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‘Trans’ Radicals Learned from ‘Gay’ Radicals: The above “fist” graphic using the colors of “transgender pride” appeared on the Transgender Law Center’s website the day after Donald Trump’s presidential victory in 2016. Pro-family advocates err when they fail to link today’s “transgender” radicalism with the larger “Gay” revolution, which was ignited by the 1969 Stonewall Inn riots. Next year is the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, which birthed the “in your face” “gay” activism that has in the ensuing decades pressured and intimidated so many American institutions into accepting LGBTQueer perversions as normative–from the Boy Scouts of America to major Protestant “Christian” denominations. To donate safely online to AFTAH, go HERE, or mail your gift to: AFTAH, PO Box 5522, Naperville, IL 60567-5522.

I want to say a big Thank You to all who have supported Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH) with your donations and prayers this year. I am deeply grateful for your support as it enables us to do our work of literally “telling the truth” about Big Homosexuality and radically “queer” (trans)gender ideology, which together are so destructive, especially to children and wayward teens. [To donate safely to AFTAH, go HERE.]

In a way, Americans For Truth is the conscience of the social conservative movement opposing the “LGBTQueer” Lobby, as we call it (it calls itself “Queer”). Here are seven things that set AFTAH apart from mainstream conservatives and even many pro-family advocates:

    1. We shoot straight and tell it like it is, defying political correctness even within the conservative and Christian movements. These days, many people on the Right feel free to criticize the downright nutty “transgender” movement but they’re reluctant and/or afraid to criticize its “gay” activist progenitor. They will stand up for victimized Christian bakers but have trouble answering the simple question: Is homosexuality a sin? Not AFTAH.
    2. We are principled and eschew the always-on-defense approach that has characterized the pro-family fight against Big LGBTQ. According to some, the only battle left is to preserve religious freedom. We get that, but it’s far too narrow and timid a mission. The aggressive, prideful and powerful LGBTQueer Sin Movement will settle for nothing short of Total Surrender (including curtailing people’s freedom to dissent, and to pursue healthy heterosexuality). Yet people on our side are always trying to appease Big Gay with one concession after another. The result of conservatives’ endless “Kvetch and Retreat” defeatism is that past LGBTQ victories like the Obama-assisted nationalization of homosexual “marriage” become normalized and accepted. [See AFTAH’s June 26th rally at the Supreme Court — see story HERE and video HERE — marking the 3-year anniversary of SCOTUS’ Obergefell ruling imposing “gay marriage” on the nation. Also, see the late Brian Fitzpatrick’s essay, “Gay Marriage and Distant Consequences.”]
    3. Timeless Truth: AFTAH is fighting “gay” advocacy in the Church, through the upcoming “God’s Voice” conference, Feb. 22-23 in Oklahoma City. To sign up for God’s Voice, go HERE.

      We are unashamedly Christian and biblical in our approach, recognizing that this is God’s Truth, not ours, to defend. AFTAH will never compromise on God’s Word, and we work hard to restore its moral authority in society. [We are playing a major role in the “God’s Voice” conference Feb. 22-23 in Oklahoma City–answering the deception of “LGBTQ-affirming Christianity.” Sign up to attend God’s Voice HERE.]

    4. AFTAH understands that the battle against the Lesbian-Gay-Bi-Trans-Queer agenda is first and foremost a moral issue; however, we recognize the importance of getting out inconvenient facts and making practical arguments [see no. 6]. Also, we accept the support of people of all religions, and no religion, who share our moral determination to stop normalizing sex-and-gender deviance in the culture.
    5. We are not afraid to hold accountable Republicans and conservatives who sell out God’s truth against homosexuality–or who cop out of this noble cause. AFTAH rejects the current Republican/Fox News/libertarian (“conservative-lite”) strategy of backing “gay conservatives” against homosexual liberals–it trivializes moral truth and readily capitulates to LGBTQ activist goals, having already contributed to rising support among Republicans for “gay marriage.”

  1. Real life consequences: As “gay power” grows, it spawns other popular deviant movements that reach ever more aggressively into the lives of children and young adults. Here are before-and-after photos of a young woman named Alex Matheny, who had her healthy breasts surgically removed so she could like the the “man” she yearns to be. Click on graphic to enlarge. How tragic it is that women hate their God-given femininity, or men their masculinity, enough to pursue such a destructive delusion.

    We at AFTAH are not afraid to expose the harsh and obscene realities of “queer” lifestyles and LGBTQ activism–because it reminds us that this is a war between Good and Evil. That being said, there is much evil surrounding the LGBTQueer movement that we have yet to expose.

  2. We take the long view–rather than merely reacting to the latest “gay/trans” outrage-of-the-day. AFTAH puts current “out and proud” sexual perversions in their historical context, educating the public about how today’s “queer” movement, with its ever-increasing array of deviancies and unnatural “identities,” is rooted in the “gay” revolution that essentially began with demented (homosexual) “researcher” Dr. Alfred Kinsey, who actually published child molester “data”! The nascent “homophile” movement became radicalized in the violent, anti-cop “Stonewall riots” in New York City of 1969 (2019 is their 50-year anniversary), and it’s been obnoxiously in our collective face ever since, all the while playing the “civil rights” victim. Regarding the future, though we are patriotic, we will not shy away from telling the tragic truth: that embracing sexual immorality and gender rebellion as normal–even for kids–is a clear sign that America is a civilization in decline.

Kinsey’s Child-Molester “Data”: Sex researcher Alfred Kinsey with his fraudulent data did more to normalize homosexuality in America than any man before him. Kinsey himself, though married, was a homosexual pervert who performed grotesque sadistic sex acts on himself. The sickening graphic above is one of several like it found in Kinsey’s 1948 media-hyped blockbuster book, “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.”

AFTAH is gearing up for an exciting 2019! We are launching a video webcast that will enable us to reach many thousands more people worldwide to fulfill our educational mission and speak Truth to Gay Power.

Here’s wishing you a productive and Happy New Year! God bless you!


Peter LaBarbera

Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

Twitter: @PeterLaBarbera


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