Florida Media Speculate on Gov. Charlie Crist’s (Bi?)Sexuality

charlie_crist.jpg There has been ample speculation in the alternative press that Florida Governor Charlie Crist is homosexual or bisexual.

By Peter LaBarbera

Here we go again, everyone. Can both sides of the homosexuality debate agree that it is incumbent on political candidates to be completely open and honest about their involvement in homosexual behavior — or any sexual misconduct? We understand that homosexual activists and many social liberals do not view homo-sexual behavior as misconduct, but many voters do, and even those in the middle on this issue have a right to know what their representative is up to and what biases he holds. Too many politicians with a homosexual problem are hiding this “special interest” from the voters; they should run as openly homosexual Republicans (or Democrats) so we can avoid post-election surprises like the pathetic Gov. Jim (“I’m a gay American”) McGreevey scandal in New Jersey.

We will need another column to discuss the new, post-Mark Foley politics and media ethics surrounding “outing.” Suffice it to say that such “outings” are usually done (or forced) only when they suit pro-“gay” interests — putting pressure (unbeknownst to the voters) on pols who are publicly conservative yet privately homo/bi-sexual. The message is clear: if you don’t want to be “outed,” stop opposing the “gay” agenda. I was told as much by homosexual “outing” activist Mike Rogers, who said he is not interested in “outing” politicians whose politics are pro-homosexual.

Enter Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, a popular Republican who is reportedly under serious consideration for the party’s vice-presidential nod. Based on what’s already out there, if Crist were to be chosen, it would only be a matter of days — make that hours — before there would be national political and media speculation about his “sexual orientation.” You won’t believe the amount that’s already been written and discussed in the media about Crist’s sexuality and related issues in the homosexual and liberal press (see links below).

In our view, that’s a reason right off the bat not to consider Gov. Crist for the highly visible and important position. But the biggest reason is that Gov. Crist is weak on protecting marriage as between a man and a woman, having straddled the fence on whether and how strongly he would support the Florida Marriage Amendment that will be on the state’s ballot this November after much hard work by pro-family forces (see links at very bottom).

We called the Florida Governor’s office to ask if the governor is a homosexual or bisexual, and whether he has ever engaged in homosexual behavior — odd questions, to be sure, but necessary ones in this situation. We did not hear back. Here are just some of the links we’ve found, or that have been forwarded to us, on Gov. Crist:

Washington Blade (nation’s premier homosexual newspaper), Oct. 20, 2006:

Opponent outs GOP candidate for Fla. governor
Crist has denied rumors, opposes gay marriage


Denies He is “Gay”





Denies Out-of-Wedlock Child




Denies He Roomed with Homosexual Republican Mark Foley for Years in Legislature



First Homosexual VP?


Crist Supports the FL Marriage Amendmenmt AND
Crist Does Not Support the FL Marriage Amendment- take your pick:









Denounces Homosexual “Civil Unions” Right before Election

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