Homosexuals, Bisexuals More Unhealthy than Heterosexuals: Massachusetts Study

hrc_unequal-copy.jpg More evidence that homosexuality and heterosexuality are not “equal,” as so many homosexual activists assert: a Massachusetts study finds people practicing homosexuality and bisexuality are more likely to suffer various health, emotional and other problems, including “sexual assault victimization.” To connect with the leading pro-family group in Massachusetts fighting the homosexual agenda, visit the MassResistance website and blog.

My good friend Brian Camenker of MassResistance provides more evidence of the health hazards associated with homosexual and bisexuality — the lavender elephant in the room that liberal, pro-“gay” advocates refuse to acknowledge and deal with.

Note to readers: Brian has just announced that MassResistance’s e-mail updates will now be available online at MassResistance’s website. He assures me that all past e-mails will be archived. This is great news for pro-family advocates as MassResistance does excellent work in exposing homosexual activism in all its perverseness — e.g., the shocking “Fistgate” scandal in 2000 in which Massachusetts teenagers were taught by homosexual activists and state employees how to perform a grotesque “gay” (hand-anal) act known as “fisting.” (I think I am correct in recalling that the leadership of Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, never apologized for Fistgate; if they did apologize, I’ll gladly post it here. Notably, homosexual activist lawyers sued Camenker and another pro-family advocate following Fistgate for allegedly violating the students’ privacy by publicizing an undercover audiotape of the shocking lesson for “queer” youth.)

I also recommend Amy Contrada’s useful posts on the MassResistance blog. — Peter LaBarbera, www.aftah.org


“The health profile of gay/lesbian/homosexual residents was poorer than that of heterosexual/straight residents on: self-reported health; disability-related activity limitation; asthma; current and past tobacco smoking; anxious mood; 30-day binge drinking and substance use; and lifetime sexual assault victimization. In addition, lesbian/homosexual women were more likely to be obese than their heterosexual/straight female peers. Bisexual residents faired worse than heterosexual/straight residents in terms of: access to health insurance, as well as medical and dental providers; heart disease; anxious and depressed moods, 12-month suicidal ideation; current tobacco smoking, and lifetime and 12-month sexual assault victimization. In addition, bisexual women were more likely to report disability-related activity limitation, 30-day illicit drug use, and lifetime intimate partner violence victimization than heterosexual/straight women.”“A Health Profile of Massachusetts Adults by Sexual Orientation Identity: Results from the 2001-2006 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Surveys,” Mass. Department of Public Health, p. 2.

MassResistance writes:

Mass. Department of Public Health “groundbreaking” report says homosexuality linked with health problems, destructive behavior

On November 21 the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) released what it calls a “Groundbreaking Report on Health Disparities Based on Sexual Orientation”.

As the DPH press release describes:

“The report revealed significant disparities among people who identified as homosexual or bisexual in the areas of access to care, self-reported health status, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, smoking, binge drinking, illicit drug use, sexual assault victimization, intimate partner violence, disability, obesity, asthma and heart disease . . . Lesbians were 2.2 times more likely than heterosexual women to be obese.”

Read entire DPH press release.

Read the Department of Public Health report HERE.

In other words, the DPH is forced to admit what everyone has known for a long time. Unfortunately, the extremely destructive nature of homosexual behavior – both medical and psychological – is usually not only suppressed, but is considered completely off-limits for discussion. But ultimately, some of the truth gets out, even in Massachusetts.

The “good” news, according to the report is that . . .

“Gay/lesbian/homosexuals and bisexuals were more likely than heterosexuals to have been ever tested for HIV than their straight/heterosexual counterparts. In addition, gay/homosexual men were less likely to be obese or overweight compared to straight/heterosexual men [probably due to weight loss from AIDS or other diseases?]. They were also more likely to obtain lifetime colorectal cancer screening and to report recent condom use.”


Interestingly, the Massachusetts DPH is probably the most pro-homosexual public health department in America. It’s run by DPH Commissioner John Auerbach, who is “married” to another man. In 2007, Auerbach appeared at a homosexual “youth” event telling the kids that he’d make sure there’s enough HIV testing available for everyone there. In 2005, the Massachusetts DPH helped create the notorious Little Black Book, Queer in the 21st Century, which depicted homosexual sex acts and listed places kids can hook up with homosexual adults.

How will the report’s findings be used?

What does the DPH say the report hopes to accomplish? Unfortunately, this really exposes how politicized the public health profession has become. The report recommends:

“Specific interventions should be developed to work with the bisexual population in these areas. Health officials also hope that the report will stimulate further study on ways to reduce and eliminate health disparities faced by gay, lesbian and bisexual people.”

But they are ignoring the root of the problem. The obvious way to “reduce and eliminate” these health disparities would be to discourage homosexual behavior, and help those currently involved in it to leave that horribly addictive and dangerous lifestyle.  (Instead, we’ll probably see more of “encourage condom use and HIV testing” types of pseudo-remedies.)

Unfortunately, common sense won’t be found even in medical circles these days. But the raw facts will continue to show up. In the meantime, people will suffer.

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