New HRC Corporate Scorecard Demands Coverage of Transsexual ‘Sex-Change’ Operations

Will businesses cave to homosexual lobby group’s brazen demands?

Should American consumers and taxpayers subsidize body-disfiguring "Sex Reassignment Surgeries" for gender-confused individuals? Above is Autumn Sandeen, a man who left his wife and kids to become a transsexual activist. Sandeen's ex-wife told AFTAH that she discovered his perverse cross-dressing desires when she found a dress that wasn't hers in the clothes dryer. Click on photo to enlarge.

Folks, every time I think I’ve seen it all regarding the Homosexual Lobby’s fanatical demands, they come up with something new that dumbfounds me in its astonishing arrogance and chutzpah. Check this out: the anti-Christian, anti-Bible (and yes, anti-God) homosexual lobby group Human Wrongs Rights Campaign (HRC) has added coverage for transsexual sex-change operations to its 2012 Corporate Scorecard criteria. These perverse criteria gauge how compliant major corporations are to HRC’s radical homosexual/bisexual/transsexual agenda. The D.C.-based lobby organzation wants at least $75,000 in “health” coverage for tranny sex-change operations for the corporation to get a perfect rating. 

HRC is led by well-paid secular bigot Joe Solmonese, who also is DEMANDING an apology from the Mormon Church because a church official affirmed Mormon teachings on the sin of homosexuality. HRC’s hugely-funded PAC is deeply involved in elections across the country: you can check out how your Congressman and Senators rated on the homosexual agenda criteria by linking to their Congressional Scorecard. 

The following is an excerpt of what HRC stipulates for its revised 2012 Corporate Scorecard “Criteria 3.0” (yes, they upgrade them periodically, like Microsoft Windows) under “Health Insurance for Transgender Employees and Dependents”). If a corporation agrees to this for 2012 — and all of HRC’s other homosexual/transsexual demands [see this AFTAH article on the current rating criteria] — it gets a 100 percent rating: 

“Where available for employees, the following benefits should all extend to transgender individuals, including for services related to transgender transition (e.g., medically necessary services related to sex reassignment):  

  • Short term medical leave
  • Mental health benefits
  • Pharmaceutical coverage (e.g., for hormone replacement therapies)
  • Coverage for medical visits or laboratory services
  • Coverage for reconstructive surgical procedures related to sex reassignment” 

This is social insanity, and further proof that modern liberalism is completely bankrupt in its escalating kowtowing to deviance and enthusiastic promotion of sex/gender confusion. If corporate executives allow themselves to be “bullied” by HRC into covering these tragic, body-disfiguring procedures for the severely gender-confused, they will cause more men and women to commit this ultimate rebellion against their Creator. The harsh truth is: American corporations are incentivizing sin and self-destructive behavior, and ultimately our culture’s descent into evil. These”Sex Reassingnment Surgeries (the PC term for them) are horrifying and the ultimate Crime Against Nature — we’ll described them in future posts. [If you must, go to this “Transgender” website where they are described with photos, but BE WARNED: it is beyond gross and upsetting.]  

Suffice it to say that I have great pity for anyone who would even consider doing this to his or her body — they desperately need help and God’s love — but you and I should NEVER be forced to subsidize these sickening operations — and especially not with our tax dollars. (Next week: how the Obama administration is telling LGBT activists to lobby for “sex change” operations to be covered under “Obama-care.”) 

One last thing: just as homosexual militants insist on propagandistic, pro-“gay” programs in schools to stop “bullying,” they want Americans to subsidize transsexual sex-change operations in the name of ending “systematic discrimination” against “transgenders.” No doubt the left-leaning media will echo their demands. Are you feeling manipulated yet? Me, too. — Peter LaBarbera,


The following article mentioning AFTAH is from American Family Association’s news service, One News Now; [to subscribe to ONN’s Daily News Briefs, click HERE]:  

Activist: HRC Engaging in Corporate ‘Blackmail’

A prominent pro-homosexual group isn’t satisfied with benefits already being offered by 337 major American businesses to their homosexual employees. 

By Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 10/20/2010 3:55:00 AM 

General Motors, Bank of America, IBM, Ford Motor, AT&T, Walgreen Co., Target, Citigroup — those companies (and scores more) got a 100-percent favorable rating on the 2010 Corporate Equality Index [PDF], an annual business ranking published by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest homosexual activist organization in the country. [Caution: The previous links go to a pro-homosexual website]
But HRC is now demanding those corporations offer unlimited healthcare coverage for transgender employees — or lose the highest ranking offered under the Corporate Equality Index. Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality tells OneNewsNow the group is simply escalating “its blackmail campaign against businesses.”
“In order to get a 100-percent rating, you now have to provide funding for sex-change operations for transsexuals,” he explains. “So…they keep ramping up the demands to get the 100-percent rating, knowing that companies are bragging about having the rating.”
Which, according to LaBarbera, means that people who spend money with those firms are helping underwrite that health coverage.

The Americans for Truth spokesman says even more to be concerned about. “An official in the Obama administration is also telling gay activists to lobby for transsexual sex-change operations to be covered under ObamaCare,” he claims.
LaBarbera points out that homosexuals represent one to three percent of the total population — and transsexuals are only a fraction of that group.
In an interview with CitizenLink, the president of the National Association for Research and Therapy for Homosexuality urged caution regarding HRC’s costly new requirement. “Medical treatments for transgender issues are very risky procedures — and it’s an irreversible path to take,” said Dr. Julie Hamilton. “There should be a lot more research done before these types of procedures become the main path to take.” 

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