Boston ‘Gay Youth Pride’ Day Includes Hardcore Anti-Christian Propaganda

Youth walk in Boston’s annual “Gay/Straight Youth Pride March” holding a banner for BAGLY, the Boston Alliance of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Youth. The group is run by a cross-dressing, male-to-female transsexual activist adult. Kudos to MassResistance for exposing the corrupting influences on Massachusetts youth.

Brian Camenker of writes:

We’ve just found out that the [Massachusetts] Senate Ways and Means Committee will be meeting tomorrow – Wednesday, May 14 – to decide on the 2009 budget appropriations. This includes the $750,000 now earmarked for homosexual activism targeting children in schools. Click HERE to contact the Ways and Means Committee to oppose the use of Massachusetts taxpayer dollars for this agenda.

Massachusetts citizens: want to know where your tax money is going? Read on:

1. Homosexual “Youth Pride Day” includes hardcore “gay” anti-religious propaganda. Speaker incites crowd to attack photographers.

This past Saturday was homosexual “Youth Pride Day” in Boston, run by the tax-funded Massachusetts Commission on Gay Lesbian Bisexual and Transgender Youth. It included a “celebration” on the Boston Common followed by a parade past the State House and a “transgender prom” that evening at Boston City Hall.

Kids were bussed in from all over the state. Homosexual activists were everywhere.

The “celebration” drew a huge crowd of hundreds of kids around a stage and several invited speakers. There was a main theme, which was constantly repeated: The kids need to understand that they are being oppressed by our homophobic society, which doesn’t allow them to enjoy their true (gay) sexuality.

The kids were given these hardcore sexual propaganda handouts:

  • “History of Saints Servius and Bacchus”, handed out by a man dressed as a Catholic priest, claiming that these two Catholic saints were actually homosexual lovers.
  • “Catholic Theological Defense of Same-sex Marriage” pamphlet which states that there is “no moral right to declare marriage off limits to persons whom God has made gay” and that the Pope “is definitely wrong and he will be corrected some day by one of his successors.” (Also handed out by the aforementioned “priest”.)
  • “Reading the Bible with New Eyes” – a pamphlet that portrays Jesus as having had a homosexual affair with Lazarus and Mary as a lesbian. It also describes the Book of Acts as “defining a lesbian and gay ‘nation.'” It also states that Jesus “was a functional, if not physical, eunuch.”
  • “Queer Spirituality” A booklet from a “church” describing how homosexuality is a spiritual experience that “opens us up to God.”
  • “Out and Proud – Coming out to your Parents” A how-to guide for kids to explain to their parents that they are now homosexuals.
  • Boston Gay & Lesbian Film / Video Festival” A pamphlet inviting the kids to a homosexual film festival, showing photos of (among other things) men in bed with each other and women kissing.
  • “Tips for organizing on high school / college campuses on transgender issues” How to push cross-dressing and transgenderism at schools. Includes a section on “Transgender Students Use of Bathrooms and Locker Rooms.”

Special (depraved) award given out. As part of the speeches to the kids, an award for outstanding service was given to hardcore homosexual and transgender activist Mark Snyder. In accepting the award, Snyder bragged about his “service” to the homosexual community: how he had disrupted a Catholic Mass with a homosexual “kiss-in” to protest the Church’s objection to same-sex marriage, and how he had organized a demonstration that terrorized a downtown Boston church to the point where they had to order lunch to be delivered rather than go outside for lunch. Finally, he bragged how he had personally persuaded the vulnerable special-needs daughter of MassResistance staffer Amy Contrada to “come out as a lesbian.” (Actually, the girl never was a lesbian; this was simply meant to cause her and her family confusion and distress.) And here’s a sample of Mark Snyder’s political “activity” – a vulgar drag-queen parody former Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey.

Inciting the crowd to assault photographers. And it got violent. During this event, homosexual publications had photographers there taking pictures of all the kids. (Over 350 pictures were on the gay websites the next day.) But when one of the speakers spotted the independent ComFLM people pointed them out to the crowd as being from MassResistance, and exhorted the audience to “send [MassResistance] a message.” Things got very ugly. The crowd of kids started screaming, then surrounded them, blocked their cameras, and assaulted them. Not surprisingly, the uniformed Boston policemen standing right there would not arrest anybody, though eventually the cops asked the activists to stop their harassment. (A police report has been filed.) It was a hideous scene.

We will be posting the audio and video of all of this, as well as photos of our own, with our next email. It’s really unbelievable. (We’ll also be posting the pamphlets mentioned above.) We will be presenting a full report on this entire day.

THIS is how your [Massachusetts] Legislature is continuing to spend your money – to placate a very destructive special interest group whose target is schoolchildren.

[An interesting footnote: None of the Boston media reported on this, even through we alerted them to and described what had happened in the past.]

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