Sally Kern Rejects PFLAG Account of Meeting

repsallykern2.jpgOklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R) issued the following statement today regarding a 30-minute meeting she had yesterday with representatives from the pro-homosexual group PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Kern said PFLAG’s account of the meeting — which has been spread around on homosexual websites — misrepresented her statements and intent:

As a state representative who is always willing to meet with any and all of my constituents on any issue with an open and sincere dialog, it is apparent from the statement released by PFLAG that their “open dialog” was for the purpose of politicizing the conversation to their benefit.

While I did meet with PFLAG in what was a cordial and polite meeting, they have taken my statements and have spun them to make it appear that I am backing off my comments that homosexuality is a sin. As a Christian who believes in the authority of God’s Word, I will never retract my comments that homosexuality is a sin.

PFLAG has also spun my words to say that I am in favor of “sexual orientation” laws. I unequivocally do not support “sexual orientation” laws. While I do not advocate employers going on a witch hunt to fire homosexual employees who are performing their jobs in a manner just like any heterosexual employee, I do not support laws that would force employers to check their First Amendment rights to freedom of religion, speech, and association at the workplace door.

Since PFLAG has shown their lack of integrity by misinterpreting my statements from our meeting to fit their agenda — thus revealing their purpose of open dialog to be just a means of seeking to weaken my position and strengthen theirs — I see no benefit in having future meetings with them.

God’s Word does not change. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever [Hebrews 13:8]. His Word expresses His moral character. Therefore, my opinion also will not change.

State Rep. Sally Kern
Oklahoma House of Representatives
Oklahoma City, OK
March 28, 2008

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