‘Pregnant Man’ Is a Lesbian Activist

Transgender ‘man’ is former Hawaiian lesbian activist Tracy LaGondino

pregnant_woman_thinks_shes_man.jpgLew Waters of Vancouver, Wash., makes a lot of sense in his piece, “Oregon’s Pregnant Man Hoax,” which can be found on his blog, “Right in a Left World”:

News out of Bend, Oregon is that male resident, Thomas Beatie, is 22 weeks pregnant. Articles have been written and an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show is scheduled. Looking closer, news of a Pregnant “Man” is just a myth.

Thomas Beatie, the Bend, Oregon man making news as a “Pregnant Man” was born Tracy LaGondino, a woman, 34 years ago. Tracy was a lesbian who fought for the right of gay couples to adopt children and against hate crimes in Hawaii, before moving to Bend 2 years ago.

Tracy fell in love with another woman, Nancy Roberts in Hawaii and they desired to be married, strictly against even Hawaii’s liberal laws.

Tracy decided she should obtain a sex change because Hawaii’s laws did not support same sex [“marriage.”] She underwent a double radical mastectomy and began hormone therapy to change her gender to that of a male, but keeping her female reproductive organs.

When she and her lover decided they wanted a child, and Nancy could not become pregnant, Tracy, now renamed Thomas, ceased the hormone therapy to allow her menstrual flow to return. Tracy/Thomas said it took about 4 months for her body to regulate itself.

Click HERE to read the whole piece (followed by comments), “Oregon’s ‘Pregnant Man’ Hoax”

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