Gay Pride: Tactics of Tyranny

homosexual_activists_rally.jpgThere is a yawning chasm between the values and priorities we piously claim as our national heritage and those we have chosen to live by.

Our survival as a democracy is in our hands. We too must come out of the closet of cloistered Christianity and come to the rescue of our constitutional rights.

By Lee Taylor

Gay pride was not born in a vacuum. Timing and social upheaval formed the vortex in which it was born and bred. Hanging from the shirttails of the Civil Rights, women’s liberation, and anti-war movements, it exploited the vulnerability of a nation in turmoil. Fueling its fraudulent claims and outrageous demands from our national guilt complex and introspective conflict of values, the Gay Liberation Front exploded onto the American scene. The soul-searching ‘60’s exposed a nation fraught with self-doubt, self-recrimination, anxiety, addiction and ideological conflict, a nation at odds with itself. The sexual revolution accelerated the erosion of both marriage and the family as we struggled with the values and priorities of our national identity.

We were still recovering from the Viet Nam War and had only begun to realize the implications of racial integration when homosexual opportunists executed a strategically timed and targeted blitzkrieg on American society. We were caught napping, and the initial homosexual coup was a resounding success. Adopting the Civil Rights, anti-war and women’s liberation movements as its own, forming its political platform by drawing heavily from each, the Gay Liberation Front took aim at our Christian values and democratic institutions.

Beginning with the 1970 Annual Convention of the American Psychiatric Association, held in San Francisco, exploiting the guerrilla theater tactics of disruption, threats and verbal abuse, the storm troopers of the Gay Liberation Front established a political beachhead within the medical arena, which, in 1973, eventuated in the “normalizing” of homosexuality. Through meticulous design and systematic orchestration, the Gay Liberation Front quickly expanded its political base by enlisting the services of the public media in establishing a new, politically ingenious, homosexual vocabulary. Designed to eliminate all negative connotations and supply its arsenal with symbolism more seductive in the promotion of its agenda, gay semantics discovered respectability for a terminal life style. Capitalizing on the potent political clout of the public media and entertainment industry, the homosexual campaign expanded to include federal, state and regional politics, legislative, judicial and executive branches of government, government health agencies, institutions, research centers and foundations, the military, mainstream religion, and the politicizing/dogmatizing of science and education, subsidized by federal and state tax revenue in the war against American institutions. Within less than a quarter of a century, one per cent of the population had taken the rest hostage, a politico-moral coup unprecedented in the history of this country.

Gay pride history, methodology, alliances, agenda, political conquests and ultimate goals are no secret. This information has been made available in abundance from both sides of the battlefield, easily accessed, extensively researched and documented. The baffle cry of gay pride is blatantly clear: “We’re here! We’re queer! And we’re going to win!” We can read it in the gay, secular and religious press. Homosexuals are out of the closet and parading their perversion in the streets. They are highly motivated, well financed, politically astute, effectively organized, and dedicated. To underestimate the capacity or goal of this enemy is to guarantee defeat. They have thrown down the gauntlet, hurling their deadly agenda directly in the face of this nation’s democratic institutions, constitution and family values. We are under attack and will not survive unless we fight! We have been ambushed on all major fronts and our ability to prevail has already been severely sabotaged. How did this happen? In what way have we nurtured the enemy we now must defeat? We are a young, adolescent nation, and the chapter we are now writing has been written before by much older nations, nations which no longer exist. They too danced to their demons and were buried by them. Is it too late for us to learn from history, or will we follow this diabolical trail to our own demise?

There are laws which govern everything in our universe, absolute laws, waiting to be discovered and respected, designed by the Creator for the unfolding of creation. These laws are immutable, in noncompliance with the reckless egoic ultimatums of any political, religious or moral invention. These laws work with or without our approval. They are completely reliable. To the extent that we understand and follow them, we live and are fulfilled. We have been far more successful discovering and obeying the laws of physics than the laws of our souls. We have become far more familiar with outer space than inner space. The values and priorities taught and lived by the Son of God have all but died on the back burner of American culture, quite predictably leaving us all but dead. Our blind, pretentious egos may come dressed in religious rhetoric from either the right or the left, but the laws of God don’t bow to politically correct values and priorities. The mandate of Jesus Christ was not to appear successful or sound dedicated. It was to follow Him. If we had been following the values and priorities which we’re so fond of claiming in our Judeo-Christian patriotism, over half our marriages would not have ended in the divorce court, and our families would not be suffering the tragic fragmentation, dysfunction and alienation they now suffer. These two institutions were in major trouble long before we first heard the word “gay.”

It wasn’t the integrity and social responsibility of followers of Jesus Christ who created the need for a Civil Rights movement in America. It was the hypocrisy of those who claimed freedom and justice for all but their Black brothers and sisters. For that rejection of our democratic and Christian values we paid and continue to pay a very painful price. We were forced to confront our pious, patriotic pretense, to choose between our “omnipotent” egos and God’s laws for our survival.

There is a yawning chasm between the values and priorities we piously claim as our national heritage and those we have chosen to live by. We have a time-honored tradition of moral schizophrenia, a hero-worshipping, egoic, success cult, which we have traditionally concealed within the garment of Judeo-Christian patriotism. We raise our hymns of God and country to the sky, but the laws of God, which govern our existence and chance of survival, remain constant in spite of our ‘holy” gestures. Possibly we are just beginning to discover that our hi-tech goddess is not worthy of worship, that we are being forced to choose between success and survival, between the profit margin and the preservation of our race. We live in an image culture where nothing fails like success. It was into this moral schizophrenia that the gay pride movement most effectively opened fire, establishing an appealing rationale for its momentum.

It is much too late for the hermeneutics of pious patriotism. This has failed to convince Native Americans, Blacks, Mexican Americans, or any minority group experiencing the violence inherent in our pretense. Gay activists have made political hay out of such empty semantics. The sacred institutions of marriage and family have been under attack for decades, and born-again Christians and those at the opposite end of the politico-religious spectrum have not been exempt from the consequences. Our banner may be a different color, our politics a different stripe, our semantics a different sound, but we have played the success cult game to the edge of a national abyss, and it has been our self-serving egos, not the Spirit of God, who have been in the driver’s seat. To blame gay activists for destroying marriage and family values is tantamount to blaming a sinking ship on the rats which desert it. We, by default, share in this blame game.

Borrowing from over four centuries of politico-religious suffering in Northern Ireland, the 1993 Seattle Gay Pride Parade declared a Holy War on all who opposed their agenda. Quite consistent with the all too familiar political strategy of piggybacking much older, historically significant struggles for justice, implying legitimacy and power through association, the gay pride movement now demands a complete restructuring of American institutions and ideology in compliance with its agenda. The tactics of tyranny are in place. The values and institutions essential for the survival of American democracy are the target. As Christian people with a mandate to follow Jesus Christ, we are challenged to move quickly beyond our religious rhetoric and walk our talk. We have no other choice. Our options are being systematically eliminated. We must become strategically and aggressively involved at the local, state, and national level in every political organization, every government institution, agency, bureau and lobby. We must consistently impact our local school board meetings, city council, precinct caucuses and health services. We must recognize religious organizations which have become advocates for the gay agenda and cut off all forms of support. We must counterattack the public media and entertainment industry, demanding an end to their pro-gay agenda, boycotting their sponsors. We must act out of educated awareness, integrity and compassion in this war. The most socially responsible and compassionate way to defeat this enemy is to destroy its agenda and treat its disease. Our survival as a democracy is in our hands. We too must come out of the closet of cloistered Christianity and come to the rescue of our constitutional rights, our democratic form of government, our family values and our diminishing freedom. We must follow the mandate of God’s laws and ACT.

Lee Taylor is a Bellingham, Washington-based writer who was once a United Church of Christ minister who was forced to resign for refusing to perform “same-sex marriages.” He can be reached at

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