Homosexual Hate: Cross-Dressing ‘Sisters’ Mock Christ with ‘Hunky Jesus’ Contest

[WARNING: OFFENSIVE AND BLASPHEMOUS CONTENT from a group celebrated in the nation’s homosexual Mecca]

By Peter LaBarbera

Here is pure evil of the sort that can only be found in America’s “queer” Mecca: you just have to see it to believe it. Originally, I was not going to post this satanic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence video of their 2008 “Hunky Jesus” contest — held on Easter Sunday in San Francisco, of course — because it is so offensive and blasphemous. But people need to see this homosexual hate in action to understand what we’re up against and what results from celebrating deviance.

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The “Sisters” — homosexual men who paint their faces and dress up as mock nuns, often with perverted names like Sister Roz Erection — is no mere fringe group, at least in San Francisco. There, they enjoy widespread acceptance as a “charity” operation, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for AIDS-related groups and other causes. Somehow these bigots can’t manage to help the poor and needy without trashing the Son of God and Christianity in the process.

Which begs the question: what other social movement in our culture mocks and attacks Christianity like the homosexualists? Even radical pro-abortion feminists (“Keep your rosaries off my ovaries”) seem downright respectful toward the faith when compared to the twisted “Sisters” and their virulent anti-God, anti-Christian rhetoric.

Of course, the organized atheist movement is growing, and their hatred against a God in whom they don’t believe is to be expected, but we suspect that most atheists would be shocked by the “Sisters'” vicious parodies and how they go out of their way to bash Jesus Christ on the Christians’ most holy day.

This is not to say that many people practicing homosexuality are not also offended by the Sisters’ anti-religious antics — one contestant in the video makes a sexual orifices joke out of the “seven holes” in the crucified Christ — but what’s telling is how anti-Christianism is so widely accepted and so tolerated in the GLBT world.

Meanwhile, another wing of the “gay” movement seeks to redefine and revolutionize Christianity (and other religions) from within — reinterpreting the Bible as a homosexuality-affirming document. So at both ends of the spectrum, the pro-homosexual movement demeans true faith.

We know what the response of many on the Left will be: it you don’t like “Hunky Jesus,” then don’t go to the contest and don’t watch the YouTube! But the sheer existence of the Sisters — and the fact that they’ve prospered so in the “gayest” city in the USA — is more evidence of who the real haters are in this debate.

AFTAH’s Allyson Smith writes in reaction to the vile “Hunky Jesus” contest:

Here’s how the San Francisco twisted Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence celebrated Easter Sunday. Why do they feel such a need to denigrate Jesus and Christianity? Could it perhaps be because they know in their hearts that homosexuality is not an innate identity but a grievous sin that cries out to Heaven for vengeance, and therefore they must sear their consciences against the very Savior who could rescue them from it?

Matt Barber, Policy Director for Cultural Issues at Concerned Women for America, offered this:

As I was watching this, rather than anger, I felt a horrible sense of fear and pity for what these people will face when they stand before the Lord.


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