Chicago Public Schools New CEO Ron Huberman Openly Embraces Homosexual Immorality

School chief is poor role model for boys; has special interest in promoting acceptance of immoral lifestyles to students

huberman_ron.jpgChicago Public Schools’ new CEO Ron Huberman.

Our friend Laurie Higgins at Illinois Family Institute has done an important thing below in rationally discussing the implications of new Chicago schools chief Ron Huberman’s public embrace homosexual conduct (politically correct media translation: he’s “gay”). By questioning Huberman as a role model because he “affirms sexual deviance and … in his personal life volitionally engages in immoral conduct,” Higgins has departed from the popular Newspeak (Gayspeak?) of our age that posits “gays” as a minority and homosexuality as an innocuous trait completely irrelevant to morality and character. This is embodied by the popular phrase that such-and-such person “happens to be gay.” Let’s apply our “substitute-another-sexual-sin” test to see if this makes sense: “Jane, who happens to be an adulterer, is a terrific teacher”; or “Joe, who happens to be into incest, is a really great guy.”

Just like those other destructive sexual sins, homosexual behavior is never morally justifiable.

It is one of the modern treacheries in our spiritually shallow society that even advocates of (traditional) marriage have taken behavior “out” of the debate over homosexuality. During the Prop 8 campaign in California, one spokeswoman FOR the pro-marriage ballot measure even went out of her way to affirm Ellen DeGeneres and “gay” couples in general. How absurd that we should have to promote one evilĀ  — the acceptance of homosexual behavior and relationships — in order to fight another: homosexually-redefined “marriage.”

We do not know what led Ron Huberman to choose to embrace homosexual behavior (and a “gay” self-identification), but morally-speaking, he is wrong to defend it and needs to find redemption and godly change through Jesus Christ. The “lifestyle” (read: sexual misbehavior) by which he describes himself — and which surely he will now promote as normative to impressionable Chicago students — is as immoral today as it was thousands of years ago when condemned by the God through the divinely-inspired writers of the Bible.

Homosexuality is about changeable, sinful and often unhealthy behaviors — not innocuous, inborn “identities.” When even the pro-family movement detaches homosexual conduct from the personal morality and integrity of those practicing it, we cripple our short- and long-term case against a GLBT agenda that will not show such deference and timidity in return as it escalates its attack on Christianity and the Bible as the foundation of our culture mores. — Peter LaBarbera,


Chicago Public School’s New CEO

By Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute, Feb. 2, 2009

This week Illinoisans were greeted with the news that the new CEO of Chicago Public Schools, Ron Huberman, self-identifies as homosexual. Mayor Richard Daley’s choice as head of the third largest school district in the nation, one that serves more than 400,000 students, has revealed both his ignorance about and involvement with sexual perversion.

This is exactly what students who already suffer from significant disadvantages don’t need: a leader, and therefore role model, who affirms sexual deviance and who in his personal life volitionally engages in immoral conduct.

What a terrible example he sets, particularly for young men. I’m sure that Huberman possesses many admirable traits, but his sexual conduct is not one of them. There are no perfect people, and therefore there can be no perfect leaders, but possessing flaws and affirming immorality are two entirely different things.

It’s one thing to make mistakes or to engage in immoral acts-both of which every person does every day. It’s quite another thing to fail to make proper distinctions between what constitutes right and wrong or moral and immoral behavior. Someone who asserts that immoral behavior is moral is neither a good leader nor a proper role model for anyone let alone impressionable children.

Some professions require expertise in relatively narrowly circumscribed areas, but, as educators continually affirm to themselves and the public, they teach the “whole child.” In fact, that is one of the serious problems in public education: public educators increasingly arrogate to themselves areas of life that are decidedly not their business.

Whereas in many professions one’s views on sexuality and one’s sexual conduct would be irrelevant, in the field of education it is highly relevant. First, Huberman will be called upon to superintend issues related to how homosexuality is addressed in Chicago public schools.

Second, Huberman serves as a public role model. His open, unapologetic, unrepentant appropriation and affirmation of sexual deviance as morally defensible and central to his identity vitiates any legitimacy as premier educational leader in Chicago that his admirable qualities may have otherwise conferred on him.

How will Huberman respond to the proposal for a high school that affirms homosexual and cross-dressing behaviors if it’s resubmitted later this year? How will he respond to a proposal for a school that embodies the very same controversial, unproven, and destructive theories on the nature and morality of homosexuality that he holds?

Chicago’s children deserve far better. They deserve a leader who demonstrates discernment, wisdom, and integrity in one of life’s most profound aspects: sexuality.

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