Sen. Portman, CPAC, the Corrupt Media and Why Conservatives Must Not ‘Go Gay’

Republicans will never “out-gay” the Democrats in pandering to a Sin Movement…

Sen. Rob Portman's emotional conversion to the homosexual "marriage" cause plays in to the liberal media and "gay" narrative that same-sex "marriage" is inevitable.

Sen. Rob Portman’s emotional conversion to the homosexual “marriage” cause — which he justified as supporting his homosexual son — plays into the liberal media and “gay” activist narrative that same-sex “marriage” is inevitable.

By Peter LaBarbera for Americans For Truth

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush – it seems everyone is embracing oxymoronic homosexual “marriage” these days, or so the liberal media would have us believe. Promoting sexual perversion in the name of “civil rights” is the trendy and “cool” thing to do. If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a hundred times: today’s youth (and we all know how wise and experienced they are) are overwhelming pro-“gay marriage” — so it is “inevitable.”

Even CPAC, the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, is getting in the game: last week it allowed the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) to sponsor an entire panel (“Rainbow on the Right”) devoted to homosexuals’ “inclusion” in the conservative movement. Sounding more like a Washington Post “conservative” than a real one, panelist and Post columnist Jennifer Rubin reportedly exclaimed at the panel how anti-homosexual-“marriage” Republicans “cannot be at war with America on the issues of fairness and equality.“ (Prominent opponents of the Homosexual Lobby were excluded from the CPAC-CEI panel.)

In the midst of the CPAC gathering, news broke that Sen. Portman had flip-flopped on homosexual “marriage” because his 21-year-old son Will is a homosexual. Thus Portman succumbed to the emotionalism and illogic that dominate post-Christian America. Employing some awful theology, he kicked God to the curb — as is becoming habit in a land that increasingly mocks its own national motto, “In God We Trust.”

Here is a dose of Politically Incorrect truth: homosexual behavior is sinful (read: always wrong in the eyes of God), unnatural, destructive and yet – thankfully – changeable. To become homosexual-affirming because someone you love announces he or she is homosexual is the antithesis of “tough love.” It’s like telling a loved one who is has a drug problem: “I love you so much that I’m going to send you a five ounces of cocaine every month, because that’s how much I care.”

An imperfect analogy, perhaps, but Portman’s tragic defection and moral weakness play right into the Left’s ubiquitous narrative that same-sex “marriage” is unstoppable. Don’t buy it. In politics and life, only death and taxes are inevitable. Remember that radical feminists used to say that the abortion debate was “settled”; now they’re losing that cultural battle for hearts and minds.

Media manipulation

The fact is, the “gay” movement is propped up by the media — most of whom are liberal Democrats who could care less about God’s moral law and historic Judeo-Christian teaching on sex and marriage. As de facto cheerleaders for the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) agenda, the media these days are giddy with excitement. They love nothing more than a conservative or a Republican who, like Portman, sells out on social issues.

Here’s how the Homosexual-Media Complex works: “mainstream news” outlets incessantly promote homosexuality and gender confusion (think Piers Morgan’s fawning CNN interviews with “Chaz” Bono). Meanwhile, they downplay or ignore inconvenient truths like the many ex-“gay” men and former lesbians who have left homosexuality behind.

(Another elephant in the room that the media and “gay” apologists are loathe to acknowledge is the stunning and abundant evidence of the health hazards of male homosexual sex; see this report noting that the risk of contracting HIV through sexual contact for homosexual-practicing men was about 150 times greater than that for heterosexual men in 2010.)

After doing all they can to protect and advance the “Gay” Lobby, the same media then turn around and report as groundbreaking “news” poll after poll showing that Americans are rapidly changing their views on “same-sex marriage.” Can you spell M-A-N-I-P-U-L-A-T-I-O-N?

How effective is the Fourth Estate’s and Hollywood’s misinformation campaign on behalf of All Things ‘Gay’? Believe it or not, The Atlantic reported that according to Gallup, in 2011 the average American believed that 25 percent of the country was “gay”! That’s two-and-a-half times the now-discredited “10 percent” figure cynically promoted by homosexual activists for decades to exaggerate their numbers. (A 2012 Gallup survey put the actual LGBT population at 3.4 percent of the adult population.)

GLAAD and Media Bias

With that in mind, consider how powerful homosexual activist organizations like GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) fuel media bias. GLAAD is a media pressure group that now has an entire project dedicated to “persuading” major media NOT to include pro-family opposition voices in its homosexual-related stories. This writer is on the list as is pretty much any social conservative leader who has engaged in rhetorical battle with Big Gay Inc.

GLAAD staffers have access to the media that most conservatives could only dream of. So it is an easy sell to convince journalists – most of whom already deny that there are two sides to the homosexuality debate – to use GLAAD’s skewed “research” to marginalize Christian conservatives.

GLAAD’s anti-conservative project closely parallels the malicious campaign of the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which mislabels groups like Americans For Truth and American Family Association as “hate groups” on a par with the KKK. Predictably, the SPLC’s perceives “hate” as coming almost exclusively from the Right. Yet it was D.C. homosexual activist Floyd Corkins who used the SPLC’s slanderous “hate map” as a guide in nearly committing mass murder against employees of the Family Research Council, an SPLC target.

These sinister, hardball tactics and Big Lies are working: many in the media now routinely shun the conservative side of this debate, effectively starving Americans of facts and truth about homosexuality. This “media affirmative action” campaign on behalf of the Homosexual Lobby has greatly distorted the national debate. So take those media polls with a grain of salt.

Conservatives must lead, not follow

How should conservatives and Republicans respond to the tidal wave of misinformation and the largely liberal and libertarian campaign to normalize homosexual perversion? Certainly not by trying to “out-gay” the Democrats on the issue — which will never happen anyway. If the time-honored Judeo-Christian marital ethic is not worth “conserving,” what is? Shame on any “conservative” who buys into the radically egalitarian proposition that all relationships “equally” deserve marriage, and that civil rights laws should be twisted to accommodate those practicing deviant sex and gender confusion.

Moreover, both conservatives and self-styled libertarians should be outraged at the threat to liberty posed by “Big Gay Government.” Even before homosexual “marriage” emerged as the main battlefront in this debate, “sexual orientation” laws were the Left’s tool of choice to force Christians and moral-minded institutions like the Boy Scouts of America to affirm homosexuality. (The Boy Scouts went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold the right to operate by their own “morally straight” code, but “gay” activist pressure against them never let up and now the BSA is on the verge of overturning the policy.) Where is the outcry from libertarians and freedom-loving conservatives at the threat to citizens’ freedom of conscience and association posed by pro-LGBT laws — which, ironically, discriiminate against traditionalists in the name of “nondiscrimination”?

Watch out for liberal thinking wrapped in a conservative label. Everyday conservatives must hold accountable those (secular) “conservative” media outlets that fail to defend truth on this issue and instead become apologists for homosexuality. How disappointing that smart conservatives like Tucker Carlson bow to Political Correctness and “punt” on this issue. Worse are those on the Right who attempt to defend homosexuality-based “marriage” as somehow being consistent with conservative thinking (see this vapid piece by Jon Huntsman, “Marriage Equality Is a Conservative Cause,” in The Americans Conservative).

Then there are those heretical “Christian” leaders like Rob Bell and Peggy Campolo who embrace homosexuality-based “marriage” as compatible with Christianity. (See for the truth about the Bible and homosexuality, and for informed responses to such nonsense.)

American conservatism cannot divorce itself from Christianity and biblical revelation; in fact, it is wrapped up in the defense of Judeo-Christian mores. Yes, conservatives and Christians alike will be vilified by homosexual activists if they criticize “gay marriage” or any aspect of the LGBT agenda. But what kind of conservative or Christian turns tail after getting flack for standing on principle? If ever there were a cultural tide to stand against it is the LGBT agenda and sexual immorality in general, for no nation can survive moral decay of the sort America is experiencing. (In that sense, we are not “exceptional.”)

Even if polls are semi-accurate in gauging cultural trends, bending to worldly falsehoods and irrational public policy is the stuff of humanists and moral relativists — not “conservatives” and certainly not biblical Christians who accept and defend absolute Truth (right versus wrong).

As for “gay conservatives,” beware of homosexuals like Tammy Bruce and GOProud, who sound and act much more like “gay” activists than conservatives whenever their special interest — justifying their own dysfunctional embrace of homosexuality — is involved.

As for the pro-homosexual “Christian Left,” faithful believers must insist that homosexuality be treated like other sins in the Bible. (Have you ever heard of a “Porn-Users Pride Parade,” or been called an “adultery-phobe”?) Homosexuality is what you do, not who you are, and Jesus Christ has set many men and women free from this besetting sin. Hillary Clinton may be good at politics, but she blasphemes her Creator by using His Holy name to support her faithless push for counterfeit “marriage” based on conduct that God Himself calls an abomination.

It is the height of folly to dumb down conservatism and jettison the wholesome dictates of the Bible and Christianity because the “Glee” Generation has a new idea about sodomy. Instead, principled conservatives need to fight back against politically correct shibboleths and bravely stay the course; defend transcendent Truth against modern, secularist lies; affirm marriage (one-man, one-woman) and virtuous morality for everyone; and return to reason and the biblical idealism of yesteryear.

In other words, we conservatives and people of faith need to stare down LGBT intimidation, scoff at Political Correctness, and defy the corrupt media’s relentless propaganda redefining evil as good and good evil (Isaiah 5:20). We must stop being lazy and instead do intellectual battle against a Nature- and God-defying sin movement that strives desperately to transform a human wrong into a “civil right.”

Onward, Christian (and conservative) Soldiers.


Peter LaBarbera is founder and president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality. Follow him on Twitter @PeterLaBarbera. Follow AFTAH on Facebook HERE.  Write us at








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