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Greg Quinlan

Here is Part Two of my radio interview [click HERE to listen] with Greg Quinlan, president of PFOX (Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays) and a speaker at next month’s Truth Academy co-sponsored by Americans For Truth About Homsexuality and Mission America (April 1-2, in Columbus, Ohio). This pre-recorded interview aired March 5, 2011. Quinlan walked away from homosexuality years ago and now helps others do the same. He also testifies across the nation (most recently in Maryland) against legalizing homosexual “marriage” and other LGBT activist agenda goals. You’ll want to listen to the interview for Greg’s informed answers to some common pro-homosexual objections to idea of leaving homosexuality (ex-“gays”). For example, he responds to those who say, “I prayed for God to remove my homosexuality and he didn’t answer my prayer.” (He stresses that homosexual strugglers who are committed to change can do so.)

Greg calls homosexuality a “wounding” — i.e., it develops as a maladaption to trauma, abuse or emotional wounds in a person’s life.  Of course, as a very public former homosexual and one-time “gay” activist, Greg has been targeted by hateful LGBT militants like “Truth Win’s Out” founder Wayne Besen (who derides people trying to — as he mockingly puts it — “pray away the gay”). Today’s young people (and the rest of us) are inundated with “gay”-positive messages that glorify sin and undermine God’s Word. What a blessing it would be to expose a young person to the Truth Academy to hear Greg’s uplifting story in person. RSVP or make inquiries at — Peter LaBarbera,

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3-5-11, Greg Quinlan

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