in Florida and outside of Florida who contributed to this victory — but especially to John Stemberger for his stellar leadership. — Peter LaBarbera


A Special Report:

Passage of the Florida Marriage Protection Amendment: the Triumph of the Common Man over Cultural Elites

Dear Friend,

We did it — You did it — And ultimately God did it!  After four long years of hard work and some rather stunning opposition along the way, the Florida Marriage Protection Act is now a permanent part of the Florida Constitution under Article I, Section 27.  This is simply a remarkable and historical victory.  Well over four and a half million Floridians comprising 62.1% of the electorate voted for the common sense idea that marriage will remain between one man and one woman.

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Florida Media Speculate on Gov. Charlie Crist’s (Bi?)Sexuality

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

charlie_crist.jpg There has been ample speculation in the alternative press that Florida Governor Charlie Crist is homosexual or bisexual.

By Peter LaBarbera

Here we go again, everyone. Can both sides of the homosexuality debate agree that it is incumbent on political candidates to be completely open and honest about their involvement in homosexual behavior — or any sexual misconduct? We understand that homosexual activists and many social liberals do not view homo-sexual behavior as misconduct, but many voters do, and even those in the middle on this issue have a right to know what their representative is up to and what biases he holds. Too many politicians with a homosexual problem are hiding this “special interest” from the voters; they should run as openly homosexual Republicans (or Democrats) so we can avoid post-election surprises like the pathetic Gov. Jim (“I’m a gay American”) McGreevey scandal in New Jersey.

We will need another column to discuss the new, post-Mark Foley politics and media ethics surrounding “outing.” Suffice it to say that such “outings” are usually done (or forced) only when they suit pro-“gay” interests — putting pressure (unbeknownst to the voters) on pols who are publicly conservative yet privately homo/bi-sexual. The message is clear: if you don’t want to be “outed,” stop opposing the “gay” agenda. I was told as much by homosexual “outing” activist Mike Rogers, who said he is not interested in “outing” politicians whose politics are pro-homosexual.

Enter Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a popular Republican who is reportedly under serious consideration for the party’s vice-presidential nod. Based on what’s already out there, if Crist were to be chosen, it would only be a matter of days — make that hours — before there would be national political and media speculation about his “sexual orientation.” You won’t believe the amount that’s already been written and discussed in the media about Crist’s sexuality and related issues in the homosexual and liberal press (see links below).

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The Story Stalls Here: Media Ignores Naugle on Broward County-AIDS Connection

Friday, August 31st, 2007


The Story Stalls Here
By Robert Knight
Thursday, August 30, 2007

As Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho) was figuratively dragged out of the restroom and into the spotlight this week, the media have been ignoring another compelling story about sex in public toilets.

Fort Lauderdale’s Democratic mayor, Jim Naugle, has incurred the wrath of homosexual activists for publicly addressing the problem of men having sex in public places. 

It all came to a head, so to speak, in July, when the mayor backed an idea that would frustrate the thrill seekers: switching to automated stalls.  Automated stalls make it difficult for trolling swingers to hook up, and they protect small boys from walking in on lewd behavior

The reaction was brutal.  The local South Florida Sun-Sentinel ran a piece effectively accusing Naugle of gay-bashing.  Predictably, the “gay community” came out of the woodwork, attacking the mayor as “homophobic,” “bigoted” and full of “hate.”  Critics said Naugle was undermining Broward County’s carefully cultivated reputation as a “gay-friendly” vacation destination.

Responding to the media-fed flood of criticism, the mayor, like so many pols before him, announced that he would apologize at a press conference on July 24.  The local press gathered, notebooks ready and cameras rolling, to enjoy the latest example of self-immolation on the pyre of political correctness.

Naugle delivered an apology all right, but not the expected groveling before the rainbow flag.  Instead, he apologized to “the children and parents of our community” for not being informed about “how serious the problem was of sexual activity that’s taking place in bathrooms and public parks.” Then he made a shocking assertion: that Broward County leads the nation in new AIDS cases

Say what? Did he just do what we think he did? How many Americans do you suppose would have found this interesting: a newsy city’s mayor under siege who, instead of kowtowing, comes out fighting and even raises the stakes? 

National press coverage of the Naugle saga has been skimpy.  CNN finally covered the story on August 6.  In a news segment of 5 minutes, 10 seconds, CNN gave Naugle a total of 35 seconds to speak. Reporter Susan Candiotti noted Naugle’s explosive claim that Broward has “a record increase of new AIDS cases in the county, the highest in the nation,” but she didn’t explore the significance of the statistics.

Here’s what Candiotti ignored:  According to the Broward County Health Department, AIDS Surveillance data, in 2006, 70.2 percent of new HIV cases involved men having sex with men (MSM) and another 2.8 percent involved MSM who inject drugs intravenously, for a total of 73 percent.

On August 13, CNN gave the story another 5 minutes, 12 seconds. Anchor Rick Sanchez affected a skeptical, aggressive tone, but to his credit, Sanchez gave Naugle time to make his case.  Sanchez showed no interest in the public health concerns. ….

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Get Taxpayers Out of the Homosexual Tourism Business: Chicago’s ‘Market Days’ Promotes ‘Gay’ Promiscuity

Tuesday, August 28th, 2007


Steamworks, a 24/7 homosexual bathhouse — where men go for anonymous sex with other men — in the heart of Chicago’s homosexual Boystown neighborhood, had a booth at the city’s 2005 “Market Days” street fair. The fair was promoted by Illinois’ tourism agency. Other booths at the event hawked “gay” porn and an anti-traditional-Catholic homosexual organization. More photos at: Illinois Family Institute’s website.

By Peter LaBarbera 

We missed Chicago’s “Market Days” earlier this month in the city’s homosexual neighborhood of Boystown. So will have to rely on an account I wrote in 2005 for the Illinois Family Institute to illustrate the perils of using taxpayer dollars to promote homosexual tourism.

When states like Florida and cities like Chicago promote “gay” tourism, invariably they promote (mostly male) homosexual sexual promiscuity and anti-Christian homosexual activism — such as the counterfeit Catholic homosexual group ‘Dignity Chicago,’ which had a booth at Market Days, as shown in the IFI story. 

Where else but a homosexually-oriented street fair would you see a bathhouse sponsor a booth in which people (presumably including children) lined up to play “Skeeball”; a booth right on the street hawking hundreds of “gay” porn videos; a sadistic sex store table featuring to its own life-sized wax dummy — a fat, hooded “leatherman” standing in a cage; a heretical “gay Catholic” booth — and a “health” group passing out booklets informing teenaged “boyz” that “BEING QUEER is something SPECIAL. Something to CELEBRATE”?

All that and more was found at the 2005 Chicago “Market days.” Yep, sounds like a great use of tax dollars to me.

The truth is, “gay” tourism — and homosexual events sponsored by major corporations — are unlike most other special interest promotions because they celebrate sexual immorality. Pushing the sexual (and now gender) envelope is part and parcel of the modern “GLBT” movement.

Mayor Naugle is right

Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle is urging his state’s tourism officials to stop promoting homosexual bathhouses — 24/7 walk-in sex clubs where men go for anonymous sodomitic encounters with other men — as a way to reduce HIV infections (apparently, at his urging, Florida is now going to remove the bathhouses from their “gay”-oriented travel guides). He is right. But the larger problem with governments promoting “gay” tourism is that it puts the average citizen in the position of financing — and, thus, in a way, condoning — homosexual lifestyles. Governments act on behalf of citizens.

For Americans and politicians who worship at the shrine of the Almighty Dollar, sponsoring homosexuality-oriented events is not a  problem. “Gay” dollars are green, not lavender, and broke cities need cash, while local businesses benefit, they say. But I suspect that most taxpayers would not want to subsidize and celebrate pro-homosexuality events with their hard-earned dollars.

So let the private sector finance these dubious festivals — and the sex-filled “gay” tourism industry — on their own dime. Moral-minded and fiscally prudent taxpayers want out of the homosexuality promotion business.


Drug-Heavy Gay ‘Circuit Parties’ as HIV/AIDS Fundraisers? The White Party in Miami

Monday, August 27th, 2007

white_party_week_graphic.bmp  At right is an online ad for the annual hedonistic “White Party” in Miami, Nov. 21-26, that appeared on a popular homosexual news site.

By Peter LaBarbera 

Now here’s a curious concept: promote all-night, all-weekend, orgiastic dance parties featuring rampant drug and alcohol use — which fuel risky, unnatural homosexual sex by people under the influence — as “HIV/AIDS Fundraisers” (see ad at right).

That’s sort of like raising funds for abstinence education at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion. Only in the surreal “gay” world — which is rarely held accountable by ‘mainstream’ media — would this be allowed to thrive.

A few homosexual writers like Michelangelo Signorile and academics alike have described what goes on at “circuit parties” such as the annual “White Party Week” in Miami, scheduled for Nov. 21-26. Signorile has crusaded for AIDS groups to end their affiliation with the circuit bashes — which are a study in an of themselves of the hedonistic homosexual male subculture.

And yet, the “AIDS prevention”-circuit party linkage continues: proceeds from the White Party go to Care Resources, “South Florida’s oldest and largest HIV/AIDS service organization,” according to the White Party website.

Crystal meth and condomless sodomy 

Here’s a description of “circuit parties” by two researchers from that bastion of homophobia, Northwestern University, as reported by NARTH (National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality):

The authors describe circuit parties as weekend-long erotically charged “drug-prevalent dance events attended by up to 25,000 self-identified gay and bisexual men who socialize and dance nonstop, sometimes for 24 hours or longer.”

NARTH’s summary of the Northwestern researchers’ paper continues (emphasis added):

Ghaziani and Cook state that circuit parties originally began as AIDS awareness events in the mid-80s, but, “Although it is unconfirmed, circuit parties may have ironically become potential sites for HIV serotransmission.” They maintain that the idea of a link between circuit parties and HIV transmission is “not unfounded, even if it remains speculative.”

They note that as many as 25% of the circuit party attendees admit they are HIV positive and use crystal meth as well as ecstasy in risky sexual behaviors.

Most circuit party attendees (95%) admit using psychoactive drugs. Of these, 61% ingested three or more drugs in one night. In addition, 67% reported engaging in anal or oral sex. Only 21% reported engaging in “safe anal sex.” Twenty-nine percent had multiple sex partners during a weekend. Of these, 47% reported unprotected anal intercourse (UAI).

Reasons for attending circuit parties varied with 97% saying they wanted to attend to “celebrate and have fun”; 68% wanted “to be wild and uninhibited”; 43% said they wanted sex; and 14% wanted to “forget about HIV/AIDS.”

The authors noted that the use of crystal meth at circuit parties is at epidemic proportions.  

Yikes. Why isn’t our our taxpayer-funded CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) condemning these drug-infested perversion parties — or at least assailing their being marketed as AIDS fundraisers? Why isn’t our federal government moving aggressively to expose this farce — just as it it did with cigarette companies that used cartoons to market to young people? 

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Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Naugle Asks Florida Tourism Officials to Stop Promoting ‘Gay’ Bathhouses

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007

naugle_photo_2.jpg Ft. Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle held yet another extraordinary press conference Tuesday, in which he called on the Florida tourism officials to stop promoting homosexual bathhouses — places where men go for anonymous sex with other men — as part of their marketing to homosexuals. 

You can watch portions of Mayor Naugle’s statement on the Sun-Sentinel website (click on the main video). On the same website — go to the third video on the right: “Mayor Naugle’s latest press conference turns heated” — you can watch another video in which homosexual activist Michael Rajner of the Campaign to End AIDS begins yelling to drown out the comments of pro-family activist Janet Folger. For more on Rajner’s ugly, intolerant antics, see our story HERE.

Of course, Rajner’s was rewarded for his anti-First Amendment bullying by being given his own one-on-one web interview by the Sun-Sentinel! (Click the second video, innocuously titled, “Reaction to Mayor Naugle’s press conference.”)

Not surprisingly, the Sun-Sentinel appears to be trying to belittle Naugle’s claim that public sex and reckless, homosexual sex-club activity is a serious public health problem. However, our story, “Homosexual Male ‘Cruising’ Site Lists 13 Pages of Anonymous Sex ‘Hook-up’ Locations in Ft. Lauderdale Area Alone” — which lists two 24/7 “gay” bathhouses operating in the city — makes clear that there is a real network of organized promiscuity (WARNING: HIGHLY OFFENSIVE MATERIAL). 

The following are excerpts of the Sun-Sentinel story — which does not mention bathhouses at all:

Mayor Naugle, other speakers attack gay sex

By Brittany Wallman |
7:46 PM EDT, August 21, 2007

FORT LAUDERDALE – Mayor Jim Naugle and several religious leaders held a news conference Tuesday to draw attention to what they described as the moral and health risks of gay sex.

Naugle is at the center of a political war between gays and religious conservatives that started earlier this summer when he said public bathrooms in Fort Lauderdale are plagued by gay men cruising for sex and said he uses the term “homosexual” because “most of them aren’t gay. They’re unhappy.”

At a news conference in front of City Hall on Tuesday, Naugle and other speakers called on gays to end promiscuous sex in order to stem Broward County’s HIV/AIDS crisis. Though the health department has no statistics concerning how many cases of HIV are contracted via sex in public bathrooms or parks, Naugle has tied the two issues together.

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Michael Rajner, Anti-First Amendment Bully, Shouts Down Speaker at Naugle Press Conference

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007






For Michael Rajner, tolerance is a one-way street. 

By Peter LaBarbera 

If an honest historian ever writes an objective history of homosexual activism in America, he or she will have to document many incidents of the sort witnessed (and enabled) by reporters in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on Tuesday.

At the press conference in support of Mayor Jim Naugle’s opposition to male-on-male “public sex,” HIV-infected Michael Rajner of the “Campaign to End AIDS” (or was that the “Coalition to End Others’ Free Speech Rights”?) decided he didn’t like what pro-family advocate Janet Folger of Faith2Action was saying in support of Naugle.

So Rajner did what radical homosexual activists have done for years (think way back to Anita Bryant getting a pie in the face …): he began shouting over Folger, who was speaking at the microphone, drowning out her message and disrupting the Mayor’s press conference. (He even accused Folger of “demonizing AIDS!”) The media didn’t seem to protest.

You can watch it all on this Sun-Sentinel website — just click on the third video on the right, the one innocuously titled, “Mayor Naugle’s latest press conference turns heated.” (The video could have been titled, “Homosexual activists shouts down speaker at press conference.”)

Memo to Michael Rajner: next time just call your own press conference. 

If Rajner’s self-important outburst wasn’t bad enough, the Sun-Sentinel then proceeded to reward him for for it. The liberal newspaper gave its camera to Rajner for a one-on-one web-video “reaction” to the Naugle press conference. You can view Rajner’s cliche-ridden rant against Naugle and his supporters on the same Sun-Sentinel website (the second video down on the right), “Reaction to Mayor Naugle’s press conference.”

Nothing like creating an incentive for intolerance. Now try to imagine the Sun-Sentinel or any liberal media being similarly solicitous of a conservative activist who shouted down a “gay” speaker. Right. It’s time for the media to return to some semblance of objectivity, and to stop coddling spoiled “gay” activists who do not understand, or simply refuse to abide by, the rules of fair play and civil discourse.

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