2014 Was the Year Elitist Judicial Grinches Stole the People’s Vote on God-ordained Marriage Between a Man and a Woman

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December 31, 2014

By Peter LaBarbera, AFTAH.org; americansfortruth@gmail.com; 312-324-3787

The year 2014 in America saw an unprecedented overreach by the judiciary, with federal judges–contemptuous or at least dismissive of the people’s clearly-expressed will–striking down as “unconstitutional” popular state ballot measures preserving the age-old definition of marriage as between husband and wife.

Only an “evolving Constitution” could countenance so-called rights and “marriage” based on sexual deviancy. Legislators, not courts, change the law, and well into the 20th Century most states had laws on their books banning homosexual sodomy—once known as the infamous “crime against Nature.” To this day homosexual acts remain “against Nature,” hence their disproportionate association with sexual diseases like HIV and syphilis—which is why MSM (men having sex with men) is a red flag for blood donations.

Today’s judicial supremacists—with media sycophants in tow—don’t care that the United States Supreme Court has already established precedent in 1972 against using the Fourteen Amendment–designed to combat institutionalized racism left over from slavery–to legalize homosexuality-based “marriage.” The Supreme Court dismissed in an appeal of the Minnesota Supreme Court decision Baker vs. Nelson in which the majority wrote:

“[I]n commonsense and in a constitutional sense, there is a clear distinction between a marital restriction based merely upon race and one based upon the fundamental difference in sex.”  

The 2014 judicial avalanche in favor of radically redefining marriage to accommodate homosexual behavior exposes a key contradiction of the Left: on the one hand progressives bemoan voter-ID laws, arguing that these laws are purposely designed to make it harder for African-Americans and likely Democratic voters to cast a ballot.

On the other hand, “progressives” like those inhabiting the offices of the ACLU overwhelmingly support judicial negation of successful state constitutional amendments preserving marriage as between one man and one woman—in states like Utah, Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma and Florida. Each of these court rulings imposing “gay marriage” disenfranchises millions of Americans on the issue.

Moreover, polls show that Black Americans are a strong demographic in support of traditional marriage. So effectively, to use Twitter-ese, liberals are saying that #BlackVotesMatter–except when it comes to popular state amendments rejecting homosexuality-based “marriage,” for which (millions of) #BlackVotesDoNotCount.

Sexual revolutionaries have cunningly have mastered the art of using government power through the manipulation of the law to legitimize their sin, in this case homosexual behavior–which God calls an abomination (“detestable”; see Leviticus 20:13) and a sin that can be overcome through Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 6:9-11). So naturally the Left has exulted in the tendency of most courts to reject overwhelmingly popular ballot measures designed to protect the historic definition of marriage.

One thing is certain: in the 42 years that has elapsed since the Supreme Court upheld the Baker decision and today, Americans’ common-sense understanding and respect for God’s authority on sexual matters has plunged, as has our respect for the Rule of Law. We are now a biblically-illiterate nation; only a morally “dumbed down” society would allow a concept as depraved and inane as homosexuality-based “marriage” to be taken seriously.

Savvy sexual revolutionaries have always recognized that changing the law and eroding its biblical, Natural Law foundation propels further public support for their agenda.

Evan Wolfson, president of the LGBT group Freedom to Marry, praised the December 2013 ruling by a federal judge in Utah overturning that state’s 2004 constitutional amendment—passed by a landslide 66-34 statewide vote–ostensibly preserving marriage as one-man, one woman:

“The ruling was clear and compelling, and contained what might be my favorite line from all of the rulings we’ve won over the past couple years: ‘It is not the Constitution that has changed, but the knowledge of what it means to be gay or lesbian,’” Wolfson told the Washington Blade. “The case thus affirmed our strategy of changing hearts and minds and building a critical mass of states and support to create the climate that would enable the kinds of rulings we have since seen across the country and that set the stage for the Supreme Court win we have always aimed toward (and must keep working for until we’ve won).”

People of faith and the morality-minded should take heart in this: just as the cartoon Grinch could not vanquish Christmas by stealing the Whos’ presents, secular Grinches–be they elitist judges or the LGBT activists and liberals who applaud them–are powerless to change the true meaning of marriage: “Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” (Genesis 2:24)

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