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Good News: Maine ‘Queer’ Boys’ Workshop Canceled

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

‘Boys to Men’ Director Gregory Cites ‘Lack of Interest’ for Homosexual Youth Class

Note in this story by the Christian Civic League of Maine yet another connection between the United Church of Christ (UCC) and perversion. The UCC has an appalling left-wing record (check THIS out) — including its 2006 merger with a Dallas mega-church, the Cathedral of Hope, which caters to homosexuals. (We hear that the UCC is still searching for a partnering church that cater to swingers….) So why doesn’t the UCC just go all the way and start offering its very own “How to Be Homosexual” workshops for youth?

For the sake of accuracy, we also recommend a name-change to UCS: United Church of Sodom. Enough with this phony “Christ” talk. We envision a host of liberal Protestant mergers under the UCS banner beginning with proud homosexualist bishop (Vicky) Gene Robinson and his wayward Episcopal Church. In fact, Robinson could be the annual keynote speaker at the How to Be Homosexual workshops.

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Gay Pride: Tactics of Tyranny

Monday, May 5th, 2008

homosexual_activists_rally.jpgThere is a yawning chasm between the values and priorities we piously claim as our national heritage and those we have chosen to live by.

Our survival as a democracy is in our hands. We too must come out of the closet of cloistered Christianity and come to the rescue of our constitutional rights.

By Lee Taylor

Gay pride was not born in a vacuum. Timing and social upheaval formed the vortex in which it was born and bred. Hanging from the shirttails of the Civil Rights, women’s liberation, and anti-war movements, it exploited the vulnerability of a nation in turmoil. Fueling its fraudulent claims and outrageous demands from our national guilt complex and introspective conflict of values, the Gay Liberation Front exploded onto the American scene. The soul-searching ‘60’s exposed a nation fraught with self-doubt, self-recrimination, anxiety, addiction and ideological conflict, a nation at odds with itself. The sexual revolution accelerated the erosion of both marriage and the family as we struggled with the values and priorities of our national identity.

We were still recovering from the Viet Nam War and had only begun to realize the implications of racial integration when homosexual opportunists executed a strategically timed and targeted blitzkrieg on American society. We were caught napping, and the initial homosexual coup was a resounding success. Adopting the Civil Rights, anti-war and women’s liberation movements as its own, forming its political platform by drawing heavily from each, the Gay Liberation Front took aim at our Christian values and democratic institutions.

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Dr Albert Mohler: Homosexuality in the Church – Is It Time for a New Reformation?

Sunday, February 25th, 2007

dr-r-albert-mohler.jpgDr. Albert Mohler addresses the recent ruling by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America regarding their reluctant expulsion of openly homosexual “pastor” Bradley Schmeling from St. John’s Lutheran Church in Atlanta. The congregation’s “Trial Update” page declares Schmeling’s homosexual relationship with Darin Easler, a former ELCU “pastor” now seeking ordination in the apostate United Church of Christ. Unfortunately, while recognizing that Schmeling is in violation of church policy, the committee also suggests that the policy should be changed to accommodate openly and practicing homosexual clergy.

Listen online as Dr. Mohler encourages “pitchfork rebellion” — the laity standing firmly for Truth:

Feb 9, 2007 Homosexuality in the Church: Is It Time for a New Reformation?

Also, Dr. Mohler recommends a book called Sex and the Supremacy of Christ, edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor:


Homosexual Lutheran Pastor Charged

Sunday, January 21st, 2007

Mr. Swank says it well:

…The divine revelation is eternal ethic and thereby will not condone homosexual practice. Those running counter to this revelation will answer to God’s wrath in this life and at death at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

TAKE ACTION — You may send a note of support to Ron Warren, who rightfully recommends removing Bradley Schmeling from his position of authority.


Excerpted from Homosexual Lutheran Pastor Charged, by Grant Swank, published Jan 20, 2007, by The Conservative Voice:

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America concluded at its 2005 conclave that sex was to be practiced within marriage. Also, such sex was not open to homosexual lifestyles. All this is because the Bible ethic is against sex outside of marriage and prohibits homosexual activities.

Bradley Schmeling, pastor, St. John’s ECLA, Atlanta, makes known that he is homosexual and now has a partner. The congregation agrees that he should continue as minister. In fact, the parishioners had a party celebrating his formal announcement of partnership with a “lifelong companion.”

Bishop Ronald Warren, Southeastern Synod, told Schmeling to resign. Schmeling said he would not resign. “Disciplinary proceedings against him for violating church rules barring sex outside of marriage” have begun. That means Schmeling confronts a hearing composed of a dozen ELCA members deciding his fate…

If the committee concludes him to be defrocked, he would no longer be “recognized as an ordained minister in the ELCA,” per AP. If the congregation still calls him their spiritual leader, the church then could be disciplined…

Throughout the divine revelation right and wrong are set forth by God Himself. Consequently, for those espousing homosexual lifestyles as divinely blessed is to expose their biblical ignorance and theological liberalism, the latter basically given to writing one’s own religion.

Other denominations dealing with this matter include the Presbyterian Church, United Methodist Church, American Baptist Convention and segments within the Mennonite framework. Denominations which accept homosexuality as ethically legitimate include the Unitarian Society, United Church of Christ (Congregational), and the Episcopal Church of America.

Continue reading at The Conservative Voice…

UCC “Pastor” Calls Devotion to Traditional Family “Idolatry”

Friday, December 15th, 2006

From our friends at MassResistance: A letter to the editor from a Massachusetts United Church of Christ “pastor” who is responding to Tom Mountain’s article about a GLSEN activist/grade school social worker explaining “transgender” to a class of third graders, without their parents’ permission.

Likewise, here in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago, “Parish Minister” Julie Denny-Hughes of Palatine’s Countryside Unitarian Universalist “Church” passionately defended the use of Perks of Being a Wallflower by teachers in District 214. “Perks” is written at a third or fourth grade reading level, but was planned for a high school class. Should you find this “book” on your child’s required or recommended reading list, you might be interested to know that it offers quite an education in masturbating with a hot dog, forced oral sex, forceable sodomy, voyeurism, attempted drunken sex with a dog, and so on. (Read the excerpts for yourself.)

We’ve heard quite enough from the UCC and Unitarian leaders. Where are the Bible-believing pastors and youth ministers (the ones like Pastor Vincent Fields)? Their voices are sorely needed. — Sonja Dalton


New low in narrow-mindedness
By Reverend Richard Malmberg/ Guest column
Published Nov 15, 2006, in Newton Tab

Flaunting his biases with characteristic reliance on hearsay information, Tom Mountain accused Franklin School Principal Cindy Marchand of overreacting to an irate parent. As a Franklin parent, I know her to be a competent and knowledgeable principal. She was right to defend her staff, especially such a dedicated and professional social worker as Laura Perkins. Further, Ms. O’Shea should have been reprimanded for humiliating a Franklin family and attempting to derail a school meeting to press her own agenda. Other parents present at Curriculum Night confirm that Ms. Marchand handled an awkward situation calmly and capably. I generally try to ignore Tom Mountain’s weekly bitter tirades. They do little to edify, and nothing to enhance the civility of public discourse in Newton. At the risk of responding in kind, I have to say that his column in the Nov. 8 TAB reached a new low in mean-spirited narrow-mindedness.

I have had kids in Franklin School for more than eight years, and had numerous contacts with the family whose presence seems to so outrage Mr. Mountain and Ms. O’Shea. It might surprise them both that my first conversation with the parent who underwent gender reassignment took place at a Little League game. Our sons were on the same team. As we sat in our folding chairs, we had a friendly and stimulating conversation. When I told him I was a minister, the conversation turned to Biblical scholarship. He (then still living as a man) was obviously quite well-read and genuinely interested in the subject. I learned that he is an active lay leader in his own church.

Only after the “teachable moment” Mr. Mountain described did I learn through the Franklin grapevine that this other Little League dad was going through a gender reassignment. I confess that for a while after that, I felt a little awkward – my problem. I regret not being more openly supportive during what must have been a difficult time for their family. I admire the quiet dignity and courage they display through it all. They have not allowed the self-appointed sexuality police to harass them out of full participation in the community. Newton is fortunate to have such solid citizens, active in their congregation, supporting their kids, their school and pursuing happiness in our midst. Their modest refusal to hide makes our city safer for diversity.

I find it interesting that Mr. Mountain, champion of traditional family values, hints at snarky disbelief that this couple remained married after gender reassignment. With divorce rates what they are in our society, he should celebrate a durable commitment and intact family. Mindless devotion to a “Leave It to Beaver” mirage of “traditional family” is simply idolatry. Our fixation on an imagined norm undermines our ability to value real families whatever shape they take. We endanger the actual relationships that sustain us, while damaging our psychic and spiritual well-being. Consider the tragically self-loathing, self-destructive Rev. Ted Haggard. He crusaded against gay marriage in public, and engaged in risky gay sex and drug abuse in secret. This man of deep faith and extraordinary charisma was twisted by intolerant theology that had no room for the man God created him to be.

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Somebody Stole Yvette Flunder’s Spirit

Monday, November 13th, 2006

From the Task Force’s 2005 Creating Change conference:

Creating Change closed with a thunderous speech by Bishop Yvette Flunder, founder and senior pastor of City of Refuge United Church of Christ in San Francisco, who spoke to the separation many LGBT activists feel from spiritual traditions, saying,

“Somebody stole God from some of us. Somebody reached down inside you and stole your spirit from you.”

But she encouraged activists not to abandon the spiritual dimension of the work they do for justice, saying,

“Activism that is rooted in spirituality can bust Hell wide open.”

The audience wildly applauded Flunder’s speech and left the conference with her words resonating as a spiritual call to all justice-seeking people:

“I challenge you, prophets, to stand up!”

God Has Spoken

Friday, November 3rd, 2006

This pastor put in writing what I have repeatedly said to friends regarding the UCC’s “God Is Still Speaking” campaign. Hebrews 1:1 says…

Long ago, at many times and in many ways,
God spoke to our fathers by the prophets,
but in these last days *He has spoken* to us by his Son…

There is no new revelation on divorce or pre-marital sex or adultery or homosexuality; there is no other name by which we must be saved. “God has spoken.” – Sonja Dalton


As Jesus did not come to change the law, but to fulfill it, His obedient Church has no authority to change the ancient laws prohibiting fornication and adultery, nor those prohibiting homosexual acts. It was Jesus who affirmed the old teaching that a MAN cleaves to a WOMAN, husband to wife, in a sanctified union. Those who teach otherwise – including the President, officers, delegates and ministers in the United Church of Christ – are Satan’s false prophets and blind leaders who lead the unwise and naive to the Pit of Sheol. We have heard their protestations of holiness, but Jesus has taught us it is not those who say, “Lord, Lord,” who will enter the Kingdom, but those who do God’s will.

The God who is still speaking is not one whose word changes with our whims – but who changes us instead, to willingly listen and eagerly do what we have read in the holy scriptures inspired by the Lord – indeed, who through them has already spoken!

Rev. Albert W. Kovacs, Pastor
Hungarian Reformed Church
Woodbridge, New Jersey

UCC Pastor Says He’s Okay with Legalizing Polyamory

Thursday, November 2nd, 2006

From: John Grigsby
To: Blue Ridge Leader
Subject: Note (not letter) to editor – re: event tonight
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 06:01:45 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Editor,

I called Don Prange, pastor of St. James United Church of Christ in Lovettsville, which is sponsoring a “Faith and Life Forum” tonight (Wednesday, Oct 25th), where “Gay and Lesbian partners will share their stories”.  I offered to find, for Pastor Prange, Christians involved in ex-gay ministries, in order to open the forum up to a wider body of opinion.  Specifically, I intended to invite Regina Griggs…  Regina was agreeable to participating.

Pastor Prange told me that he would no more “invite George Bush defending (presumably  U.S.) Imperialism” or “Satan himself” to the podium than invite ex gays.  No, I am not making this up, and by the way I was very polite to him.

He also told me that Jesus wouldn’t have opened up a place at the podium for the Pharisees, and when I asked him what he thought about other familes, specifically polyamourous ones, he had no problem with legalizing them as well. 

I don’t think the media does a good enough job of covering this issue, so I’m offering up his answers to my questions as an example of what I think the media might want to ask, which is what the opponents of the Marriage Amendment support.  When we are talking about the Unitarian Universalists and the ACLU, you might be surprised how close they are to Pastor Prange’s views.

Best regards,

John Grigsby

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